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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

GoFundMe Rejects Campaign To Support South Carolina Officer Charged With Murder

Protesters gather outside city hall in North Charleston, S.C. after video of the police shooting death of Walter Scott surfaces.

The popular crowd-funding site GoFundMe rejected a campaign to raise money for the South Carolina officer charged with fatally shooting an unarmed black man last week.
Officer Michael Slager, 33, was charged Tuesday with first-degree murder for the killing of 50-year-old Walter Scott after video footage surfaced, showing Scott being shot multiple times with his back turned and running away. The video also appears to show Slager planting a taser by Scott’s body as evidence the shooting was in self-defense.
GoFundMe confirmed it removed a campaign supporting Slager, who was fired Wednesday.
“After review by our team, the campaign set up for Officer Slager was removed from GoFundMe due to a violation of our Terms and Conditions,” Kelsea Little, GoFundMe’s public relations manager, told ThinkProgress via email.
Details on exactly which terms and conditions were breached were not disclosed due to privacy protections. GoFundMe can only “discuss the details of campaigns with the organizers,” Little said.
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News of the campaign having been removed began circulating on Twitter after the campaign’s organizer who has set up a Twitter account supporting Officer Slager tweeted that GoFundMe rejected the page.

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