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Friday, January 31, 2014


Thursday, January 23, 2014

RICO: Corrupt Former Detective Sgt. Jeff Plunkett seeks help from state- *DENIED*

Even the President of The United States is aware of Little Rock Corruption... AND Corruption Sucks Blog...
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Non-Resident mercenary cop, corrupt River Market Sergeant seeks help from Arkansas State Attorney-Denied

Pictured: Crooked Former Detective & River Market Cop Jeffrey Plunkett under corruption investigation against the Houma-Choctaw People. 

This list reveals which personnel work within Little Rock but doesn't live here. Otherwise known as non-resident mercenary cops. They are hired to possibly shoot & kill citizens in a city that they are NOT required to live in, share our plights within, send their kids to our schools... It's a hell of a lot easier to be a corrupt piece of shit when you don't have to run into the citizens that you are screwing over, indeed. Enjoy that bloody paycheck, we are watching you. It's ironic that every single cop that I have had a problem with over the past SEVEN years has been a non-resident mercenary cop (except for that backstabbing-ass, whip-holdin' bo-bo,still in-the-closet, Sgt. Willie Davis). They simply don't give a shit because they don't have to live here, hell, why should they?

LRPD loves to talk about how they are having trouble finding qualified people and must outsource well-paying jobs to nonresidents. NO, your problem is that it is a shitty job full of favoritism & racism within & without and most "qualified" people wouldn't work for a hypocritical Police Chief Stuart Thomas or his handpicked good 'ol boy cronies. That is this city's pervading & corrosive problem and until there is a genuine change in leadership, this most obvious & corrupt shit will continue to bleed on with this Chief's well-practiced silence & duplicitous blessings (just don't shoot nobody or piss-off someone rich).

Just look at how they just recently gave Little Rock Traffic Judge Vic Fleming preferential treatment last week when he drove his vehicle HEAD-ON (no major injuries) into another vehicle while travelling in the WRONG lane.  LRPD refused to give him a ticket even when he requested a supervisor. What was the bullshit excuse spouted-out from the LRPD? Well, it is up to the "discretion" of the investigating officer whether to issue a citation when it is "unclear" as to whom is at fault. Here's a friggin' hint, maybe it's the Bozo travelling in the WRONG LANE. Looks like another keystone cop no-brainer to me but hell, they know better right? I wouldn't want to be the one giving him a ticket either. Speaking of Judge Fleming, I have heard his Spanish speaking in court & it is NOT good enough for him to be administering any type of so-called Little Rock justice to Hispanics without an interpreter BY FAR.

Citizen's sorely distrusting cop's & the LRPD as a legitimate and just institution as a whole, will continue to be the status quo here in Little Rock, Arkansas for quite sometime to come I'm sad to say.

Is it consistent with the FOIA for the custodian of records to release a list that states the name, position, and city of residence of all current full-time LRPD employees? RESPONSE: The decision to release the name and position is consistent with the FOIA. It is not entirely clear from the correspondence what information the custodian has decided to release regarding the city of residence. 
12/10/2013Plunkett, Jeffery Sergeant, Little Rock Police DepartmentHTML  PDF  
More accountability & transparency is demanded-NOW

Opinion No. 2013-152

December 10, 2013

Sergeant Jeffrey Plunkett
Little Rock Police Department
700 W. Markham Street
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

Dear Sgt. Plunkett:

You have requested my opinion regarding the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”). Your request is based on A.C.A. § 25-19-105(c)(3)(B)(i) (Supp. 2013). This subsection authorizes the custodian, requester, or the subject of personnel or employee evaluation records to seek an opinion from this office stating whether the custodian’s decision regarding the release of such records is consistent with the FOIA.

Your letter indicates that someone ( Chief Elder E. Ean Lee Bordeaux, pro per) has sent an FOIA request to the Little Rock Police Department for three categories of information on “all current full-time employees.” For this group, the requester seeks the “employees’ names and positions with the designation of who lives in Little Rock and who does not.” The custodian has determined that the names and positions qualify as “personnel records” under the FOIA and should be released. The custodian has also cited the FOIA exception (section 25-19-105(b)(13)) for “personal contact information,” which includes “home addresses.”

You object to the release of your name and position because of who the requester is and what the requester might plan to do with that information. You also object to the release of your “address.” But the custodian has stated that “[y]our address is covered under A.C.A. § 25-19-105(b)(13).” It thus does not appear from the records before me that the custodian intends to release your address. Consequently, I will confine this opinion to a review of the custodian’s decision regarding your name and position.


My statutory duty is to state whether the custodian’s decision is consistent with the FOIA. Because I have not reviewed any specific records, I can only opine more generally about how the FOIA applies to the release of public employees’ names and positions.

This office has consistently held that a public employee’s name and position qualify as “personnel records” under the FOIA.[1] The FOIA requires that personnel records be disclosed unless doing so constitutes a clearly unwarranted invasion of the employee’s personal privacy.[2] This office has repeatedly held that the release of a public employee’s name and position rarely rises to that level.[3] This is particularly the case where (as you say here) the requester already has your name, position, and photograph.

Therefore, the custodian’s decision to release your name and position is, in my opinion, consistent with the FOIA.

You also ask me to address several questions relating to the requester’s identity, how he intends to use the information he obtains, and the circumstances surrounding his request. My authority under the FOIA only extends to reviewing the custodian’s decision about whether to release certain employee-related records in response to an FOIA request. Thus, I am unable to address your several specific questions, all of which fall outside the scope of my authority.[4]

Assistant Attorney General Ryan Owsley prepared this opinion, which I hereby approve.

Dustin McDaniel
Attorney General

[1]See Op. Att’y Gen. Nos. 2011-114, 2011-045.
[2]A.C.A. § 25-19-105(b)(12).
[3]See Op. Att’y Gen. 2011-045.
[4]See Op. Att’y Gen. Nos. 2013-088, 2010-140, and 1996-386.

Friday, January 17, 2014

SOCIAL JUSTICE: Creole Indians, The Houma-Choctaw People

PUBLISHERS NOTE:  As many of you have already figured out, Corruption Sucks Blog is one of the earliest of worldwide syndicated social justice blog site.  It is literally real-time publishing, accessible  to millions, averaging well over 3,000 hits per day. Our readership of our humble blog spans across every corner of the globe. 

Many social justice strategies and tactics are available to groups or an individual when seeking-out or establishing their own acceptable form of legally permissible social justice- this is, but one.  

We NEVER publish anything without first making sure that to the best of our abilities, it is accurate. Then we start DYING for at least ONE corrupt piece of crap to finally be compelled to MAKE US PROVE IT!  I've been publishing social justice articles in one way or another since 2003, hoping a corrupt loser will ultimately take us up on the offer- THEY NEVER DO. Surprised?

This social justice approach began in 2003 with one tribal band addressing various disagreements with less than savory Jim Crow era, Good 'ol boy cronies standing in the way of our self determinations. Ultimately our clan and now our entire tribal nation & territorial citizenry have become involved in our rightful efforts.  We have collectively chosen to address our grievances of the individual or government in this particular manner for many reasons. Sometimes we may tell you what they are.

Don't get us wrong, we are willing & DO coordinate with good government.  What's "good" government? Doing your damn job above all else & straight across the board for EVERYONE, no matter what your personal feelings may happen to be.

Creoles have existed "between-the-races" for over 10 generations in this New World.  Many racialists (those that believe in a silly concept of "race") only love to acknowledge this & us when it is convenient for them.  When it is not convenient, they insultingly "racialize" the Creole later, hoping to gain some "race" oriented advantage by invoking deep-seeded Jim Crow styled xenophobia against the American Creole on any which side of the so-called racial lines. 

Not all Creoles are Creole Indian.  

BUT ALL Creole Indians are Creole, as such, we embrace ALL of our Creole cousins, brothers and sisters within our territory and without.  You see, ANY Creole PLUS a Creole Indian makes more of both.  

Why is this important you may ask?  Because Creoles as a culture are nowhere close to being a world-wide minority, that's why.  

The Bordeaux Band of the Creole Houma-Choctaw People command INDISPUTABLE aboriginal sovereign rights.  We DO NOT abdicate or defer these rights because we are involved in commerce with the public or governments. 

The State of Arkansas Officially acknowledged these indigenous ethnic group rights by way of the Arkansas Department of Education in 2005 after a year-long, highly intensive and exhaustive Equity Assistance Center (EAC) investigatory review. 

Prophetically, the United States Government has even recently seen fit to recognize the Houma-Choctaw People, by way of their reforms of recognition at their Bureau of Indian Affairs. Bully for them, better late than never. We have never sought aid from any government, only the respect of recognition and sovereignty. We are almost there.

Sovereignty is of most importance and shall not be abandoned.

A thing for all to consider, MANY people, that work right next to you identify themselves as a Creole or of mixed-Creole descent, rather than whatever they have allowed you to assume or categorize them to "be" or have settled upon to allow themselves to be identified as for the sake of the ignorant or uninterested. Creoles come in Every Single shade and ethnicity- Out of many, ONE.

Someday, these very same people that you presume to know, 
may no longer allow you to assume such silly racialist notions about them.  

E Pluribus Unum

Chief Elder/War Chief of the Creole Houma-Choctaw Nation
d'Choctaw Clan, Band Bordeaux

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Genuine "Officer's Discretion"

Publisher's note: 
A GENUINE "OFFICER'S DISCRETION": a couple of weeks ago I witnessed one of the good Little Rock River Market cops exercise true "officer's discretion" (as opposed to the preferential treatment of Traffic Judge Fleming during a recent head-on collision). I certainly would've given that young lady a DWI just for attempting to drive drunk. This cop made sure that the drunk's car was in park and called her father (a local preacher). Dad picked her up, brother drove the car and everyone got an earful for about ten minutes prior to their respective departures. That was true officer's discretion at play, so let's not dilute a "good" thing with Good 'Ol Boy bullcrap that amounts to nothing but blatant cronyism LRPD, indeed.

Proper use of discretion is probably the most important measure of a police officer or department.

A police officer working the street would be like a dog chasing its tail if that officer strictly enforced every violation observed to the “letter of the law.” Furthermore, that officer probably wouldn't have time to answer calls for service.

Looking back, when I first entered the field of law enforcement, I was naive. I thought it would be easy. Things should be black or white, legal or illegal, and I would act accordingly.

It didn't take long to realize few things involved with human behavior are black or white. The best cops operate in the gray areas of human existence. The gray area is where we as citizens need the police to operate with confidence and good judgment.

Discretion can only be used on minor crimes. Felony crimes are black and white. If you commit a felony, you should get locked up. Many times when a suspect is caught, booked and spends a night or two in jail, it may be the only time that person will spend behind bars.

Prosecutors and trial courts are overburdened and necessarily must plea bargain most cases. The jails are too crowded, as are the state prisons. It all boils down to funding. The threats to society get locked up, and the nuisance criminals get a pass until they graduate into more serious crimes or become a nuisance that cannot be ignored. This is another level of discretion in the system.

One of my peers once said, “We give the citizens the lack of policing they demand.” For instance, Ann Arbor is famous for its original $5 fine for possession of marijuana. The fine was later increased to $25, which is ironically still $50 less than the fine for a minor in possession of tobacco. Clearly marijuana possession in small quantities was something citizens, through their city council, viewed as harmless and no big deal.

Now put yourself in the shoes of an officer who pulls a motorist over for a minor traffic violation and sees a few burnt marijuana cigarettes - “roaches” - in the ashtray. Technically, if we were enforcing the letter of the law, those should be seized, logged into property, and a ticket issued. Once the ticket was issued, the officer would at some point in the shift drive to the station and log the roaches into property.

So this $25 ticket takes an officer off the street for 20-30 minutes. Furthermore, it will take the property officer and clerk’s time to catalog, store, inventory and later destroy the contraband. Is it perhaps a better use of the officer’s time to check out the driver and passengers, their demeanor and sobriety, the car (stolen or not) and “overlook” the roaches?

Should an officer write a traffic ticket to every driver pulled over for a traffic violation? Without discretion, this would have to happen. I can tell you from experience some people need tickets and other people deserve warnings, with a little lecture on traffic safety attached.

I also believe an officer should either issue a ticket or give a traffic safety lecture, but not both. If you get a “break,” you will have to endure a short lecture why what you did was so hazardous. If you get a ticket, writing the check to the court should suffice as a reminder to drive more carefully. You don’t need a lecture.

The criminal justice system is far from perfect, but it works. Just like our government, there are checks and balances in the system. Patrol officers enforce the laws based on general directions given to them by their bosses, the prosecutor’s office and the courts. All of these entities represent the citizens who elect and fund the system.

Some jurisdictions demand strict enforcement of the law. Other jurisdictions are less strict. The police should mirror the will of the people they serve.

Lock it up, don't leave it unattended, be aware and watch out for your neighbor.

Rich Kinsey is a retired Ann Arbor police detective sergeant who now blogs about crime and safety for AnnArbor.com.

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