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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Commissioner Debby A. Linton: Racism, Bias & Conflicts of Interests


Publishers Note:  Debby A. Linton is a member of the bigot coddling Civil Service Commission in Little Rock, Arkansas.  She and two of her fellow unwise bigot protectors voted to reinstate an obvious racist to the Little Rock Police Department AFTER a wiser chief saw fit to remove his bigot ass from the force.  Ironically, this is the first time that the commission has overturned Chief Stuart Thomas this year.  

Corruption Sucks Blog is quite familiar with this bigot-ladened commission, as they refused to send a case back to the Police Dept. for further investigation.  They usually kiss the Chief's ass. So, the Good 'Ol Boy Network is truly alive and kicking, when they want to.  As an attorney in the deep south, Ms. Linton is quite familiar with the "network" of bigots who run things.  She has yet to become familiar with the American Creole Indian Nation.  We intend to fix that.  

If your dirty racist reinstated-by-you cop makes contact with an American Creole Indian in the course of his bigot-ass duties, he has GUARANTEED himself a perpetual problem from that American Creole Indian AND his or her Nation. We are a nation at war and are more than prepared to deal with threats to our life, liberty and dignity.  

YOU Ms. Linton WILL NOT force this bigot upon us or our city. We won't allow you.  This city knows that.  This city knows that your ignorant ass has incited  violence and you NEED TO GO NOW.

Corruption Sucks Blog has called for all Creole & other citizens to boycott the businesses of these racist coddling idiots UNTIL THEY RESIGN. We will not let this go, don't kid yourself.  The Creole Indian Nation has ultimately never lost a fight. We won't lose this one either, that's a Creole Indian promise & bad-mojo on those that stand in the way of TRUE justice, not this plantation styled bullshit.  

Debby A. Linton, you belong to the American Creole Indian Nation now, you are our enemy and we shall treat you as such.  You are a threat to our citizens that we are charged by charter to protect. You have been notified and warned that we now consider you an enemy combatant and have every single intention of treating you as such Debby.   Resign or stand firm to face the music, this includes all those that you bring to your bad-mojo party, they shall suffer your fate as well. WE WILL NOT LET THIS GO. You are dangerous and must be removed forthwith.  

Either this city will remove you or the federal government. We don't care, as long as you are gone.  Keep your bigots in your law firm, not in our city government, charged with serving all people, even so-called "Jigaboos" AKA "Niggers". 

How stupid can you get? Obviously very, but you need to get the hell out of here.  We have been building a corruption RICO case on this city for years.  You and your buffoonish ilk, have just made it that much easier to prove our point to the feds, thanks bigot coddler.  Corruption sucks & so do you.

E Pluribus Unum

Chief Elder Ean Lee Bordeaux, pro per
American Creole Indian Nation

Debby A. Linton
1318 Point West Drive
Little Rock, AR  72211
(501) 944-7119
Term Expires:  4-1-2013
Boycott their business 
until they RESIGN!

From July 2001 to September 2003, Ms. Linton worked as Assistant City Attorney for the City of Little Rock. Ms. Linton prosecuted traffic violations, city code violations, and truancy violations in juvenile and district courts daily. Ms. Linton partnered with another assistant city attorney in planning and instituting the truancy and curfew program for the City of Little Rock in cooperation with the Little Rock School District. 

While her focus at the City of Little Rock was prosecution, Ms. Linton assisted Mr. Carpenter in several noteworthy civil cases including: Andrus v. City of Little Rock, involving the successful defense of the City to allegations of excessive force by police officers.

She represented the police department in an excessive force civil suit. She has been paid in the past to protect the police when facing allegations of misconduct. Can she really provide an un-biased opinion when one of her former client's future hangs in the balance?

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