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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

NO JUSTICE - NO DAMN PEACE: Little Mayor Scoffs At Transparency Laws


The feckless Mayor is crying to the city attorney regarding obeying FOI laws.

Feckless Scott wants to blame Little Rock activist/blogger Russ Racop of Arkansas Transparency Project and Bad City of Little Rock blog, for ALL of the amateurish problems that they are facing in obeying and coming into compliance with the fucking law.

Well, let me bring you back to that fateful day when citizens FILLED city hall demanding justice for the unlawful killing of a Little Rock Citizen by a racist police dept.

Feckless Scott LIED and stated that the video was NOT tampered with, AKA edited but "redacted". Redaction is a term of coming into legal compliance with privacy laws.

REMOVING the killer-cop's ringtone that played "Bad To The Bone", is NOT a matter of privacy and amounted to a bold-faced lie; engineered to MISLEAD, OBFUSCATE and MANIPULATE, rather than to INFORM.

When Russ brought this to the feckless mayor's attention, he turned to Russ and stated that HE was not going to let RUSS "exploit this family". A black family, with Russ being the "white exploiter" in this and Feckless Scott being some kinda' fucking Black Moses and shit.

ALL of the while, he knew that his admin just got a nearly $5k pay-off from the LRPD, funneled through his crony's company.

Well, Feckless Scott, guess what? When we said NO PEACE, that's WTF we meant. OH! Did you think that meant physically? LMAO.

Hold on to your butts mayor. You and yours will have a hell of a lot more to answer to soon, so get your FOI compliance goggles on and lot's of ass wipes, baby. Shit's only just gotten started.

You done fucked with the wrong folks now, with all dat trick-ass fuck-boy reverse psychology bullshit.  You gonna' learnt.

We will fucking show you some "exploitation" alright.

Right now, we decided that Russ will mainly send FOI's.  Shit, that might change. My FOI finger is getting itchier and itchier.

Try seeing if whining about lawful compliance is going to make a fucking shred of difference to me, LMAO.

You demanded control over FOI's so, now you got it, Feckless.

Hop to it, you corrupt, feckless, back-stabbing bitch. You got work to do. I need ALL of my fucking emails. ALL of them.

Russ is not the one exploiting black people.

YOUR corrupt, feckless black ass is, and I'm going to hold you accountable until you PUBLICLY retract & apologize to Russ for the insult and slanderous lie, you sneaky fucking lackey of state government elitists.

You are such a fucking tool. You are WELL aware that the word "exploit" is racially-loaded and sensitive to minorities, you slimeball, but YOU STILL went there.

That's a fucking act of war, slandering someone as a "racist exploiter". I'm sure, upon the shoot-from-the-hip advice of that over-ambitious moron, Fake Blake. He will sink your half-ass career in double-time. Two idiots in a pod trying to pretend that they are not state elitist's tools.

Fucking laughable.

Just start doing your job or wind-up on the stand explaining your criminal and civil violations to a judge.

#EPluribusUnum #RecallThemAll #JusticeForBradley

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