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Thursday, November 5, 2015

LR Board of Director Ken Richardson Corruption Cover Up

Ken Richardson DWI/Epilepsy on Suspended License Cover-up? 
CALL DATE: 09/02/2015 Incident # 2015-100739 
Here is Part 1 of a series of videos Corruption Sucks Blog has obtained from the Little Rock Police Department. A caller reported to dispatch that there was a blue car parked in the middle of an intersection...this is what happened when the cops showed up... 
Originally Posted by Chief Elder Ean Lee Bordeaux on Facebook Tuesday, September 29, 2015

 "Dear Little Rock Taxpayers and Homeowners,
It only took 235 to make the same mistake and jeopardize the citizens of Little Rock anywhere in the vicinity of Ward 2 Director, Ken Richardson. Though based on his own words below he has not grown or gained enough experience with his particular problem of excessive drinking and driving on a Suspended License and generally putting the public, that elected him, lives in grave danger every time he disregards the law and chooses to set the negative example for the youth he is in charge of setting an example for by driving a car when he should never be operating a motor vehicle. His hollow "Solemn vow that I will become a better and renewed individual" turned out to be just hot air and a broken promise to give the Little Rock Public more reason to want this elected Board of Director to make a commitment to stop getting behind the wheel of a car and stop putting every taxpayers lives in jeopardy every day he disobeys the law and puts himself above the law to have that fact ignored by his fellow elected officials who instead endorse and support Ken Richardson's lawlessness.
My own personal concern about this elected directors poor judgment and hollow apologizes is those will mean nothing to the next Little Rock Citizen he strikes with his car that could possibly be his first vehicular homicide. The one thing his fellow Board members and the elected mayor may not have considered when they refused to police themselves and ask this director to step down on his own, is he may strike one of them or a LRPD Officer or a Firemen or a public works or zoning employee.....etc, besides a member of the Little Rock Public.

When will enough be enough for this directors disregard for human life, when he actually kills someone instead of just putting them in the hospital like he did in 2010. The time is now for the Little Rock Public to demand of the elected mayor and board of directors to act responsibly to focus on Public Safety and ask Director Richardson to step down and actually get the help he obviously needs that he just blew hot air about getting 8 months ago. Once Ken Richardson kills someone the elected mayor and board of directors will not be able to say they were not aware or had ample opportunity to act responsibly. Either the claims of the Stodola Administration that Public Safety is their #1 concern is true and can relied upon or it is more hot air like Ken Richardson is noted for.
Please contact your elected mayor, board representatives and police chief to make them aware how much you feel your life and the lives of your family and loved ones are worth and demand they act responsibly now before a Little Rock Citizens life is taken from the irresponsible actions of a proven danger on our Little Rock streets when Ken Richardson decides he will drive on a suspended license and black out from seizures at any time and at any place he decides to drive around Little Rock.
Little Rock Citizens Lives Matter, make sure your elected tax stewards know how you feel about your lives and public safety and pray that God Will Bless and Save Little Rock."

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