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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Crooked Manager of Willy D's & Dirty Cop Husband Falsify Police Report

 Misuse of Information. Misuse of information from
the ACIC system is a felony, as defined in A.C.A. §§ 12-12-212 and

On January 8, 2010 at about 12:30 am, a crooked cop named Shannon Dewayne "Wayne" Cox claimed that he magically walked up to the Cheesy Piano Bar Willy D's located in the River Market District of Little Rock, Arkansas.  In fact, he happened to arrive JUST IN TIME to see someone striking his WIFE, the RICO racketeer Carla Cox or how they FALSELY wrote it upon the police report# 2010-2364, "Carla Farquhar", deceptively using her maiden name, as to effectively hide the fact that her dirty lying-ass Little Rock Police husband, is filling out this lie of a police report- you know, racketeering-ass perjury.  

Now, I went back through other reports and found that this is the FIRST time this dirty bar manager used her maiden name since she married her crooked beau. WHY did she do such a thing? I have a few ideas... Just wait and see, it's coming alright.

NEXT Chapter...

I mean really, officer Cox, is lying all you're good for?  Please explain to me how you & your partner officer James Stanchak received a call about your wife in a fight at Willy D's, ran three city blocks, JUST-IN-TIME to see Kaitlin Knight of Cabot, Arkansas strike your wife, the crooked bar manager of Willy D's?  How many punches were thrown to last sooo long that when you arrived, Kaitlin was still kickin' your wife's ass? I happen to know that Willy D's video tapes EVERYTHING, did you turn over a copy to law enforcement?  OR did you erase the legal evidence (obstruction of justice) like you guys usually do when the facts don't match up to your thug-ish lies?  You know, just like the time that drunk got cold-clocked up there in Willy D's & put in the hospital with a brain hemorrhage & blood all over the bar floor? Remember that cover-up? I sure do and that's quite unfortunate for you dirty cop & your RICO racketeer wife.

What If I told you officer Cox that there are NUMEROUS credible witnesses prepared to testify under penalty of perjury that when your lying dirty cop ass arrived on the scene, Kaitlin Knight was calmly sitting on a bench, without a hint of alcohol consumption.  People's jaw dropped when they heard your lyin' ass yell out to another cop, " I saw it! She hit Carla, arrest her!"  Did you tell anyone that the wanna'-be River Market Czar CARLA "Farquhar" Cox is your wife, liar?  I have a feeling that you are gonna' come up real short on your answers.  I wonder if the Knights know that they can take their complaints against you to the IAD? They do now.  

I would suggest a subpoena for all three officer's involved in the arrests and match stories, for starters.  Boy, you got some real problems coming up dirty cop.  

There is so much more to analyze & reveal about this story of heinous civil rights violations by a dirty cop & his crooked overservin' thug of a bar manager wife, tune in.

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