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Saturday, March 1, 2014

UPDATE! AUDIO: Exploits of Fired Cop Joel "Creepy Todd" Payne

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Coming SOON, DWI exploits of Creepy Todd. This crooked dude was still a cop at the time when he ran into a bridge structure drunk as all shit on Bud Light in North Little Rock. Creepy Todd attempted to flee the scene. He impacted his truck so hard that it was stuck onto the structure & ended up melting his tires in a drunken panic attempting to flee the scene! Creepy Todd was fired. Creepy Todd sued  to get his job back so he can start committing felonies against civilians for many more years to come. MANY years later, justice finally caught up to him. CSB will tell that interesting story soon. 
I happen to have been there in the River Market when the incident occurred that got him fired. He claimed that he was suffering from diarrhea that night and could not answer a call to a fight at Boscos. He was fired for cowardice, lying and dereliction of duty. He was ultimately decertified as a police officer. He then had the nerve to get a job at Razorback security as an armed guard, indeed.
Joel "Creepy Todd" Payne
Proud Racist, Homophobic & 
Misogynistic Crooked Cop-Fired

Publisher's Note: Creepy Todd was not fired for this obviously criminal & felonious act, his violent intimidation of witnesses caused them to fear for their life and would not testify against him for fear of assured reprisals, he went as far as to travel across state lines into Missouri straight to a female insurance agents house and wrote C-U-N-T on her property. That is a hell of a lot more than 'terroristic threatening by phone', surely. 

So, all you have to do as a dirty cop is drive across state lines, fuck a witness/complainant's mind up with intimidation just barely short of pressing a gun to her forehead and you get away with just a 30 day suspension in Jim Crow Little Rock under the odd crony leadership of Police Chief Stuart Thomas (employment contract expired). It ain't the first time slaps on wrist's were distributed by far, remember this? 

This criminal cop only got thirty days too. So,  you can slam the shit out of a handcuffed suspect, claim he was "fleeing", then smash him (assault) some more against a door rung AFTER you smash his face near through two inches of jail security glass. This town is a fucking trip. The dude wasn't rich so there was no one to advocate his position and LRPD gets away with another federal crime. Where is Van Thomas now? Promoted to homicide detective. Life goes on on the big plantation, indeed. Good "boy". Keep lashing yo' bo-bo whip fo' yo' masta' boy. Oh yeah, he's been promoted to Homicide Detective, no joke.

The LRPD, under the strained and overdue (perpetual employment contract) leadership of southern-fried crony Police Chief Stuart Thomas, will remain in this state of injustice as long as HE remains to maintain & enforce the Good 'ol Boy status quo.  It is surely time for a true change in leadership-how more obvious can it be?

LRPD kept this psycho (Creepy Todd) on the payroll for many years after this shit, to continue to harass & intimidate us that work in the Little Rock River Market. We were FORCED to endure his shit or face retaliation from all of the other fellow River Market cronies, like dirty cops Greg Key, Mitch McIntire & corrupt color of law violator Jeffery Plunkett, head goober-in-charge. This town is full of this blatant Jim Crow plantation-style bullshit. 

We ain't gonna' take this fucking under-handed corrupt-ass, BEHIND-CLOSED DOORS, slick sneaky-ass bullshit from LRPD anymore. Make a change now or see what will happen in this city, YOU WILL BE TO BLAME STUART, MAYOR & CITY MANAGER. 

That's a Creole Indian promise from the Houma-Choctaw Nation. You can call me what you want. Me & mine call me WAR CHIEF for a reason. You declare a war then act like it ain't going on, well we just got started. We won't wait around for Jim Crow justice, we WILL take our justice on our own accord and in accordance to federal & state law. You will be lawfully pursued to a just conclusion, indeed. 

You will not get away with the crimes that you have committed against us and your refusal to correct said injustices. E Pluribus Unum,

Facebook Chatter:
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  • L wasn't he the night security guard at the RPM building on the weekends?!
  • Ean Lee Bordeaux Yep, he works for Razorback Security now over at the Dodge Store in N. Little Rock. I'm sure they will be interested in what Creepy Todd has to say in his spare time in recorded fashion, even. Dude still owns a gun...scary indeed.
  • Cy He has yellow teeth.
  • Ean Lee Bordeaux One of his "excuses" for one of his many soon-to-be disclosed exploits was that he was in an agitated state due to his attempts to quit smoking, believe it or not. I'm sure thar's some coffee on those creepy teeth as well.
  • Cy I'm in an agitated state today. I had dental surgery & can't drink my Coke. 
  •  So what's the story Ean? I followed the link but nothing was there... What did this guy do? Seriously, "creepy" is the perfect word for this guy. I worked at Salut for a while and he was the off duty guy there on the weekends. Such a creep! But I made nice with him so he wouldn't become super creepy with me. We usually just talked about the crazy things drunk ppl do... But man he always seemed off his rocker.
  • Ean Lee Bordeaux Oh, it's coming. I have an audio that I have obtained from the Little Rock Police Dept Internal Affairs (much to their chagrin). It has Creepy Todd making threatening phone call messages to an insurance agent RE a claim out of Missouri with harm, calls her (multiply) a c*nt among many other things, goes on to call her boss (multiply) a Fa**ot. Drove up to her house and wrote C-U-N-T on her property according to him (Creepy Todd bragged to me personally, before I obtained the report) Scared that lady shitless. I can go on. That's just the audio. Just wait till I get to his DWI, his dereliction of duty, his trapping rats & cats in his yard and releasing them into "black" communities laughing & bragging to his fellow LRPD Police Officers...
  • L I believe it. Knowing him personally, I can say that some of the things you've mentioned are exactly what he's bragged to me about in the past.
  • Ean Lee Bordeaux Indeed, This Chief don't lie bout these things. We always tell dirty corrupt scum that they are MORE than welcomed to SUE ME AND MAKE ME PROVE IT. It won't be the first time I put a corrupt scumbag on the stand (under oath) just to hear them lamely reply, " I do not recall, I do not recall, I do not recall..." cowards.


  1. Hi Ean, someone posted your article on Restore the Republic.org and I had to come over here and say thank you for what you do and glad to see some justice (and Karma) served. I thank God for your safety. You're an amazingly courageous man. Stay safe and keep fighting the good fight!

  2. Lucky the fire didn't spread that night. That guy was an idiot for sticking around and I can't say I feel sorry for what happened to him considering what he was willing to put you through. He was a terrible person who happened to wear a badge at one point, but no longer

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Jesus.. he was a very angry man... how sad. However, Karma IS a bitch. ;)

  5. Posted to fb! 7K shares as of today that I've seen. Pretty sad how they can pass out badges like cookies and not do psychological testing on these ppl that are given a gun and badge!

  6. I am a retired LEO from the North East.....white, Irish Catholic, Conservative.

    I just read the story on The Blaze with regards to the former poor excuse for a cop's passing apparently after being tackled by Ean.

    Good for you, Ean. Sure it's too bad when someone dies, but you were protecting your property and exercising restraint when you controlled him until the police arrived to help.

    I wish you well.

  7. I am ashamed to even say this but I actually dated this scum bag about 17 years ago... I was a waitress in a restaurant that he frequented and he always asked to sit in my section, I was young and he was always nice to me. We went out several times and then lost contact, we reconnected about a year later and I had just had my son, he came over to my house and was there about 10 minutes and saw my son's picture on the wall (my son wasn't there) and he asked if he was a "nigger" I told him he was indeed half black and precious and the only "nigger" I saw was him and that he could leave. That was in 1999 and I never saw him again.

    1. First, I apologize for being late with your post. Secondly, I am very sorry that you had to go through such a hurtful thing. I have heard this story from women more times than I can count. He was very open about his racism as many dirty cops on the Little Rock Police Dept. were. This call into question every arrests they made. He would love to recount a story in which he said he chased this homeless person to the river well he fell in. He said he just watched him with a smile on his face, saying, drown nigger drown. He told me this story personally. I actually heard it confirmed by another cop as well as another woman. We need the FBI and the Justice Department down ere ASAP, indeed.


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