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Friday, January 17, 2014

SOCIAL JUSTICE: Creole Indians, The Houma-Choctaw People

PUBLISHERS NOTE:  As many of you have already figured out, Corruption Sucks Blog is one of the earliest of worldwide syndicated social justice blog site.  It is literally real-time publishing, accessible  to millions, averaging well over 3,000 hits per day. Our readership of our humble blog spans across every corner of the globe. 

Many social justice strategies and tactics are available to groups or an individual when seeking-out or establishing their own acceptable form of legally permissible social justice- this is, but one.  

We NEVER publish anything without first making sure that to the best of our abilities, it is accurate. Then we start DYING for at least ONE corrupt piece of crap to finally be compelled to MAKE US PROVE IT!  I've been publishing social justice articles in one way or another since 2003, hoping a corrupt loser will ultimately take us up on the offer- THEY NEVER DO. Surprised?

This social justice approach began in 2003 with one tribal band addressing various disagreements with less than savory Jim Crow era, Good 'ol boy cronies standing in the way of our self determinations. Ultimately our clan and now our entire tribal nation & territorial citizenry have become involved in our rightful efforts.  We have collectively chosen to address our grievances of the individual or government in this particular manner for many reasons. Sometimes we may tell you what they are.

Don't get us wrong, we are willing & DO coordinate with good government.  What's "good" government? Doing your damn job above all else & straight across the board for EVERYONE, no matter what your personal feelings may happen to be.

Creoles have existed "between-the-races" for over 10 generations in this New World.  Many racialists (those that believe in a silly concept of "race") only love to acknowledge this & us when it is convenient for them.  When it is not convenient, they insultingly "racialize" the Creole later, hoping to gain some "race" oriented advantage by invoking deep-seeded Jim Crow styled xenophobia against the American Creole on any which side of the so-called racial lines. 

Not all Creoles are Creole Indian.  

BUT ALL Creole Indians are Creole, as such, we embrace ALL of our Creole cousins, brothers and sisters within our territory and without.  You see, ANY Creole PLUS a Creole Indian makes more of both.  

Why is this important you may ask?  Because Creoles as a culture are nowhere close to being a world-wide minority, that's why.  

The Bordeaux Band of the Creole Houma-Choctaw People command INDISPUTABLE aboriginal sovereign rights.  We DO NOT abdicate or defer these rights because we are involved in commerce with the public or governments. 

The State of Arkansas Officially acknowledged these indigenous ethnic group rights by way of the Arkansas Department of Education in 2005 after a year-long, highly intensive and exhaustive Equity Assistance Center (EAC) investigatory review. 

Prophetically, the United States Government has even recently seen fit to recognize the Houma-Choctaw People, by way of their reforms of recognition at their Bureau of Indian Affairs. Bully for them, better late than never. We have never sought aid from any government, only the respect of recognition and sovereignty. We are almost there.

Sovereignty is of most importance and shall not be abandoned.

A thing for all to consider, MANY people, that work right next to you identify themselves as a Creole or of mixed-Creole descent, rather than whatever they have allowed you to assume or categorize them to "be" or have settled upon to allow themselves to be identified as for the sake of the ignorant or uninterested. Creoles come in Every Single shade and ethnicity- Out of many, ONE.

Someday, these very same people that you presume to know, 
may no longer allow you to assume such silly racialist notions about them.  

E Pluribus Unum

Chief Elder/War Chief of the Creole Houma-Choctaw Nation
d'Choctaw Clan, Band Bordeaux

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  1. Just found your blog and I admire what you are doing. I don't know if you have read Okla Hannali, but I think it is a worthy book that gives insight into what happened for Choctaw people. It is amazing the level of denial in what people consider to be modern times.



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