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Monday, February 25, 2013



Increased police racial profiling from the City of Little Rock Police Dept. started immediately after I refused to sell-out my business in the River Market District. A drunk driver at Willy D's totaled my hotdog cart. I replaced it, the crooked manager of Willy D's was married to a River Market cop and convinced him and his buddies to, "put the screws" in me. It has been this way ever since. One big cover-up, can't deny this email though, it's a matter of record...

Hoffman, Daman dhoffman@littlerock.org

Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 3:23 PM
To: fraud101@gmail.com

Hi Ean,
I was wondering if you have any carts you no longer use that you would want to sell?

Daman Hoffman
River Market, A Little Rock Parks & Recreation Division

(501) 375-2552 OfficE
(501) 413-0504 SMS
(501) 375-5559 Fax

Let me ask you AGAIN you corrupt obstructionist, WHY THE H-E-L-L would we sell you one of our Willy Dog carts for the RIVER MARKET DISTRICT, when WE are in the RIVER MARKET DISTRICT?  There is a hell of a lot more to this corruption story. Oh, it's coming, trust me...
Distributed in Little Rock's River Market District

IF A COP DOESN'T LIVE IN THE TOWN HE/SHE POLICE'S & SHOOTS PEOPLE: there is little chance of running into the person who's right's had been violated by a crooked cop, it's also NOT where these cops are spending their citizen funded paychecks for the most part either.

September 30, 2012
Eric MoeHawk
I was working at a Willy Dog hot dog cart on the corner of Ottenheimer and President Clinton Ave at about 1230am September 30th, when four Little Rock Police Officers crowded my vehicle parked directly across the street from me on the west side of Oppenheimer. They left and shortly returned with a ticket book. As the bicycle officer started writing a ticket I approached them saying it was my vehicle and I was working across the street. Mitch said while pointing in no particular direction "Move it, You hot dog people don't have ultimate privileges down here" After I returned from re-parking, three of the officers stood on the north side of President Clinton Ave watching me work for about 45 minutes.

"On friday February 22nd I paid five dollars to park in the lot at the end of Ottenheimer st in the river market. I Parallel parked by the porta-potty past a row of parallel parked vehicles. When I returned from working I discovered a parking ticket marked "ord 32- other, on grass in park" no part of the vehicle was off the pavement and two lanes were still clear.



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