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Monday, August 1, 2011

Little Rock Board of Directors press city for hot dog cart ordinance

Little Rock Board of Director's press city for hot dog cart ordinance

Board of Directors
Brad Cazort - Ward 4

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In a heroic & unexpected attempt to bring Little Rock closer into the era of modern city vending, Little Rock Board of Director Brad Cazort of Ward-4, directly pressed for a response from Little Rock City Manager Bruce Moore in the Nov. 1 board meeting. 
His question was,  why hasn't the Board been presented with an official hot dog cart ordinance for this year? Even though this season is obviously over for most vendors, they would sure like to have an ordinance ready for next spring. 

Director Cazort conveyed that in the interest of tourism and revenue, a hot dog cart is an obvious and well-tested draw to any city, especially this one. His comments were quickly seconded  by Board Member Doris Wright of Ward-6, indicating that she was tired of going downtown when there is no food available and that this city really needs a hot dog cart, "or something".  

City Manager Bruce Moore responded by stating that the matter was being dealt with in the UU zoning area, "administratively", and that they are working on an actual ordinance in the mean time. 

At the time of publishing, Bruce Moore & Doris Wright were not available for comment. Corruption Sucks Blog has reached out to them for a comment and fully expect for them to do so when available.  Director Cazort promptly returned our call.  I asked him, "what made you decide to press this issue at this time?" He stated that he has been contacted by as many as three people looking to operate a Hot Dog cart downtown and could not find  solid regulation to support it.  

He mentioned that he was never made aware of this social justice blog site until today nor of  Willy Dog USA a Creole Indian owned hot dog  cart vending company and the largest manufacturer of  carts in  the United States. He made it quite clear that he feels that it would be of great benefit to this city and of course, we agree with him.  We  look forward to working  with Director Cazort in the creation of a fair ordinance, as we are the most qualified and experienced mobile hot dog cart vending company in Little Rock.

City Manager - Bruce T. Moore
City Manager
Bruce T. Moore 
Board of Directors
Doris Wright - Ward 6
Again, hat's off to Director Cazort for seeing "the writing on the wall", and for actually having the huevos to do something about it.  

This city only gains from Director Cazort's objectives and his actions go a long way in starting the healing of highly negative perceptions that most small business people and entrepreneurial spirits feel about public officials here within Little Rock & Pulaski County.

War Chief Ean Lee Bordeaux, pro per
D'Choctaw Clan- Band Bordeaux
E Pluribus Unum

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  1. Are we absolutely sure there isn't already a cart ordinance? I remember when we used to drive all the way downtown to get "Sullivan's Hot tamales" from a cart...I was a child. pat72209@yahoo.com


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