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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

National Inflation Association: Largest Bubble in U.S. History

The Largest Bubble in U.S. History

On August 6th after S&P downgraded the U.S. debt rating from AAA to AA+ with a negative outlook, NIA prayed that Americans would not make the mistake of buying U.S. Treasuries as a safe haven. We normally don't pray about economic matters, but only God can save the U.S. economy today as well as investors who have been brainwashed into believing U.S. government dollar-denominated bonds are a safe place to store wealth. Unfortunately, only when hyperinflation arrives will the majority of American citizens realize that fiat U.S. dollars should be used as a medium of exchange only and not a place to store wealth.
Since NIA was launched two and a half years ago, the overwhelming majority of our economic predictions have come true, with many of our accurate predictions being unique only to us. Sometimes we are a bit early with our predictions, but they almost always eventually come true. One of our predictions that we have been wrong about in the short-term, but will be proven right about later this decade, is the collapse of the U.S. Treasury market.
We thought there was a chance that many Americans would once again make the mistake of buying U.S. Treasuries during the recent sell-off of global financial markets, but we were shocked to see the yields of some U.S. Treasuries such as the 10-year bond, decline to new record lows. The yields of many government bonds have fallen through their lows of late-2008, but unlike the liquidity crisis of late-2008 when gold prices declined to a low of $720 per ounce, gold futures on August 22nd reached a new all time nominal high of $1,899.40 per ounce.
NIA likes gold as a bet against the U.S. Treasury market, which we believe is the largest bubble in world history. Any investor buying 10-year Treasuries with a yield of only 2.20% needs to have their head examined. Based on official Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data, year-over-year price inflation in the U.S. is already 3.63%. NIA estimates the real rate of price inflation to currently be approximately 8% and we project real price inflation to reach double-digits next year. NIA finds it very unlikely that the U.S. will be able to survive the next ten years without hyperinflation.
Take a look at the long-term chart of 10-year yields below. After the inflationary crisis of the 1970s, 10-year yields surged to a high in the early-1980s of 14.5%. After inflation began to decline in the mid-1980s, the 10-year yield bottomed at 7% before rising again to 9%. In the 1990s, the 10-year yield averaged around 6.5%.
With the help of NIA's critically acclaimed economic documentaries including 'Meltup', 'The Dollar Bubble', and 'Hyperinflation Nation' that have been seen by millions of people, a larger percentage of the investment community is educated than ever before about the currency crisis that is ahead. We estimate that about 1/10 of our country now finally understands that as long as we are running massive budget deficits with our government making no real attempt to cut spending in a meaningful way, gold will keep increasing in nominal value and the U.S. dollar will continue losing its purchasing power. However, 9/10 of our nation still doesn't understand why they should own gold and would chase after $1,000 in cash being blown by the wind before picking up a 1 oz gold coin lying below them on the ground.
Investors today are buying and selling assets based on what they perceive to be risk assets and safe haven assets. Market volatility is now at a level last seen in March of 2009 towards the end of the last financial crisis. On days with either positive economic news or rumors that Bernanke is getting ready to unleash QE3, stock prices rise while the prices of both gold and U.S. Treasuries fall. On days with either negative economic news or rumors that Bernanke is unlikely to unleash QE3, stock prices fall while both gold and U.S. Treasury prices rise. Investors are buying both gold and U.S. Treasuries as a safe haven. Those buying U.S. Treasuries as a safe haven are doing so based on the market's actions in late-2008 when Treasuries rallied with the stock market collapsing. They fail to realize that every financial crisis is different and the next crisis will be nothing like 2008.
In 2008, we had a crisis due to a lack of liquidity. Today, the world is flooded with liquidity, but most people don't realize it yet because trillions of dollars are being hoarded on the sidelines and not chasing goods and services. Nobody knew for sure in 2008 how the Federal Reserve would react to the liquidity crisis. If the Federal Reserve did the right thing and allowed banks to fail we would have experienced many years of deflation. The Federal Reserve has made it clear that they will print enough money to bailout all major banks or other companies deemed "too big to fail". We are in a situation where the worse the economy gets, the more money the Fed will print and the higher prices of all assets will rise.
NIA predicts right now that over the next 16 months between now and the end of calendar year 2012, we will see the largest short-term increase in 10-year bond yields on a percentage basis in history. With CPI growth increasing for eight straight months and even the Fed's misleading core-CPI growth up 290% since October on a year-over-year basis, investors will soon realize that it is far too risky to own bonds that are paying such low yields.
President Obama yesterday nominated Alan Kreuger to lead his Council of Economic Advisers. We laughed when he heard Obama tell Kreuger that it will be tough for him to fill the shoes of Austan Goolsbee, who recently left his post to resume teaching at the University of Chicago. Whether it be Kreuger, Goolsbee, or Christina Romer (who preceded Goolsbee), they are all Keynesians who believe that more government spending and intervention is the key to bringing down unemployment and having a healthy economy.
Krueger worked in the White House during the first two years of the Obama administration as assistant Treasury secretary for economic policy. Krueger received his Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University and has worked at Princeton University since 1987, where his mail frequently gets mixed up with fellow Keynesian and New York Times op-ed columnist Paul Krugman. Krueger is the author of a book that was written solely to convince readers that having a high minimum wage doesn't cause unemployment. It should be common sense to all NIA members that if the government raised the minimum wage to $50 per hour, unemployment would rise dramatically as most jobs paying wages below $50 per hour would be destroyed. The truth is, eliminating the U.S. minimum wage would create thousands of new entry-level jobs in America and help lower the unemployment rate. Krueger was also instrumental in developing the "cash-for-clunkers" program, which NIA has written about on many occasions as being a monumental disaster for the U.S. economy.
It is absurd how the mainstream media calls Ron Paul an extremist for wanting to eliminate government intervention in our financial markets, reduce government spending, balance the budget, stop the Fed from printing money, and return to sound money. In NIA's opinion, Krueger is the real extremist. If there was no minimum wage and there never was "cash-for-clunkers", many unemployed 17 year old kids who are home on Facebook, could instead be out earning enough money to buy their own used car. The youth unemployment rate is currently double the overall unemployment rate and used car prices are up 20% during the past year, because of the policies supported by Krueger.
The U.S. government used "cash-for-clunkers" to buy phony GDP growth in 2009, stealing from future automobile sales. After the "cash-for-clunkers" program ended, General Motors reported that their sales in August of 2010 declined 25% from sales in August of 2009. NIA predicted on September 1, 2010, that this would lead to a sharp contraction in GDP growth and cause the Fed to unleash the mother of all quantitative easing. Two months later on November 3, 2010, the Fed announced $600 billion in additional quantitative easing.
GDP growth in the 4Q of 2010 declined to 3.14% on a year-over-year basis, down from 3.51% in the 3Q of 2010. GDP growth has continued to decline lower this year to 2.24% in the first quarter and 1.55% in the second quarter (which was just revised downward from an initial estimate of 1.62%). The BLS used a price deflator of only 2.5% in the 2Q. In our opinion, real GDP in the U.S. today is already in negative territory. With it becoming increasingly likely that official year-over-year GDP changes will become negative by the end of calendar year 2011, it is only a matter of time before the Federal Reserve unleashes QE3 in disguise under a new name.
With the Federal Reserve no longer reporting the M3 money supply, the broadest measure of money supply currently reported by the Fed is M2. During the past few weeks, the U.S. has been seeing a very alarming rise in M2. The M2 money supply has risen $228.5 billion over the past four weeks to $9.5218 trillion. On an annualized basis, this equals a 32% increase in M2. Much of this gain can be attributed to people moving funds from institutional money funds and large time deposits into checking and savings accounts. Investors are nervous about the state of our economy and as soon as the investment community begins to realize that the next economic crisis will be a currency crisis, not a liquidity crisis, we will see the world lose confidence in the U.S. dollar and rush out of U.S. Treasuries and into gold, silver, and other real assets.
It is important to spread the word about NIA to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, if you want America to survive hyperinflation. Please tell everybody you know to become members of NIA for free immediately at: http://inflation.us

Monday, August 29, 2011

Little Rock: Blogger get's list of all non-resident city workers

PUBLISHERS NOTE: This article is dedicated to the focal example, subject and current motivation of it's inception, Little Rock Police Officer James "Jimmy Get Some" Stanchack.

Pre-post Warning UPDATE: Request for Attorney General's Opinion/City of Little Rock

by Ean Lee Bordeaux on Monday, August 29, 2011 at 10:33pm

August 29, 2011
Ms. Stacey Witherell
Labor and Employee Relations Manager City of Little Rock
500 West Markham, Suite 130W
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201-1428

Dear Ms. Witherell:

You have requested my opinion regarding the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”). Your request is based on A.C.A. § 25-19-105(c)(3)(B)(i) (Supp. 2009), which authorizes the custodian, requester, or the subject of personnel or employee evaluation records to seek an opinion from this stating Whether the custodian’s decision regarding the release of such records is consistent with the FOIA.

Your letter indicates that someone has requested “a list of city employees [Who] live outside Little Rock [c]ity limits.” The requester specifically Wants each employee’s “name, job position[,] and city/town.” You have decided to comply only partly with this request. Specifically, you plan (l) to release the names and job positions as personnel records; and (2) to withhold the city in which the employees reside. With respect to (2), you have concluded that, while the information requested is a personnel record, the release of that information would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy, which means that FOIA requires it to be withheld from disclosure.

You have asked whether these decisions are consistent with the FOIA.


My statutory duty is to state Whether your decision as custodian is consistent with the FOIA. Not having reviewed the record you intend to release, I cannot say

323 CENTER STREET, SUITE 200 LTTTLE ARKANSAS 72201 TELEPHONE (501) 682-2007 FAX (501) 682-8084 INTERNET WEBSITE - http://www.ag.state.ar.us/

Stacey Witherell Opinion 2011-114 Page 2

whether that particular record contains only information that the FOIA permits custodians to disclose. But I can address, as a general matter, whether the kinds of information being sought are personnel records and whether they are subject to release. As explained below, in my opinion, your decision to disclose the employees’ names and positions is consistent with the FOIA. Likewise, your decision to withhold each employee’s city of residence is consistent with the FOIA, though you do not cite the correct reason for refusing to disclose it.


Every public record must be disclosed in response to an FOIA request unless a specific exception shields that record from disclosure. Because there is no question Whether the requested documents count as public records, the only remaining question is Whether some exception shields these records from disclosure. Two exceptions are relevant to your question.

Employees’ names and job positions The first is the personnel-records exception. While the FOIA does not define that term, this has opined that it refers to all records other than employee evaluation and job performance records that pertain to individual employees, former employees, or job applicants.1 Further, this has also consistently opined that employees’ names and job positions meet the defmition of a personnel record.2

Personnel records must be disclosed in response to an FOIA request unless doing so “constitute[s] a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.”3 This has consistently opined that, in the normal case, employees’ names and job positions are subject to disclosure under this standard.4

1 See, e. g., Op. Att’y Gen. N0. 1999-147; Watkins & Peltz, supra, at 187.
2 E. g., op. Att’y Gen. 2011-045.
3 A.C.A. § 25-19-105(b)(l2) (Supp. 2009).
4 E.g., op. Att’y Gen. 2011-045.

Stacey Witherell Opinion 2011-114 Page 3

Therefore, your decision to classify the employees’ names and job positions as personnel records is consistent with the FOIA. And your decision to release those records is also consistent.

Public employees’ home addresses The second relevant exception is found at A.C.A. § 25-19-105(b)(13). This subsection exempts from disclosure all “home addresses of. . .none1ected municipal employees.” In my opinion, the exception for “home addresses” encompasses all components parts of a “home address”; namely, a street address, zip code, city, and county.5

Given that the FOIA requester wants you to give him “a list” of the cities in which all Little Rock’s public employees live, he is seeking information that subsection 25-19-l05(b)(13) protects from disclosure.

So you correctly refused to disclose where the employees live. But the reason that is the correct outcome is due most directly to subsection 25-19-l05(b)(13), not the exception, which is located at subsection 25-19-105(b)(12). This is because when a public record potentially qualifies for more than one exception—as a public employee’s home address arguably does—the more specific exception controls.6 Because subsection 25-19-105(b)(l3) deals specifically with home addresses, it controls.

Assistant Attorney General Ryan Owsley prepared this opinion, which I hereby

5 Op. Att’y Gen. Nos. 2008-138, p. 3; 2005-194, p. 4.

6 This is an analogue to a standard principle of statutory construction, which requires that, when more than one statute deals with the same subject matter in different ways, the more specific statute controls. E. g., Searcy Farm Supply, LLC v. Merchants & Planters Bank, 369 Ark. 487, 492, 256 S.W.3d 496, 501 (2007) is blackletter law for statutory construction to give effect to the specific statute over the general.”).

Ms. Witherell,

As the opinion is clear, please remit the rest of my request in a reasonable time, made clear to me within three additional business days and transmitted via email please. It is very interesting to know that city personnel that live outside our city limits and decide on our quality of life here, have an additional expectation of privacy that those that choose to live in do NOT enjoy.

Request for Attorney General's Opinion/City of Little Rock  
Ms. Hall, please accept this email as my request for an Attorney General’s Opinion, as custodian of records for the City of   Little Rock  .  The request below was received by the Human Resources Department.  Although a list of names and job positions are clearly personnel records that are releasable after proper notification to the subject of those records, the city which the employee resides is clearly an invasion of privacy.  The public’s right to know where a city employee lives does not out weigh the employee’s right to privacy.  And home addresses of non-elected employees are exempt from disclosure (A.C.A. § 25-19-105(b)(13), and therefore the city of residence should be included in that exemption.  
Stacey Witherell  
City of   Little Rock    
Labor and Employee Relations Manager  

Chief Bordeaux:  
Attached is the opinion that specifies that a city employee’s city of residence is not releasable.  Please let me know if you wish to pursue with the rest of your request.  Please be aware that under the Act, I will have to attempt to notify each of these employees of your request, before I can release the information.  
Stacey Witherell  

 Cheryl Hall [mailto:CHERYL.Hall@arkansasag.gov] 
Sent: Monday, August 29, 2011 3:13 PM
To: Witherell, Stacey
Subject: RE: Request for Attorney General's Opinion/City of   Little Rock  
Importance: High  
For your convenience, I have attached a PDF copy of the opinion you requested from this office pursuant to the FOIA.  The original opinion has been mailed to your   Little Rock   office and a copy will be posted on the Attorney General’s website by close of business today.  Feel free to contact me or access the AG’s opinions search page at http://www.arkansasag.gov/opinions/ if you have difficulty accessing the attached document.  
 Witherell, Stacey [mailto:SWitherell@littlerock.org] 
Sent: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 4:41 PM
To: Cheryl Hall
Subject: Request for Attorney General's Opinion/City of   Little Rock    
Ms. Hall, please accept this email as my request for an Attorney General’s Opinion, as custodian of records for the City of   Little Rock  .  The request below was received by the Human Resources Department.  Although a list of names and job positions are clearly personnel records that are releasable after proper notification to the subject of those records, the city which the employee resides is clearly an invasion of privacy.  The public’s right to know where a city employee lives does not out weigh the employee’s right to privacy.  And home addresses of non-elected employees are exempt from disclosure (A.C.A. § 25-19-105(b)(13), and therefore the city of residence should be included in that exemption.  
Stacey Witherell  
City of   Little Rock   
Labor and Employee Relations Manager

 Willy Dog [mailto:willydog101@gmail.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 3:25 PM
To: Shepard, Kelly
Subject: FOIA Req.

Please remit a list of city employees that live outside Little Rock City limits. I require the name, job position and city/town in which they reside.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Governor Jan Brewer: We Won! Facebook Censor of Obama Amnesty Plan Critique "in error"

We won! After Facebook censored and removed my photo and post criticizing Obama's backdoor amnesty plan, they apologized and said it was done "in error." After I reposted the photo, it now has 30,000 likes and comments. Thank you for your support! Help me send a message to Obama and Facebook by clicking the share button below and ask all your friends to like and share the photo.www.supportjan.com

After I posted the following statement and photo yesterday, Facebook censored the post and removed it because the photo apparently violated their "Facebook Community Standards." Before it was removed, it had received over 10,000 likes and comments.

Regardless, I'm reposting the photo and statement. I think many of you will agree with me - - Obama's backdoor amnesty plan violates American standards of following the rule of law and the US Constitution.

Please click "like" and share with your friends.


The Obama administration cannot get its amnesty schemes through Congress, so now it has resorted to implementing its plans via executive fiat. There’s simply no other description for today’s announcement that the federal government will not pursue the deportation of individuals who are in the country illegally but meet certain criteria.

This plan amounts to backdoor amnesty for hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of illegal aliens. Especially disturbing is that it comes in the wake of the Obama administration sanctioning the sale of weapons to Mexican drug cartels – even as border states such as Arizona come under threat from those same illicit organizations. With this announcement, the President is encouraging more illegal immigration at the exact moment we need federal focus on border security.

Just last month in speaking to the National Council of La Raza, President Obama rejected the idea of bypassing Congress and imposing immigration reform. He said, "Now, I know some people want me to bypass Congress and change the laws on my own. And believe me, right now dealing with Congress, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting … But that's not how our system works. That’s not how our democracy functions. That's not how our Constitution is written."

President Obama got it right last month and got it really wrong today.

Over the next 15 months, I’m certain we’ll hear a lot of talk from the Obama administration about its concern for border security. Those of us who truly care about the rule of law will remember the President’s actions of today. We need to remind President Obama that we elected a president that serves beneath the law and did not anoint a king that is above the law.
17 minutes ago ·  ·  · 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

China: Turning Deceased Babies into Stamina Pills

China’s New Lucrative Business: Dead Babies Turn into Stamina Booster Pills

A South Korean SBS TV documentary team accuses Chinese pharmaceutical companies of selling dead baby pills as stamina boosters.
The team reveals that the truth behind the dead baby pill is horrific and disturbing.
Chinese hospitals and abortion clinics that are connected to the business immediately notify pharmaceutical companies when a baby dies, mostly because of a still birth or an abortion.
The companies purchase the baby corpses and store them in some family’s refrigerator to avoid suspicion. The next step in this highly secretive process is putting the corpses in a medical drying microwave and grinding them into pills. The ground baby powder is then put in a capsule, ready to be sold as a stamina enhancer, according to the SBS team.
The Korean team acquired the dead baby capsules and ran DNA tests on it. The test results reportedly indicated the pills were 99.7 percent human. The test also found hair and nail remnants, and even the gender of the baby could be identified. The process will be aired with visuals in the SBS TV documentary on Aug. 6, 2011 in South Korea.
SBS further reveals that there has been a business network established between China and South Korea for a while, to fulfill the baby capsule demand in South Korean market.
Besides the dead baby pills, microwave dried placenta is another popular business in China, which hospital staff are allegedly openly involved with.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BANNED From Facebook: Nursing Mother Photo...

Publisher's Note:

This photo was banned and swiftly removed from Facebook for being "indecent". 

Luckily for us, though many criticize Google on several fronts, our blog's First Amendment right's to free speech has been zealously defended by them and do not expect for that to end anytime soon. 

As such, we have decided to re-post this beautiful work of art here on Corruption Sucks Blog.  

E Pluribus Unum. Out of Many, ONE. 
Chief Elder Ean Lee Bordeaux, pro per
Ancient West Feliciana Parish Houma-Choctaw

This is the original poster's response:

A MESSAGE TO FACEBOOK:It is tragic what you decide to take action on. we had a beautiful photo of a woman breastfeeding removed by you because you say it is indecent and yet pages avocating rape are not? you let the racist EDL have a page so that they can spread their hatered not to mention homophobic pages and numerous pages laughing about violence against women. But breastfeeding is offensive? sort it the fuck out.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ouachita County Med Center Refuses Emergency Health Services to Afghanistan/Iraq War Soldier

Last updated: Aug 09 2011 2:05pm cst

Publisher's Note: This is the plea of my Facebook friend Barbara Season Hammonds. Her anger is the righteous anger reserved for a mother.  If this isn't enough, it is the anger that we all feel when we see those that put themselves in harm's way, protecting our way of life treated inappropriately. Please read her accounting of developing events and check-in often, as we certainly intend to follow-up on this story on a regular basis. E Pluribus Unum. Out of Many, ONE.

Last night at Ouachita County Hospital in Camden Ar turned down my son who is a Soldier . His unit sent him there for his ear that was hurt on his 2 week summer camp training . The Doc said I'm not gonna check him out ! Would not give a reason . The phone number is (870)-836-1000 if anyone wants to call .It's a sad day when a soldier get turned away ! My son is also an Iraq vet!

Facebook Snapshot Time- 6:18am cst

Barbara Season Hammonds
Ouachita County Medical Hospital turned down a soldier 2day ! My son was sent there by his unit for his ear that was hurt while on active duty & they REFUSED HIM !
Sunday at 9:51pm ·  · 
  • You and 4 others like this.
    • Christine Conlon thats BS..for what reason?
      Sunday at 9:53pm · 
    • Barbara Season Hammonds They wouldn't give him a reason , Just said that they wasn't going to check him out & wouldn't send him to another Doc
      Sunday at 9:57pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Reed Alsip Sorry to hear that, your son deserves better.
      Sunday at 9:58pm ·  ·  2 people
    • Pete Mosley That sucks!!!!!!
      Sunday at 9:59pm ·  ·  2 people
    • Barbara Season Hammonds Thank you Reed . Our soldiers should be treated better . I'm going to contact the main office in the morning .
      Sunday at 9:59pm ·  ·  2 people
    • Christine Conlon Is there anything his unit commander can do? This should piss everyone off. If you want us to pursue this matter just say the word & I'm sure a few posts will get the Patriots blood boiling enough to make it go viral.
      Sunday at 10:00pm ·  ·  2 people
    • Barbara Season Hammonds He is gonna call his unit in the morning but yes please do .
      Sunday at 10:01pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Andi Hancock girl i took my mom there 15 yrs ago for high blood pressure and they told her to breathe in a paper bag, she died 2 weeks later
      Sunday at 10:02pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Barbara Season Hammonds Its sad that we can ask our Soldiers ( our Kids ) to go do a job & thy go all over the world & back & get treated like trash .
      Sunday at 10:03pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Barbara Season Hammonds Ya Andi I remember hearing that
      Sunday at 10:04pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Barbara Season Hammonds I want every one to know how they treat our soldiers . My son also served in Iraq .
      Sunday at 10:06pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Christine Conlon Just posted..Hope they flood them with calls letting them know just how we feel about our soldiers!
      Sunday at 10:07pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Dawn Johnson Pence They can't legally turn down anyone - federal law!
      Sunday at 10:12pm ·  ·  1 person
      Sunday at 10:13pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Barbara Season Hammonds They don't care about anyone
      Sunday at 10:14pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Barbara Season Hammonds Thats what I told him & he said Mom they turned me down ! I'm calling the main office in the morning & his unit . This shit aint right
      Sunday at 10:15pm ·  ·  2 people
    • Don Fitzgerald Notify your local tv station, newspaper and congressman person.
      Sunday at 10:19pm ·  ·  3 people
    • Barbara Season Hammonds I'm doing that 1st thing in the morning . I don't know why the female doc wouldn't even look at him . I'm trying to find out her name now
      Sunday at 10:20pm ·  ·  2 people
    • Sheila Pierce Gardner that is so sad.
      Sunday at 10:29pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Velma Leinenweaver Ensey Oh my GOD!!!!!!!
      Sunday at 10:30pm ·  ·  2 people
      Sunday at 10:42pm ·  ·  3 people
    • Marty Arthur 
      Yet those illegally in this country get free healthcare including organ transplants, chemotherapy, dialysis, delivery of children while illegally in the US, all paid for
      by struggling taxpayers denied the same care because they are unable t...See More
      Sunday at 11:09pm ·  ·  4 people
    • Sue Lumley Quenzer Sorry to hear this ... Everyone deserves better especially our soldiers :(
      Sunday at 11:30pm ·  ·  1 person
    • Barbara Season Hammonds Thank all for your kind words about our soldiers , I always say that our soldiers are the very best of us . I'm going to push this not just because it was my son but because it was a soldier & I'd be just as mad if it were are soldier I didn't know.
      Yesterday at 4:41am · 
    • Barbara Season Hammonds Marty Arthur As I have told you before thank you for your service to our Country & for my personal freedom ,, People like you make this the best place in the world to live . You have been a trusted friend for a few years now . I have alot of love in my heart for our soldiers . It's sad that they get treated the worst .
      Yesterday at 4:44am ·  ·  1 person
    • Barbara Season Hammonds The phone # for the Ouachita County Hosp is 870-836 -1000 head person is David Cicero If anyone wants to make calls . Like I said I'd be just as mad if it was a soldier I didn't know .
      Yesterday at 5:06am · 
    • Ean Lee Bordeaux http://www.ouachitamedcent​er.com/ Let them know how you feel...
      Thanks to a new telemedicine program that links that emergency room doctors at O...See More
      Yesterday at 5:22am ·  ·  1 person · 
    • Barbara Season Hammonds Thank you
      Yesterday at 5:23am ·  ·  1 person
    • Ean Lee Bordeaux ‎...Roger...
      Yesterday at 5:25am ·  ·  1 person
    • Barbara Season Hammonds I don't know how to post this to my profile will you post it ? So it will be on the top of my page .
      Yesterday at 5:26am ·  ·  1 person
    • Barbara Season Hammonds 
      Ok just got a call from the Hospital by a Mrs. Abbott she is working on what happen to my son last night in the Er . She was very sorry for what happen & said that they will get to the bottom of it . She then asked if she could talk to my s...See More
      Yesterday at 10:40am ·  ·  1 person
    • Ean Lee Bordeaux http://corruptionsucks.blo​gspot.com/2011/08/ouachita​-county-hospital-refuses.h​tml I'M SURE THIS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THEIR CHANGE OF "HEART".
      Yesterday at 1:10pm · 
    • Barbara Season Hammonds I bet it did lol . Because the lady said they had gotten over 700 emails about it & Some one posted what I posted from facebook & your blog Thank you so much .
      23 hours ago ·  ·  1 person
    • Ean Lee Bordeaux STILL we must have an explanation or it should NOT be over.
      22 hours ago ·  ·  1 person
    • Angie Meeks Schanzlin That's stupid. Why would they refuse him?
      15 hours ago ·  ·  1 person
    • Marty Arthur I am so happy your son will be taken care of Barbara. Just a shame it took hundreds of emails to force the hospital to do the right thing. Have fun camping and best wishes to you, Jimmy and the family always.
      14 hours ago ·  ·  1 person
    • Barbara Season Hammonds Ean Lee Bordeaux Your right it's not over . Just like I told the Mrs Abbott we want to know why
      9 hours ago · 
    • Barbara Season Hammonds Angie Meeks Schanzlin We don't know why it was the female Doc in the Er she only works the week-ends . Anthony went in to get treatment & she refused to treat him . I believe she is a military hating bitch . Just what I think .
      9 hours ago ·  ·  1 person
    • Barbara Season Hammonds Marty Arthur Thank you , Your advice about it was very helpful . Thank you for your service to . Everyone Marty is a Vet also & one of my very best friends . He was 1 of the 1st friends I made on here . When my son was in Iraq he helped me so much . He is a very Important person . Thank you He said he would take me now just gotta pin point a date with all my different Doc visits .
      9 hours ago ·  ·  1 person
    • Ean Lee Bordeaux Shane Deitert is news director over at Fox. A friend and a great guy. I just posted this to his wall. I hope he follows up on the story because it certainly is far from over in this camp.
      5 hours ago ·  ·  1 person
    • Angie Meeks Schanzlin I would report her if I was you!!!
      4 hours ago ·  ·  1 person
    • Barbara Season Hammonds We did Angie , It made me so dang mad . I called the state medical board to
      54 minutes ago ·  ·  1 person


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