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Sunday, January 28, 2018



The crisis that the city of Little Rock is experiencing has just expanded exponentially.

2017 was a year that the city saw unmatched violence and a homicide rate that matched the Banging in the Rock days. 

Troubled City Manager Bruce "Home Wrecker" Moore saw no problems tossing away $10,000 to two LRPD recruits that walked away with his no-strings-attached $5k bonus within six months on the job.

Moore also wasted over $14,000 sending the befouled police chief Buckner to Harvard for a month-long class on leadership.  Perhaps some civic-minded individual will file an illegal exaction suit. 

LRPD showed a marked defiance for the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act and transparency in their repeated lack of cooperation in complying with open records act requests.

LRPD targeted the homeless and set up 24/7 video surveillance of a religious organization that provides services the city refuses to provide our large homeless population. 

LRPD sees nothing wrong with not enforcing laws against LRPD officers that violate the law - no tickets for speeding or causing accidents while on or off duty and openly pissing in the street.

Buckner was dishonest and lied to the Little Rock Board of Directors in at the July 5, 2017 when Director Lance Hines asked Buckner about getting help from the ASP patrolling areas of the city. Buckner rejected that idea.

This lie was revealed when we obtained information from the Arkansas State Police that Buckner spoken with the ASP Director on July 1st about obtaining assistance from the state police.

LRPD recruits and veteran officers were called out for questionable posts on social media and LRPD administration royally screwed up their handing of that mucky mess.

After that firing, more recruits and officers were found to have questionable content on their social media accounts. We posted about that here and here.

The Arkansas Times, in a recent post on their Arkansas Blog  points out the blatant and obvious biases that exists within the LRPD. 

The Arkansas Times is certainly on the right track when it comes to Buckner, but Bad City of Little Rock & Corruption Sucks blogs have gone quite a bit further to point out his hypocrisy. 

As soon as Buckner landed in Little Rock after Moore hired him, he was quoted in the media that he saw no need for a Little Rock Black Police Officers Association, insinuating that heyr were redundant and all police officer should join the white dominated Fraternal Order of Police.  He also managed to plant his own foot right up into his corrupt ass when he stated that ashe duplicitously uses our tax dollars to maintain memberships and attend conferences for the  National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives ("NOBLE") and the National Forum for Black Public Administrators ("NFBPA"). 

What's wrong with the National Association of Chiefs of Police K.T.?  Do you believe that the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives can better represent you? 

The publishers of this blog and the publishers of Corruption Sucks blog warned Buckner and city leadership the slippery slope they were headed down by caving in and firing the black recruit that complained about the racist posts of the white recruit.

This warning was not heeded and now LRPD and city leadership is facing a shit storm and more bad publicity due to the mess they have gotten themselves into.

An additional problem for LRPD and the city was revealed this past week - a major investigation by the Department of Justice - one that has been going on since last summer.

It also came out last week that LRPD has fires a third recruit for the class that will graduate next month - Katina "Pug" Jones.

Turns out that after the Black Police Officers Association ("BPOA") complained about the white recruits racist social media post they directed all recruits (perhaps all other officers as well) to scrub their social media accounts.

Apparently Recruit Jones failed to remove some posts she made when she was 16 years old (see the images above) and that got her shit-canned.

Add into the mix the unreasonable 10 day suspicion of Sgt. Willie Davis, an officer that has a stellar record with the department, and is held in high regard by most all the citizens of Little Rock for his work with the O.K. program.

Davis and the BPOA has pissed off beleaguered Chief Buckner by making valid complaints about the way he runs the department, complaints that Buckner has admitted he dismissed as having no merit. 

The day of reckoning for Moore and Buckner is fast approaching as concerned citizens are tired of their flapping tongues and insincere utterances.

Take a look at a recent public forum where Moore and Buckner came under fire.

At city board meetings last year when beleaguered Chief Buckner was there to address concerns with the sky-rocking murder rate and incessant almost daily shooting, Buckner told directors and the public that "we cannot police away crime in Little Rock", and saturation patrols in areas where violent crimes were occurring "would not work" and "might be a violation of individuals rights".  

Then a few months later that all changed. Buckner and city leadership claimed having more officers on the street was reducing crime and that "constructive contacts" a/k/a saturation patrols were also making a difference.

What really happened was that all the juveniles that were involved in violent crimes were back in school, hence the slacking off of incidents.

Both Moore and Buckner should be immediately removed from their positions for their maleficence.  

They need to go for the good of the city.

We need changes in leadership to get the city on back track and solve the problems our current failed leadership has caused.

#TimeForChange #CleanOutLRCityHall

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