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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BANNED From Facebook: Nursing Mother Photo...

Publisher's Note:

This photo was banned and swiftly removed from Facebook for being "indecent". 

Luckily for us, though many criticize Google on several fronts, our blog's First Amendment right's to free speech has been zealously defended by them and do not expect for that to end anytime soon. 

As such, we have decided to re-post this beautiful work of art here on Corruption Sucks Blog.  

E Pluribus Unum. Out of Many, ONE. 
Chief Elder Ean Lee Bordeaux, pro per
Ancient West Feliciana Parish Houma-Choctaw

This is the original poster's response:

A MESSAGE TO FACEBOOK:It is tragic what you decide to take action on. we had a beautiful photo of a woman breastfeeding removed by you because you say it is indecent and yet pages avocating rape are not? you let the racist EDL have a page so that they can spread their hatered not to mention homophobic pages and numerous pages laughing about violence against women. But breastfeeding is offensive? sort it the fuck out.

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