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Monday, December 13, 2010

Officer David Edgmon reinstated by Commission in split vote

In a letter last week, Little Rock Black Police Officers Association president Terrell Vaughn called for the resignation of the three commissioners who voted to reinstate Edgmon.

“It’s an injustice to the fellow officers of this department, employees of the city, and the citizens of the Great City of Little Rock for Officer Edgmon to have been reinstated,” wrote Vaughn, who said his letter was approved by the association’s board.

“The commission in this single reinstatement has set a precedent for future such incidents by allowing the defense of ‘I was intoxicated’ and ‘I was ignorant of my own immoral actions’ be sufficient explanations for such behavior.”...

Current Civil Service Commission Members:

Ronald Routh

2600 Richland Drive

Little Rock, AR  72206

(501) 779-0565
Term Expires:  4-1-2011

C. Kay Bartlett

6809 West Markham Street

Little Rock, AR  72205
(501) 663-1122

Term Expires:  4-1-2013

Debby A. Linton

1318 Point West Drive

Little Rock, AR  72211
(501) 944-7119
Term Expires:  4-1-2013

Dr. Jesse L. Rancifer
401 Wellington Woods Loop
Little Rock, AR  72211
(501) 821-3311
Term Expires: 4-1-2013

Jeffrey Hildebrand
12609 Hunters Hill Road
Little Rock, AR  72211
(501) 603-3866
(501) 831-3029
Term Expires: 4-1-2011

These words may have never crossed your lips,
but how many times have they crossed your mind?
Friday, Nov. 19 2010

Corruption Sucks Blog intends to comment much further regarding this racially polarizing incitement to violence by  a stupid-ass bigot ladened commission, full of absolute plantation-styled idiots. A buffoonish ilk destined  to tear-down what little credibility that they (so-called Commission)  & the Little Rock Police Department (LRPD) had, until this Thursday's bigot commission screwed the pooch.  

Just because you idiots FUBAR'ed up with officer Van Thomas & didn't fire his thug-ass, in the homeless man in handcuffs slammed against glass door case, covered by FOX16 News, doesn't mean you EXTEND your legacy of idiocy! BOY you guys have sure screwed up.  The world is watching you dummies.  

United States Bigot-Belt: Red Areas
These bigots and their not-so-silent supporters in Arkansas will make international news this time.  

Corruption Sucks Blog will make sure of it.  That's a Creole Promise.

Believe it or not, we side with Chief Stuart Thomas of the LRPD on this very unwise decision by the Civil Service Commission in Little Rock, Arkansas USA.  They bring shame upon this city, this state, this territory.  They have set back "race" relations in Little Rock 50 years of  accumulated trust and confidence.  They have learned nothing from the Little Rock Nine. 

Plantation mentality still rules  Little Rock, Arkansas USA & the antebellum south.

E Pluribus Unum

Panel reinstates fired LR officer

Racial slur earns 30-day suspension

By C.S. Murphy


LITTLE ROCK — After an emotional appeal hearing, the Little Rock Civil Service Commission decided by a split vote Thursday to give police officer David Edgmon his job back.

In reversing his dismissal, commissioners handed him a 30-day suspension.

Edgmon, 24, was fired in August for conduct unbecoming an officer, being intoxicated in public and for engaging in activities that “could result in the justified criticism” of the officer and the police department.

Little Rock Police Chief Stuart Thomas launched an internal investigation after Edgmon was caught on amateur video in March using the term “jigaboo” to a group of young black men in the River Market.

“Everyone makes mistakes, and I know I made a big one that night,” Edgmon told the commission. “All I can ask for is forgiveness and for a second chance.”

On Thursday, Thomas called Edgmon’s behavior embarrassing, saying “I don’t know what part of this inci-dent was becoming of an officer.” Edgmon’s behavior and use of a racial slur is “insulting to our department and to the community.”

On the video, recorded by a group called Ill Legal Productions, Edgmon flashes his police badge after one of the men asks to see it. It’s unclear whether Edgmon, who is not in uniform, mentioned beforehand that he was a police officer.

In subsequent comments to the men, Edgmon uses the racial slur once.

At Thursday’s hearing, Edgmon testified that he didn’t know the word “jigaboo” was a racial slur but conceded he knew the term was derogatory.

Overcome with emotion more than once, Edgmon said the incident and his termination prompted him to make changes in his life, spending more time with his family and refraining from drinking to excess.

I'm sure that these racist bastards were drinking "in excess" on THIS night too.
Maybe they need a little race sensitivity training? Yeah, that will help yer' plantation mindset.

“I’ve kind of had an awakening,” he said after he paused to regain his composure. Later, he told the commission that instead of going out drinking with his friends the night the film was made, “I should have been home with my 2-year-old being a dad.”

Edgmon joined the force in January 2009. He was assigned to the downtown patrol unit.

Terry McDaniel, a black fellow officer who was in Edgmon’s rookie class, testified that he never observed Edgmon displaying racial bias and that he had never heard the word “jigaboo” before the incident.

Shelly Edgmon, the officer’s ex-wife, testified that the couple’s divorce had been finalized shortly before the River Market incident and that David Edgmon had been drinking and going out with friends more than usual as he navigated a difficult time.

The couple realized shortly after they split that Shelly Edgmon was pregnant with their second child. The couple already had a 2-year-old. Their second child was born Sept. 16, less than a month after Edgmon was fired.

The commission viewed the 90-second video several times during the hearing. The clip can be found on YouTube.com by searching on the site for “Cop at River Market.”

In the video, Edgmon, dressed in casual attire, asks a group gathered on the sidewalk, “Who’s blowing f****** weed in my face?” referring to marijuana. At one point, Edgmon looks at the camera and waves.

Later in the exchange, Edgmon tells the group with slurred speech to “get that Illegal Productions f****** jigaboo s*** out of my f******face.”

As Edgmon walks away, someone in the crowd can be heard yelling, “That ain’t no way to be a police officer.”

Near the end of the video, voices can be heard discussing whether the word “jigaboo” is racist, and Edgmon can be heard asserting that he’s not racist.

Webster’s Third New International Dictionary defines jigaboo as “negro - often taken to be offensive.” Slang-Dictionary.com defines the term as “a black person. This was originally a racist epithet used by whites since the early years of the 20th century.”

Commission Chairman Jesse Rancifer and commissioner Jeffrey Hildebrand voted against reinstating Edgmon. Commissioners Ronald Routh, Debby Linton and Kay Bartlett voted to have him rejoin the force.

After the hearing, Thomas approached Edgmon, shook his hand and wished him luck.

Edgmon will be paid for the time he was unemployed, minus 30 days for his suspension, and will return to duty immediately, Thomas said. Additional racial-sensitivity training is likely, he said.

Corruption Sucks Blog scooped local media again and broke this story back in May.

They were too busy covering it up back then and waiting for someone else to do their real job, you know, report news AS IT HAPPENS. Sometimes you piss people off, get used to it or find another occupation wimps. Racism & Corruption Suck. Stop kissin' up to rednecks and bigots Little Rock.

Do you not realize that every non-white 
person that you bust or have busted,  has a case against you now?  
YOU ARE BIASED at the very least.

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