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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Houma-Choctaw Nation Endorses Warwick Sabin for Little Rock Mayor

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – State Rep. Warwick Sabin launched a campaign website for mayor of Little Rock in the 2018 election.
Though Sabin still says he's "exploring a run," the website gives the impression he's in the race.
“I’m exploring a run for Mayor because Little Rock has the potential to be a more vibrant and dynamic city,” said Sabin. “With new ideas, we can make Little Rock a hub of economic activity, make our schools great and keep our city safe, so people want to raise their families here.”
Citing a need for new energy and new ideas to help create jobs, improve education and keep Little Rock safe, Sabin vowed to visit and listen to every corner of the city.
Sabin’s new website, SabinForMayor.com, launched this morning.  

Current Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola says he intends to run for re-election.  He's made no official announcement citing the fact the election is still 17 months away.

READ ABOUT: Little Rock's Newest Corrupt Police Chief Kenton Buckner


Warwick Sabin has my vote for mayor of Little Rock. It's time to replace the dinosaurs that are clogging up our city government with complacency, apathy and corruption.

Warwick said it best, the Little Rock City Mayor has been entrenched there since before the introduction of the I-Phone! I've met with Mayor Stodola many times.

The guy just does NOT get it. He thinks and woefully perceives himself as bureaucratically insulated from all of the crazy crap that goes on within this city.

Stodola just doesn't have what it takes to bring our city into modernity in this post Jim Crow era. Time for the old clods to move on.

Let's put someone in there that actually hangs out with us and listens to us. Someone with a PROVEN track record for getting things done.

It is time to put the old entrenched coots out to pasture, they do NOT represent us, they represent their OWN narrow interests.

It's become painfully obvious that the ONLY way we will see change around here is to CHANGE the OLD guard and join modern society.

Our city deserves a real shot at becoming great, indeed.

The Little Rock dinosaurs have been entrenched within our city government for WAY too long to give a genuine crap about you or me. They have too many of our taxpayer checks under their belts. Too damn comfortable.

They have forgotten that THEY work for us!

It's NOW time for the old guard to go, plain and simple.

Things will NOT change for the positive around here until WE take on more responsibility and do what needs to be done. Stop waiting around and hoping that someone else will do it for you. Time to pull your own weight and start carrying water.

We WILL make this a great city. I call upon ALL of my dear friends to support Warwick Sabin in his mayoral bid and I call upon each of you to do YOUR personal part in helping to make Little Rock great!
Thanks, as always.

E. Pluribus Unum

Chief Elder Ean Lee Bordeaux
Houma-Choctaw Nation
Little Rock Citizen/Taxpayer

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Well-known Local Minister Confronts City Board About Corruption In Little Rock

Well-known local minister confronts City Board about corruption in Little Rock as exposed in a whistleblower letter published on Corruption Sucks Blog
It turns out that the LRBPA ( Little Rock Black Police Officers Association) had received the same anonymous letter that Rev. Johnson had and they had given a copy to Chief Buckner and to Moore at least a month before Rev. Johnson provided it to board members on May 16th.

Rev. Johnson had a single copy of the letter and the city clerk took it, made copies and gave one to each board member at the May 16th meeting. Was Moore provided a copy of the letter already in his possession?

In fact, this anonymous letter had been making the rounds as far back as March.

It was posted on the blog, Corruption Sucks.

City Attorney Tom Carpenter admitted that he passed erroneous information to Moore regarding what Rev. Johnson had said at the Mary 16th board meeting.

Then Rev. Johnson addressed the board about the defaming email and remarks City Manager Bruce Moore had made at a March meeting of the LRBPA.

City Manager Moore sat glaring at Rev. Johnson with his arms crossed. When Rev. Johnson's time slot ended, he went back to his seat. Moore can been seen in the video turning toward Rev. Johnson and making comments. Moore can be seen in the video getting up and heading towards Rev. Johnson. All the time Rev. Johnson can be heard saying "he is harassing me".

Tom Carpenter, the city attorney stated that he had issued an apology to Rev. Johnson and did so again. City Manager Bruce Moore said nothing.

We have been trying to get answers from Mayor Stodola, City Manager Bruce Moore, City Attorney Tom Carpenter and Chief Buckner since March about Chief Bucker and the accidents and they have yet to provide any documents that provide exemptions for officers to not issue tickets in accident to law enforcement officers or a response about the illegal practice.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Black police officers blast Chief Buckner, ask board for investigation

MIRROR: https://www.arktimes.com/ArkansasBlog/archives/2017/07/06/black-police-officers-blast-chief-buckner

Black police officers blast Chief Buckner, ask board for investigation UPDATE

Posted By  on Thu, Jul 6, 2017 at 7:47 AM

CHIEF KENTON BUCKNER: Black officers have criticism.
  • CHIEF KENTON BUCKNER: Black officers have criticism.

While Police Chief Kenton Buckner heard many encouraging words Wednesday night from the Little Rock City Board (none offered what could be called direct criticism), there's a decidedly different tone among black police officers, who've asked for an investigation of the chief.

The Little Rock Black Police Officers Association yesterday sent a letter to the City Board outlining its unhappiness with Buckner on matters ranging from alleged favoritism in enforcing rules as they pertain to Assistant Chief Alice Fulk to personnel policies that have discriminated against black officers to personal criticisms of Buckner. The letter was signed by Melvin Vester, president of the LRBPOA. It said previous efforts to resolve past disputes had been unsuccessful.

We are asking the City Board of Directors to conduct an independent investigation into the discrimination, inequities, and disparaging treatment of minority officers and supervisors, under the command of Chief Kenton Buckner. We further request that Chief Buckner be disciplined according to the severity of such violations of misconduct, up to and including termination if your investigation finds him or his command staff in violation of policy and procedures of the Little Rock Police Department and/or violations of the Little Rock Civil Service Commission’s Rules and Regulations.
UPDATE: I sought comment from Buckner. His response:

Max, the letter in question involves personnel issues. As a practice, LRPD does not publicly discuss personnel matters. Thank you

One passage of the letter:


(Subordinates would be disciplined for the same conduct)

1) Lost Duty Weapon – Negligence

2) Community Forums – Disrespect to Community Members/Elected Officials
Or/ Refusal to Participate

• Wendell Griffen
• Joyce Elliot
• Fred Love
• Joyce Raynor
• Pamela Means
• B.J. Wyrick

3) Support of LRSD School Tax in Uniform – L.R.P.D. Violation of Rules & Regulations

4) At Fault Vehicle Accidents X 3 – G.O. 302 regarding operation of city vehicles.

5) Failed to Appear in Court – Court Ordered Subpoena (Griffen)

6) High Crime Rate – Preferential services and treatment rendered to predominately white neighborhoods
Here's the full LRBPOA letter to the City Board.
About 30 percent of Little Rock's more than 500 officers are black. But, as I've noted before, more than half the black officers live in the city while only about 20 percent of white officers do. And a significant number of the white officers are provided free city cars to commute to and from work, sometimes distances more than an hour each way.

At a time when debate is robust about violent crime disproportionately affecting majority black neighborhoods (about 40 percent of city population is black) a racially identifiable tone to internal issues comes at an uncomfortable time for city leaders.  Buckner, of course, is black himself as is City Manager Bruce Moore, who hired Buckner.

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