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Monday, May 31, 2010

Robbie Wills plays the God-guns-abortion card in a mailer attacking Joyce Elliott

via Arkansas Times: 2nd Dist. Dem runoff: Robbie Wills plays the God-guns-abortion card in a mailer attacking Joyce Elliott. Our readers don't like it a bit.


  Neither do I. It's posted on this syndicated site:http://www.corruptionsucks.blogspot.com/

Wills Campaign Gets Ugly Against Joyce Elliott

May 29th, 2010
By jsamuel: Blue Arkansas Blog

A reader sent us a mailer sent out by the Robbie Wills campaign attempting to slime Joyce Elliott.

Essentially, it attacks her for having the gull to support a woman’s right to choose, restricting gun rights, outlawing prayer in schools, and being ineffective in office. Let’s look at each of these issues and the support provided by the mailer…
  1. How could any self respecting Democrat be pro-choice?! (*sarcasm*) 
  2. On gun rights, the Wills campaign cites no votes and provides no support for the accusation besides the NRA. Look, I am pro-2nd amendment, but I really don’t listen to anything the NRA says. There is supporting people who like to hunt and then there is a much more radical agenda out there that the NRA pushes a lot of the time.
  3. Now about the vote on prayer in public schools… HB 2971 of 2005 was nonsense. It basically just restated what the US Constitution already states on the issue. It was entirely redundant and unnecessary. HB 2971 died in the state Senate. It seems like the majority in the Senate committee thought the bill was unnecessary, not just Joyce Elliott.
  4. The accusation that she is ineffective is laughable. I am sure a perusal of her website would say otherwise. But, true to form, I looked up the link provided by the mailer to “support” the accusation. I typed in the web address and got the following message:

    “Your account is not currently logged into your legislative service. Please select the appropriate state and service below to log in. The links in the report will work at that time. If you are not currently a subscriber, click on the appropriate link for contact information.”
    Okay, so no support at all for the accusation, just an error message…thanks! Now who is ineffective again Wills?
Anyway, the point of the mailer is clear. Wills is trying to paint her as an “extremist” while also having those around him claim that HE is the true progressive. His campaign is getting about as nasty and contradictory as Blanche Lincoln’s campaign, and that is not a good thing.

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