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Monday, April 23, 2018

Good Cop/Bad Cop

"Ice Cube -- Good Cop/Bad Cop (June 6, 2017)"
The hook of the song samples Ice Cube's verse from N.W.A's "Fuck tha Police". The song was released as a protest against corrupt law enforcement.



Though often course in language and chronically straight to the point, the primary goal of Corruption Sucks Blog is to provide the tools, research, resources, and news to help good government, cops, community leaders, victims, and other concerned citizens address the complex issue of governmental & especially police misconduct. 

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to get up to speed on how prevelant governmental corruption and misconduct actually are in everyday local government. Especially regarding police misconduct and the woeful lack of police oversight at the local levels of government supervision.

This way, more energy can be constructively invested on real progress, especially in law enforcement and how they deal with members of the community. 

Most especially if the officer resides in another city or town other than where he works and carries a gun & badge. This basically defines him as a "mercenary cop" from the start and NOT a member of the community in which he has been authorized by the city to use deadly force if he feels that his "life is in danger".

What is a bad cop?

"Bad cops" are law enforcement employees that are not meeting job requirements. Many of the employees who fall within this category are not bad people, but rather, just need quality oversight to keep them on the right path.

On one end of the spectrum, bad cops are criminals with badges. On the other end of the spectrum, bad cops are employees who are not qualified for their jobs & either require additional training or seperation. For example, they have difficulty authoring accurate police reports, they have difficulty keeping their personal biases at home, etc.

Because almost every police department has good cops and bad cops...

Reality is if this world was actually as most people think it is, we would not have independent investigations, audits & police internal affairs departments. This anti-corruption blog site would not exist. 

Reality is that almost every police department has both good cops and bad cops. 

The problem is that many police departments refuse to acknowledge or proactively address the bad cops within their ranks.

So, as far as what does a "good" cop look like? I'm sure that there are a great many cops that are quite "good" at executing their duties. 

With that said, we offer you this thought...

How good can any person truly be while witnessing a co-worker violate the rights of another human being, yet does absolutely nothing about it? How can such a so-called good person call such a criminal amongst their ranks an equal partner in honor and justice?  If you venture to call him comrade and friend, are you not in some way torn from the very same blue cloth?

How could this so-called good person remain silent to such racketeer-styled predicate crimes in exchange for a paycheck and benefits while cowering behind some mafia-like blue wall? That is obviously the price that many have gladly decided to pay in exchange for one's honor and soul-  a job. 

Is this that higher standard that we have heard so much about? Is this what the call of duty, oath and honor now look like? 

I would surely hope not.

We can believe that there exists police departments that do not have a single bad cop; and conversely, we can believe that there exists police departments that do not have a single good cop. It first starts from within, then maybe we can start talking about public trust. 

The public has absolutely no way of knowing which cop is pulling them over, knocking on their door, impeding their path, demanding to be obeyed...or else.

E. Pluribus Unum. 

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