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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

BEWLEY FAMILY: True Colors of Corruption in LRPD


True Colors of Corruption in LRPD




When former LRPD Assistant Chief Eric Higgins (currently Pulaski County Sheriff) asked a corrupt LRPD Captain Wayne Bewley, "why do you and your officers keep giving the hot dog man a hard time?", Corrupt Klan-fuck Capt. Bewley responded, "He's got that blog".

Ask Sheriff Eric Higgins, if you dare to seek corroboration. You can't make this kinda' shit up.

LRPD Assistant Chief Charles Wayne Bewley 
When Chief Elder of the Houma-Choctaw People, Ean Bordeaux, was catering at a law enforcement community outreach event, Asst. Chief Bewley was rightfully concerned that Mr. Bordeaux was going to make good on his promise to report his corrupt activities to the FBI and file a complaint with the Justice Department.  
Long-story short, this racist corrupt cop was witnessed by the Pulaski County  Sheriff, an Arkansas state representative AND a special agent with the FBI, committing predicate acts of RICO against a longtime complainant of LRPD misconduct and corruption. Blatantly creating an adversarial complaint process via harassment and violations of due process in an effort to coverup said criminal activities.

It's time to file charges against this scumbag, NOW.
Intercepted conversation between racist 
killer-cop 'Creepy Todd' Payne under 
Bewley's command and son of retired judge

 Nepotist LRPD Klan-Cop Charles Wayne Bewley

Klan-cop piece of shit Joel "Creepy Todd" Payne
committed his last hate crime that night.
Rest in PISS.

Even an independent audit confirms that the LRPD purposely 
refuses to include the normal modern police policies 
that would prevent harassments of citizens.

Arkansas State Rep Denise Ennett & FBI Special Agent Maria Hoskins
witnessed LRPD Asst. Chief Wayne Bewley Violate Chief Ean Bordeaux's Civil Rights.

Arkansas State Rep Denise Ennett & FBI Special Agent Maria Hoskins
witnessed LRPD Chief Wayne Bewley Violate Chief Ean Bordeaux's Civil Rights.
Arkansas State Rep Denise Ennett & FBI Special Agent Maria Hoskins
witnessed LRPD Asst. Chief Wayne Bewley Violate Chief Ean Bordeaux's Civil Rights.

Arkansas State Rep Denise Ennett & FBI Special Agent Maria Hoskins
witnessed LRPD Asst. Chief Wayne Bewley Violate Chief Ean Bordeaux's Civil Rights.

Listen below, to LRPD Asst. Chief Wayne Bewley justify being illegally in a meeting with a complainant, filing a complaint against HIM and his harassing LRPD thugs! 

The former corrupt police chief was in on it too. That's why those non-resident mercenary Klan-fucks loved Kenton Tremar Buckner's house-nigger ass. He was a traitor to his own people. 

Even the black police officers sued that house slave for racial discrimination, and won! LOL.

This audio is clear proof of an adversarial complaint process and prime for an FBI RICO investigation, indeed.

CW: audio contains transphobic, misogynistic & violent language:
Bewley showed-up at the event looking like he was just short of pissing his pants and made a veiled threat to Mr. Bordeaux regarding his son that was assisting in the catering at the event. 

This is Mr. Bordeaux's response to the threats and the 'green-lighting' of officers under Bewley's command. Chronic threats and unchecked harassment of Mr. Bordeaux, his family and tribe. 

Acts of war against the Houma-Choctaw People will be responded to with extreme prejudice.

Mr. Bordeaux received an anonymous whistleblower letter, which was later revealed to have come from a fellow former IAD investigator of LRFOP President, Lt. Zach Farley. It exposed the orders given to IAD, instructing them to bury ALL of Mr. Bordeaux's citizen complaints. 

The IAD  investigator was later fired in retaliation, for exposing this corruption.

Mr. Bordeaux is a member of the syndicated Snarky Media Group, which manages and publishes several anti-corruption watchdog blogs. Such as: Bad City of Little Rock, Bad Government in Arkansas & Corruption Sucks blogs.  

These anti-corruption blogs have been in operation for over 10 years and are well-known to the public as a reliable source of information and access to government transparency that is not found on mainstream media platforms.

We have all read stories, seen the movies, and oddly expect that the stuff that we see on the screen, predictably happen that way in real life.

Exposure is Transparency.

Ryan Bewley, the son of Assistant Chief Wayne Bewley, and the apple of his eye, as many knew him to be, is corrupt and inept. The same people who saw Ryan as the “prodigal son,” also observed his many mishaps in the Patrol Division. 

Ryan was not a good patrol officer. 

He stumbled through Field Training, but none dared to “fail” him or give him remarks which would reflect badly on the reputation of the already failed Chief. Ryan was book smart, but not acclimated to the street, and it did not serve him well when communicating with people in the Community.

Badge Buddies.

NEPOTISM: Courtney Johnson-Bewley & Ryan Bewley of 

Ryan joined Violent Criminal Apprehension Team (VCAT) in approximately 2016, along with Courtney Johnson, another LRPD Officer. Ryan and Courtney met each other early in their careers, developed a bond, and under the radar attempted to hide their infatuation for each other. 

Ryan was very active on VCAT. He would chase cars violating the strict pursuit policy, wreck them, and yet, not once in his personnel records is a reflection of these violations and the destruction he caused the City of Little Rock. 

Courtney was more reserved, stayed quiet, surveilled, and intelligent from her days on Patrol. But, Courtney was very lazy, never took her calls, and struggled to maintain actual relationships with colleagues. 

The Glow-Up.

Ryan continued his erratic behavior until 2018. After only two years as an officer, he applied for the Gun Crimes spot within Special Investigations. Ryan was not a three year officer as outlined in the memorandum as required by most LRPD Officers. Ryan interviewed along with approximately eight other very qualified candidates. These candidates were more streetwise, experienced, and knew the protocols of what it required to do such an important and specific job protecting the Community. These Officers were cast aside, sadly and expectedly, and Ryan Bewley was chosen for Detective despite the violation of almost EVERY job requirement outlined in the memorandum.

Shortly thereafter, Courtney Johnson Interviewed for Special Investigations. Ryan and Courtney attempted to hide their relationship, despite it being vastly obvious. Courtney was “chosen” by her predecessors, and one can safely deduce nepotism was involved. Courtney admittedly denied a relationship with Ryan, and therefore was allowed into SID.

The Twist.

Bryant PD Officer Sarah Davenport and Carl Minden,
who quit PCSO after losing election to a black man
In addition, Ryan had a lengthy history of visiting with concubine, Sarah Davenport (formerly George) now employed with Bryant Police Department. Ms. Davenport (George) firstly developed a relationship with a known drunk officer, Nyal Bradley of LRPD. Sarah loved the badge, was often texting Nyal, and eventually due to outlying issues she left him. 

Ms. George/Davenport continued her quest onto the next man, Ryan Bewley. Ms. George became so vastly infatuated with Ryan, she even got his badge tattooed onto her. Ms. George begged Ryan to marry her, but after many attempts to persuade him, she failed. 

Sarah then moved onto the next victim, known homophobic cop, Bryan Davenport of the LRPD. Sarah, a consummate “badge bunny” by this time, began seeing Bryan, a fellow member of the VCAT team. All of this is to say, in addition to the clearly unqualified detectives and rampant nepotism in VCAT, it seems that passing women around is an important objective for the men/women of the VCAT Team. 

LRPD Officer Bryan Davenport

Trouble in Paradise.

Sarah and Bryan eventually got married in secret, and it was later blatantly obvious the relationship would not work out; Bryan with his homophobic rants, Sarah with her blatant badge bunny tendencies. 

Ryan therefore moved forward into his “career” by from what all of Patrol report. His supervisors were well aware of his relationship (shared) with Ms. Johnson, though they continued to deny it. Ryan was allotted to do whatever he wanted, only because his “daddy” would ensure nothing would happen to him. The pieces become clear, when you know who is in the front office. 

LRPD Officer Nyal Bradley

But Wait, There’s More...

Ryan and Courtney eventually got married after secretly dating for well over a year or more.

Ryan, along with Courtney, then tested to become Supervisors with the Little Rock Police Department. Both lacking the experience of the street, both lacking the moral fortitude to even tell the truth, will now be put in the position to judge others for the same behaviors if given the chance. Curiously, they tested the highest out of almost all other more qualified and experienced officers. 


We now know scores can be edited, changed, challenged, and not actually reflect the truth. 

Were Ryan and Courtney’s scores manipulated?

True Grit.

We as men and women are tied to this thing called ethical fortitude; we owe it to our minds, body, and souls. We owe it to our name, because in the end we only have our Integrity. I challenge you to find a man, woman, or child that holds the same set of values. We train our minds to accept it, but some of us do not. 

We are the resistance. We shall outwit and we shall show the public the TRANSPARENCY that is lacking in the morally bankrupt police department. This Department is full of liars, cheats, drunks, woman abusers, false witnesses, and prostitutes.

To those that stand for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for ALL People, we will shine light and transparency on those who portend to lead us. Police are supposed to be held to a higher standard, so why don’t we hold these apostates for hire accountable, like those in the corrupt VCAT Division, and those engaging in gross and overt nepotism? 

When you pay for a service, and that service becomes horrid, don’t you ask for your money back? 

Without holding these corrupt individuals accountable, we are willing to take a proverbial slap in the face from the White “Klan Kommonly Known” as the Little Rock Fraternal Order of Police. Ask yourselves, who is really running the show? 

The good women and men in Blue are few and far between. But we as a City, we as a People, we deserve better.

Chief Keef won’t stand up for the people, and along with The Mayor, they both have their own losses of questionable ethical proportion. The Chief, zipping up his pants, can barely manage his own morality, much less, preach to his Staff about Values and Ethics. The Mayor, consulting his private attorney he’s paying under the table, uses golf courses to launder dirty money into his private bank accounts. His hands aren’t clean either.

Awaken. Then Act.

"Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it, or says it.”

-Malcolm X

KLAN GONNA KLAN, ESPECIALLY WITH A WEAK BLACK MAYOR FOR A TOOL In 2014 a corrupt Little Rock cop made three attempts to kill me and my family. He shot-up my house and got away with it. He came back a couple months later and set my propane-powered food cart on fire that sits next to my home and a gas line. When I put the fire out, he came back again to restart the fire. He left that time in a body bag. A neighbor belatedly told me that he saw the dirty cop's truck casing-out my home and my children for weeks. The city has been covering-up the true details of these failed assassination attempts to protect the attempted murderers that are STILL on the force. They NEVER conducted an investigation into the attempted killing of myself and my family. They ONLY looked at me as a suspect in protecting my life and that of my family. When they were unable to find anything to charge a father protecting his family in his OWN home with, in a state that glorifies white folks legally killing black folks with the "Castle Doctrine" and now, "Stand Your Ground", they dropped the homicide investigation without informing or charging me and tried to keep the matter hushed. Jegley, the prosecutor, told LRPD that they are lucky that they fired the 18-year LRPD veteran, Creepy Todd Payne, before this happened. Instead of investigating Creepy Todd's co-conspirators, Asst Chief Wayne Bewley gave his racist ilk a green-light to harass my family, tribe and associates and have been for many years before and after the attempted assassinations, including false arrests to intimidate and contain me, in plain-sight; establishing very clear and documented patterns and practices that qualify for federal intervention. We have been in contact with the United States Justice Dept. under the Biden Administration, to perform a proper investigation of this matter and the actions of the Klan-controlled LRPD. Much more to come, indeed. #PantherUp #ExpectUs


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