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Monday, September 12, 2011

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Loyal Readers of Corruption Sucks Blog,

As you can probably tell by now, Corruption Sucks Blog is HERE TO STAY. 

Thank you for all of your brave emails to myself and my limited staff. Emails of support, tips and corrections, that have been helpful and illuminating, even the "hate mail" & complaints. 

There have been  numerous requests that we move this blog along to include additional stories of interests regarding public corruption on the behalf of all of our territorial citizenry- THIS is our commitment and charter.  So, with that being said, consider this blog post fair public warning, if nothing else.

Corruption Sucks Blog will be examining and investigating the City of Little Rock's Ethics Policy and obtain comment upon it from the "powers' that be", for starters.  We also have many serious concerns within the Little Rock Fire Department, some dealing with the racial tensions that still exist within the fire department to this very day. 

As an American Creole Indian, I have personally experienced bigotry at the hands of both so-called whites, so-called blacks AND others.  So, as they say, I really don't have a dog in this fight and intend to cover our public corruption concerns with a firm, and thorough fair hand. 

We intend to examine the Fire Chief Gregory Summers' nepotism policy as well as their whole B.S. Fire Marshall sham, I personally have little love for those corrupt bastards. A complaint has been filed with the American Creole Indian Aid Commission by a Territorial Citizen. This complaint pertains to accusations of corrupt and illegal influence as it relates to his son, Jamaal Roby, passing/Re-testing a Fire Department   Pumping Station Exam. As well as violations of basic nepotism, even as recently revised by the City of Little Rock.

As a matter of disclosure, I again must admit that I have very little love at all, as to how the fire department is operated, even before this new Fire Chief.  In the course of my existence here in this Jim Crow era city, I have had my house, business and car all fire bombed at one point or another. 

The former Fire Marshall, "Barry", helped cover it up, along with select detectives of the Little Rock Police Department. When the fire trucks finally showed up to EACH location, they REFUSED to put a drop of water on ANY of the fires and sat back watching me attempt to and ultimately put the flames out with a garden hose; my index finger in the nozzle and 4 feet short of my target.  I heard a chuckling dirty cop bastard say to me, "hot dog man, you startin' trouble again?" NO, but now I am, you dirty cop bastard. You know who you are. As you can see- NO LOVE, so I will be enjoying this one.

The Corruption Sucks Blog staff shall be examining the relationships between the City of Little Rock and the people that they conduct contractual business with, within this city in our upcoming series: UNHOLY ALLIANCES: Conflicts of Interests and The City of Little Rock.

As the title indicates, we shall vigorously examine conflicts of interests within this city and expose them for what they are. Public corruption and a failure of ethics.  "Transparency" is the word of the day. 

We shall be issuing federally protected requests under criminal penalty of refusal, for numerous work products of city audits including Parks & Rec, Little Rock Zoo (BTW, where the hell does all of that $200,000 zoo train money go? Hmm?), Little Rock Police Mounted Patrol Division budget and expenditures & several other public offices & commissions.

Thank you again for your many contributions in making this social justice blog useful to as many people and cultures that find a need for it.  Keep those suggestions and tips coming, THEY WILL BE INVESTIGATED.

War Chief Ean Lee Bordeaux
D'Choctaw Clan- Band Bordeaux
E Pluribus Unum

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