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Little Rock School District claims that they did not give records to ICE Agent - Video from school indicates otherwise.

Little Rock School District claims that they did not give records to ICE Agent - Video from school indicates otherwise.

LR Central High School employees cooperate with ICE Agent's request for student records

On Thursday August 8th, posts on social media claimed an ICE agent was at LR Central High School trying to obtain student records.

Social media posts similar to this were heavily circulated on August 8th

LRSD was flooded with calls and emails about the incident.

LRSD was quick to state that the "purported" ICE agent was sent packing and no records were provided.

What about information on Asian, Black or White students Ms. Rousseau?


And so a press release was issued.

We were able to obtain a copy of the videos sent to LRPD.

The video below show the ICE Agent flashing credentials to CHS office personnel. Apparently the ICE agent requests information about a student and an employee goes and retrieves a file and lets the agent look at it.

The ICE agent makes notations on some pieces of paper and the school employee apparently goes and make copies of some of the records in the file and gives them to the ICE agent.

Another school employee joins in to assist and they can be seen looking at computer screens while the ICE agent makes additional notations.

The school employees have the agent take a seat and a few minutes later Assistant Principal Brenda Bankston comes into the office, chats with the ICE agent and signs a document.

Brenda Bankston CHS Assistant Principal

The ICE agent was in the school office for twenty minutes or more.

Why the school district would lie is a question we posed to Pamela Smith, the school district Communications Director and Eric Walker, the school district staff attorney.

Both Smith and Walker stated that they had no knowledge of the ICE Agent being at the school for 20 minutes or longer nor that any information or copies of records were provided by school employees to the ICE Agent.

Walker admitted that he had not seen the video, but stated that he would be reviewing it after the call.

The employees that provided the records need to be fired.

Stay tuned for updates.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

DENIAL OF ACCESS: Little Rock recording ban reversed after outcry from media

The U.S. Press Freedom Tracker:
Little Rock recording ban reversed 
after outcry from media

The U.S. Press Freedom Tracker
Little Rock recording ban reversed after outcry from media
August 6, 2019
Date of Incident: July 23, 2019
Targets: Ean Bordeaux, Rich Newman, Russ Racop
Location: Little Rock, Arkansas
Last Updated: August 6, 2019
Politicians or Public Figures Involved:
Little Rock Civil Service Commission

Two days after the Little Rock Civil Service Commission signed off on a rule allowing the commission to bar anyone from recording the body’s public hearings, the ban was overturned amid outcry and threatened legal action from local media.

The ban was approved just days before the commission was set to hold an appeal hearing for former Little Rock Police Officer Charles Starks. Starks, who is white, was fired from the force in May for fatally shooting Bradley Blackshire, a black man, during a February traffic stop. (In April, Pulaski County prosecutors announced that would not charge Starks with a crime in Blackshire’s death.)

The new rule, which went into effect on July 24, 2019, gave the chairman of the Civil Service Commission discretion to bar all photography, video, and audio recording from the commission’s disciplinary appeal hearings. “The new language says the chairman ‘may’ allow broadcasting ‘provided that the participants will not be distracted, nor will the dignity of the proceedings be impaired,’” the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported.

Arkansas has robust Freedom of Information and open meetings laws, but the civil service commission was arguing that it could block recording from this meeting because it was an appeal and thus qualified as a judicial proceeding.

Robert Steinbuch, a law professor at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and the co-author of the state's Arkansas Freedom of Information Act textbook, disagreed with that interpretation of the civil service commission’s role in an interview with the Democrat-Gazette. Steinbuch told the newspaper that, although the commission performs some quasi-judicial roles, it is not actually a judiciary body.

“There’s not one, there’s a series of attorney general opinions that say it is well within the citizen's right to record and videotape," Steinbuch told the newspaper. "This is not new. This is well-established. If it's not an executive session, if it's otherwise an open meeting, a public meeting, then you can record."

On the morning of July 25, photographers and videographers were both ejected and barred from entering the hearing room at City Hall where the commission was meeting to consider Starks’ appeal. These included Rich Newman, a cameraman from KATV, Little Rock’s Sinclair-owned affiliate. Officers from the Little Rock Police Department also escorted two bloggers, Russ Racop of Bad Government In Arkansas and Ean Bordeaux of Corruption Sucks, out of the hearing room after they declined to stop recording, citing their rights under the state Freedom of Information law.

A reporter for the station, Marine Glisovic, raised her objection to the ban in the hearing. “As a media member for Channel Seven I’d like to make a statement on the record that this is in violation of the Freedom of Information Act,” Glisovic said. “I’d like to request that no business be conducted until our corporate attorney can challenge this in court.” Despite this objection, no recording was permitted in the room during the morning session.

The Arkansas chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists issued a statement decrying the recording ban. “The new rule is bad news for news media and the local community. It also runs afoul of the Arkansas’ Freedom of Information Act, which guarantees citizens access to public meetings and public records,” the SPJ statement read.

After consulting with the station’s corporate legal team, KATV hired a local attorney to draft an injunction against the ban. “We let the city know that we planned to file that injunction in the early afternoon if they didn’t rescind that ruling and allow us to be in the hearing,” Nick Genty, KATV’s news director, told the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker.

But before KATV filed its injunction, City Attorney Tom Carpenter announced around 3 p.m. that the city had decided to set aside the new rule. "We recommend at this juncture [that] the ban be withdrawn by the commission," Carpenter said, according to the Democrat-Gazette. The previously barred photographers and videographers quickly filed back into the room and began filming.

In an interview with the Tracker, Carpenter said while the rule was defensible under rules set out for trials by the Arkansas Supreme Court, it did not have the backing of city leadership. “Since the commission is appointed by the city, without the city’s approval it didn’t make sense to have the rule,” he said.

News Director Genty said he was glad the ban was lifted without KATV having to file the injunction. “We never want to be the story. We just want to cover the story, that’s all we were asking to do,” he said. “They were treating it as a court of law, but this wasn’t; this was a city civil service commission meeting.”

— The U.S. Press Freedom Tracker catalogs press freedom violations in the United States. Email tips to tips@pressfreedomtracker.us.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019



North Little Rock, AR

In our last post we detailed an and abusive incident back in 2018 involving NLRPD officer Jon Crowder and his excessive use of force that resulted in his breaking both of a man's arms.

You can read that post by clicking here.

Our investigation into Crowder has produced records indicating that he has been involved in multiple use of force incidents.

We found a previous undisclosed incident from 2011 in which Crowder was suspended for three days for use of force violations and ordered to go to counseling and take a course on interpersonal communications.

This is the video of that incident.

We also obtained a copy of a Last Chance Agreement that Crowder was forced to sign after the incident last year.

The NLRPD Chief need to pull the trigger and fire Crowder now and try to get his officers under control.

Another sketchy incident happened involving a NLRPD officer and a juvenile over the weekend.

We are working on that story now.

Monday, July 8, 2019



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In 2018 we spent $4,909.66 on fuel for Miller's take-home vehicle.

He holds the record for the highest fuel cost for any take-home vehicle.


LRPD and the city of Little Rock refused to provide us information regarding city where the take-home cars go. So much for being transparent and open.

They provided it last year and you can read our post about that by clicking here.
Since they refuse to provide the information (the take home city is what we requested), we will post where these vehicles are actually going (their address which was not requested and is exempt under the AFOIA) and how much we pay for the fuel to provide transportation for these officers to drive to and from their homes each day.

More than half of all LRPD officers refuse to live in the city of Little Rock and be a true part of our community. 


Last year Miller was one of a handful of LRPD Mercenary officers that did not want his photo released.

This was amusing in that he had been a public information officer and had appeared on television news broadcasts and had his photo plastered all over LRPD's social media sites. Even with his wife and daughter.


We got those photos as you know.

Miller cheated on his wife before they had a child and were divorced. 

 Miller and his ex remarried in 2011.

Let's hope he can keep in in his pants this go round.

Happy 4th of July! Let Freedom and Transparency ring.

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