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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Joyce Elliott: My Letter to Our Mayor, City Directors and City Manager

Post by Ean Lee Bordeaux.
Mr. Mayor, Directors and City Manager:
At tonight's board meeting, I expect that Director Ken Richardson will make a motion to rescind the vote to allow the placement of a 20-pump convenience store at the old Brandon House site. Further, that motion will likely be attended by a proposal to endorse an objective study to help determine the impact of gas stations/convenience stores on neighborhoods all over the city. I am asking for your support of the rescission motion, followed by support of the study--understanding another vote on the gas station may follow.
I care deeply about what happens south of I-630. I live there on purpose, on Fair Park, where I am seeing positive changes that I desperately want to see continue throughout the entire neighborhood and the rest of South 630. What we place there matters when it comes to attracting family-friendly businesses to our area. We already have enough other "stuff."
I am also well aware of the zoning, which I think should be reconsidered in deliberate favor of designating this and other agreed on areas as development districts so the city may continue the wonderful, family-friendly development afforded to Midtown. As far as I'm aware, not one convenience store is a part of that thoughtful, new development So, may I respectfully suggest we should take steps to replicate that same thoughtfulness and intentionality South 630.
Despite my straight ahead objection to more convenience stores and gas pumps, I support an objective study so we will have objective evidence, not just my outrage and your unscientific determination that placement of such outlets is either positive or agnostic. I hope you will support the study too.
Thank you,
Joyce Elliott
Proud Resident of South 630
Mark Stodola

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