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Friday, October 29, 2010

A Crooked Internal Affairs Officer- James "Jim Crow" Kyle

Corrupt Ass Bryan Day Assistant City Manager of Little Rock 

Perjury, also known as forswearing, is the willful act of swearing a false oath or affirmation to tell the truth, whether spoken or in writing, concerning matters material to a judicial proceeding. 
He knows what his institutional racist ass did to warrant a felony investigation and so will you- very soon.

PUBLISHERS NOTE:  As many of you have already figured out, this is a world wide syndicated social justice blog site, it is literally real-time publishing, accessible  to millions. Our readers span every corner of the globe. 

Many social justice strategies and tactics are available to groups or an individual, when seeking or establishing their justice-this is, but one.  

We NEVER publish anything without first DYING that the corrupt piece of crap would MAKE US PROVE IT!  I've been waiting on Blogger in one way or another since 2003, hoping a corrupt loser will take us up on it- THEY NEVER DO.

This social justice approach began in 2003 with one tribal band, ultimately our clan and now our entire tribal nation & territorial citizenry.  We all choose to address grievances of the individual or government in this manner for many reasons. Sometimes we will tell you.

Don't get us wrong, we are willing & DO WORK WITH good government.  What's "good" government? Doing your damn job above and straight across the board for EVERYONE.

Creoles have existed "between-the-races" for over 10 generations.  Many racialists (those that believe in a silly concept of "race") only love to acknowledge this & us when it is convenient for them.  When it is not convenient, they insultingly "racialize" the Creole later, hoping to gain some "race" oriented advantage by invoking deep-seeded Eugenic Jim Crow Xenophobia against the American Creole on both sides of the so-called race line. 

Not all Creoles are Creole Indian.  

BUT ALL Creole Indians are Creole, as such, we embrace ALL of our Creole cousins, brothers and sisters within our territory and without.  You see, ANY Creole PLUS a Creole Indian makes more of both.  

Why is this important you may ask?  Because Creoles are not a world-wide minority, that's why.  

Creole Indians command INDISPUTABLE aboriginal sovereign rights.  We DO NOT abdicate or defer these rights because we are involved in commerce with you. The State of Arkansas Officially acknowledged these indigenous ethnic group rights by way of the Arkansas Department of Education in 2005 after a year-long highly intensive and exhaustive EAC investigatory review. 

Every Creole that joins our Creole Indian Nation, enjoys those very same indigenous  rights. Connect the dots. 

Another thing to consider, MANY people that work right next to you indentify themselves as Creole or of mixed-Creole decent, rather than whatever they have allowed you to assume or categorize them to "be".  Creoles come in Every Single shade and ethnicity- Out of many, ONE.

Someday, these very same people that you presume to know, may no longer allow you to assume such silly racialist notions about them.  

D'Choctaw Clan-Band Bordeaux

E Pluribus Unum


Internal Affairs justice is a fleeting and fickle thing within the Great Creole Indian Territory of Little Rock, Arkansas, located within the heart of Jim Crow Pulaski County Sheriff territory (more on these bigots later, WE got the goods on them too.).This corruption story involves a dirty internal affairs cop named Sgt. Kyle King.  Kyle used to be a street cop in Little Rock, someone thought it would be a good idea to make this guy, a cop over cops-hmm.

Well, good 'ol boy Kyle was not the kind of street cop that you wanted to get messed-up with.  Why? Because Kyle always had a way of gettin' his police reports nice and air-tight on your ass.  What do I mean? KYLE'S REPORTS ALWAYS WORKED OUT FOR KYLE-ALMOST ALWAYS.

Since I have been provably and documentedly framed in this southern town before, I have a unique perspective and insight into such matters "in these parts".

Kyle King is buddies with two River Market snitches.  One named Lori "somebody took my gun from me " Smith & the other we call Snitch Mitch with a Twitch.  Lori is good vacation friends with a drunk-serving manager of a Cheesy Piano Bar called Willy D's.  This crooked bar manager asked Lori to do some pretty under-handed things.

We'll get into those details later, anyway, this scumbag of a crooked snitch-cop, was complained upon by your's truly, at Little Rock's Internal Affairs Division of Southern Injustice.  Sgt. Kyle King INTERCEPTED the IAD interview.  He was confronted with his conflict of interest- the idiot blew it off.  He went further than that though. This crooked cop-over-cop's problem is screwed-up on MANY levels.

Kyle King has committed far worse than just one insult or violations of Laissez-faire, against one individual with his criminality, he has declared war upon a people-a nation.  A sovereign people.  He shall receive his education regarding this "original law" & it's significance soon enough.  Faster than a Jim Crow Minute!

We shall respond.  This is NOTHING yet. Do no more harm to Creoles you Eugenic Jim Crow Scum.  No more free plays against the Creole for any of you good 'ol boys & gals.

He has done both GOOD & BAD work in both places, in the streets and in Little Rock's IAD.  He has tainted ALL with his PROVABLY bad.  Now, scumb-ass Kyle has a choice.  He can turn his criminal ass into his superiors as unfit for duty or we can drag a LOT of good cop witnesses through depositions for starters and/or far worse, you cops and red-taper's can figure that one out, can't you?  Feel free to ask Assistant City Manager of the City of Little Rock Bryan Day.

Bryan knows first hand what it is like to be served a subpoena and have his provably perjuring ass raked through Creole Indian coals on the witness stand in open court.  NOW, the issue between Bryan Day and our Nation, is a matter of public record that shall be referenced  FREQUENTLY upon this and other syndicated sites. Who's next?

We shall CONTINUE proving what kind of civil rights violating corrupt loser Jim Crow Kyle is and he ain't alone, just the stupidest & boldest among the bigots.

We Creole Indians are ALL brave warriors. I am War Chief. We don't shy or cowardly turn away from a good fight, you Jim Crow fools.

We love & welcome the Creole opportunity to get in there and totally dismantle and/or expose your disgusting Jim Crow based "justice" system. You opened the door, so Creole Indian Warriors are charging through it, as well as through you- bigot. We want your professional scalp! We won't stop until we get it from you criminal.

I'm sure Kyle's probably a bit nervous because we are about to reveal some very bad & criminally illegal behaviour on his part.  I wonder if he has ever been the subject of an FBI interview?  That can easily change and most likely will.  That's up too Jim Crow Kyle and the City of Little Rock, since he is their pet bigot, released from the leash.

Put your pet bigot down or Creole Indian Warriors will do your dirty clean-up work for you, City of Little Rock.  I wonder what City of Little Rock Mayor Stodola has to say about this FUBAR, don't you?  You should ask him about it, see what he says!

Check in soon, were gettin' some special stuff together for our readers. UNDENIABLE STUFF.  Feel free to circle your wagons- it won't do you no good mojo now...MUCH MORE TO COME SOON!

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