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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Baptist Hospital's president Russ Harrington SUCKS?

Hmm, I think you should do a 'corruption sucks' piece on Baptist Hospital's president Russ Harrington getting a $400,000 raise the other day, which brings his annual salary up to $900,000 a f*cking year, but at the same time, they cut off all employee raises for the past year. They just reinstated them, but virtually no one will be eligible for a raise until next year. 
How convenient that they freeze all raises & as soon as they reinstate them, he gets a near half a million dollar raise? WTF? But they don't have the money/budget to hire new employees so they're short staffed and that of course interferes with patient care. They should have used the money for his fat raise to buy a new CRRT machine, because we only have like 4-5 and 2 are broken, and all the others are being used by other patients. What if another patient needs one? Send them to another hospital? It's f*cked up.
I think you spoke-up well enough on your own reader.
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