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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Racist Coddlers RESIGN NOW! Ronald Routh, C. Kay Bartlett, Debby A. Linton


In a letter last week, Little Rock Black Police Officers Association president Terrell Vaughn called for the resignation of the three commissioners who voted to reinstate Edgmon.

“It’s an injustice to the fellow officers of this department, employees of the city, and the citizens of the Great City of Little Rock for Officer Edgmon to have been reinstated,” wrote Vaughn, who said his letter was approved by the association’s board.

“The commission in this single reinstatement has set a precedent for future such incidents by allowing the defense of ‘I was intoxicated’ and ‘I was ignorant of my own immoral actions’ be sufficient explanations for such behavior.”

A group of Little Rock police officers are asking questions about how a fellow officer got his job back after making racial slurs. So is the city. It's appealing the civil service commission's decision.

Members of the Little Rock Black Police Officer Association says the Civil Service Commission has set a dangerous precedent with the reinstatement of Officer David Edgmon.

Little Rock leaders seem to agree filing an appeal of the re-instatement last week.

That clip was recorded in the river market by Illegal productions as Edgmon spoke to some young black men.

The video was posted to you tube and Edgmon was fired. He appealed and the civil service commission re-instated him last week.

Now in a letter, the president of the Litte Rock Black Police Officer Association is calling for the resignation of the commissioners that voted to put Edgmon back on the force.

In it, Det. Terrell Vaughn attacks the credibility of a witness who testifed on Edgmon's behalf saying that the fact that quote "He never observed edgmon displaying racial bias and that he had never heard the word jigaboo before the incident is certainly not a true description of this incident and its future ramifications."

"There is not a perfect police department, and there's not a perfect criminal justice system, " says Det Vaughn, "but if we don't work to make it better.. and if you have situations like this, it's kind of hard to make it better."

Vaughn also feels that Edgmon's reasoning to the commission, that he was drunk during the incident,  is not an excuse that should have been accepted and sets a dangerous precedent.

Commissioner Debby Linton says she heard all the evidence in this case and still feels she made the right call.

C. Kay Bartlett

6809 West Markham Street

Little Rock, AR  72205
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Term Expires:  4-1-2013
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Ronald Routh

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Little Rock, AR  72206

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Term Expires:  4-1-2011
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Debby A. Linton

1318 Point West Drive

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Dr. Jesse L. Rancifer
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Jeffrey Hildebrand
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