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Monday, July 28, 2014

LRPD blocks public access to radio dispatch-protests imminent

This is a deal breaker for sure. Little Rock Police Dept. is rolling back transparency in government in outright Nazis fashion, obviously, with the support of the City Board of Directors. Protests & legal action is seen as imminent in many freedom loving circles that see this action as overreaching and a blatant spit in the face of the public which is NOT asking but DEMANDING MORE transparency, not the outright fucking theft of our right to know what the hell is going on in this city. MORE TO COME...

It's goin' down...the citizens of Little Rock will NOT tolerate LRPD blinding & making this city even more deaf to what's really going on around here, where we live & raise our children. Gotta be outta your damn mind, indeed. This comes from a person that has been an eyewitness EVERY working day to such mayhem for 13 straight years on the street beat in this town. You can't tell me shit that I don't already know by SEEING it with my own eyes. Little Rock, you sure as hell don't want to be deaf & blind around here. Not in Little Rock.

If you sleepy "do-nothings" out there don't get off your ass for once and speak up for what really matters to you without getting all intimidated & pissy-pants, fear-frozen of "retaliations", don't come all running to me for help later as I become one of the very few still left with tools of protection. This hurts YOU, not me Little Rock. I got this, my intel runs deep.

Intel is your greatest tool. Your city is stabbing you in the back on this one big time. I'm looking forward to see if the citizens of this southern-fried town will finally muster up the huevos to stop this kind of bullshit before it gains momentum within the annals of backdoor southern-styled cronyism. They are making history behind CLOSED doors, they have cut your ears off people.

They will keep taking that ass as long as you let them. Wake up or remain content with you, "giving it up" on command.

I gotta problem being somebody else's betch, 'cus that's exactly what just happened. You have been dared to open your mouth and do something about it.. E Pluribus Unum

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