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Friday, February 13, 2009

A Letter From The Public To: CorruptionSucks.blogspot.com

Before we get to the letter, a quick question to the President of The Fraternal Order of Police.

How come Black Police Officers find it necessary to set up their own union, ahem, association rather than join the City recognized union? If black officers don't trust their own, why should we? And why are many so-called blacks that do join your "Order" are considered "Uncle Tom's". Just askin'.

I have read your blog and was wondering if you would comment on the Little Rock Code Enforcement Officers on one of your pages.

I do believe that part of the problems within the neighborhoods, as why they are so crime ridden, is because of how the area looks and the thugs tend to hang in areas that arent kept up.

Every where you go you see the code officers using city vehicles and city gas, taking care of personal business, while at the same time, the yards are overgrown, trash in people's yard, run down cars and trucks sitting everywhere. But the code people just let things go.

I have been in the mall, doctor's office, schools, Kroger, a number of places and see the code officers taking care of personal business, yet they are using vehicles filled with gas that you and I help pay for. They are seen driving up and leaving, and at times that you know they arent on their lunch breaks.

Someone make a point to follow a couple of these people around, just to see what they actually do during the day, because it is apparent that they arent doing their jobs!!!

Sent by: Anonymous Please

-I think you just said it & no problem.

In all fairness, I have seen them at their best and worst. I have many stories from within this department as well. I do intend to get to them.

I have seen some of the best and most professional as well as some outright jerks & losers within code enforcement.

Some may find this hard to believe but I do have a great respect for many at code enforcement, they have helped me as much as others have attempted to hurt me within their department. On code enforcement, I remain quite conflicted, but intend to sort it out soon. Thank you for your email.


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