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Friday, February 15, 2013

LRPD Escalates Police Contacts: Support Fellow Cop's Hate Crimes

Updated 2/15/2013 3:44pm

LRPD Escalates Police Contact's: Supporting Fellow Cop's Racist Hate Crimes With Increased Jim Crow-Styled Color of Law Harassment's 

from: Chief Ean Lee Bordeaux 
to: "Howard, Michelle"
date: Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 7:00 AM
subject: FOIA

Crooked/Racist LRPD Cop Greg Key Exposed: https://docs.google.com/folder/d/0Bx54PxaETQMOazZ3ZkR1eXZ2M0U/edit?usp=sharing

The Arkansas Freedom of information Act is intended to guarantee public access to government meetings and records. It provides civil and criminal remedies for conflicts. A person found guilty of a criminal violation of FOI faces fines of up to $200 and up to 30 days in jail. It is also considered an additional predicate act under Federal RICO statutes as it pertains to this civil rights/hate crime complaint of over six unceasing years.

September 30, 2012
Eric MoeHawk
I was working at a Willy Dog hot dog cart on the corner of Oppenheimer and President Clinton Ave at about 1230am September 30th, when four Little Rock Police Officers crowded my vehicle parked directly across the street from me on the west side of Oppenheimer. They left and shortly returned with a ticket book. As the bicycle officer started writing a ticket I approached them saying it was my vehicle and I was working across the street. Mitch said while pointing in no particular direction "Move it, You hot dog people don't have ultimate privileges down here" After I returned from re-parking, three of the officers stood on the north side of President Clinton Ave watching me work for about 45 minutes.

Illegally Withheld Disciplinary files of scumbag racist & dirty cop Gregory C. Key:

Within three business days, please duly remit ALL disclosable archived documents including, not exclusively, all documents pertaining to traffic tickets issued from the River Market in the past 60 days, all (evening shifts only) reports, Incident and otherwise, issued by Sergeants in the River Market Kiosk in the past 30 days. Please remit full budget, expense and any other fiduciary/accountability reports related to the LRPD Mounted Police division. Use of Force, personnel, disciplinary, reviews and otherwise, as it pertains to ALL LRPD personnel (under rank of Lt.) assigned part-time or full-time to the LR River Market within the past ninety days. This sovereign initiated federal/state enforced FOIA investigatory submission of the American Creole Indian Aid Commission, EXCLUDES the following personnel ONLY:

-any (full-time) evening shift Sgt.
-Detective Levy
-Officer Cox
-Officer Farnam
-Sgt Snooks

Thank You,
Chief Elder Ean Lee Bordeaux, pro per
Houma-Choctaw Tribe

American Creole Indian Aid Commission (ACIAC)
War Chief of the American Creole Indian Nation 
(An Honorable Parliamentary Confederacy)

Hoffman, Daman dhoffman@littlerock.org

Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 3:23 PM
To: fraud101@gmail.com
Hi Ean,
I was wondering if you have any carts you no longer use that you would want to sell?
Daman Hoffman
River Market, A Little Rock Parks & Recreation Division

(501) 375-2552 Office
(501) 413-0504 SMS
(501) 375-5559 Fax

Bryan Day was overheard by a very credible public official promising former manager of Willy D's, Carla Cox, that he will make sure that Ean Bordeaux & Willy Dog USA will be prevented from ever getting into the River Market.  I hope he calls me a liar and makes me prove it. Maybe he still remember's that last time I dragged his crooked institutional racist ass into court by summons and put his lying ass on the stand. Just to hear him incessantly respond to damning questions under OATH, saying, "I do not recall, I do not recall, I do not recall..."
Let me ask you AGAIN you corrupt obstructionist's, WHY THE H-E-L-L would we sell you one of our Willy Dog carts for the RIVER MARKET DISTRICT, when WE are in the RIVER MARKET DISTRICT?  There is a hell of a lot more to this corruption story. Oh, it's coming, trust me...


  1. What a loser, I hope he get's investigated. I also HOPE that the FBI is smart enough to read this public corruption blog, it was easy enough to find!
  2. I've read a lot of stories about how Little Rock has come a long way from the days of Central High & the "Little Rock Nine".

    It just looks like all the bigots just went into hiding and come out when they think they won't get caught. NOTHING has TRULY CHANGED in Little Rock when it comes to "race" relations, that's why I left that backward ass redneck place 5 years ago.

    Haven't regretted since. You forget how refreshing it is to NOT be surrounded by a bunch of obvious bigots, till you ain't around them anymore. GREAT job Corruption Blog. They need you down there!
  3. Are you serious? I get what you are trying to say. That whole buying -a-cart email doesn't make any sense. They either need to really buy you out or stay the hell out of your tribe's way. That's some bigot-ass shit. Little Rock sucks, move to Missouri, we are Creole Territory and we will treat you right. We need you guys up here!!

    Leave the Arkansas backward-ass eugenic bigots to their own destruction!

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