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Thursday, May 30, 2013

REPOST- TOO LITTLE - TOO LATE: Hatin' in the Little Rock River Market

TOO LITTLE - TOO LATE: Hatin' in the Little Rock River Market

by Ean Lee Bordeaux on Thursday, July 28, 2011 at 11:08pm

I received this email after a FAILED DWI accident cover-up of Carla Farquhar-Cox. She's a crooked manager of Willy D's Dueling Piano Bar located where I used to set-up in the Little Rock River Market District for many years. A drunk driver partying at her club ran right through and totaled one of our Willy Dog hot dog carts and kept on going till she was stopped. Carla has been our enemy ever since, even though we have never sued her crooked ass. We allowed the criminal drunk's insurance to replace our tribe's Willy Dog cart and let the matter go. Carla obviously did not. 

Shannon Jeffery-Light
Former River Market Mgr.
You see, she's real good friends with a couple of City employees, including her corrupt, NOW ex-husband, cop Shannon Dewayne Cox. They were all real good at starting trouble for Willy Dog USA.

They even had a corrupt Health Inspector [Imran "Jihad Ron" Karimi] harass and spread lies until he was caught and dealt with by his superiors. This is what happened shortly after our Willy Dog hot dog cart was replaced by the Willy D's drunk driver... an email issued by the CITY of Little Rock attempting to buy one of our carts FOR the very same River Market that we set-up in!  Hmm, who's the sneaky bastards now?

Wouldn't you be pissed off?  Of course we told 'em where to stick it, they have never forgiven us for not accepting their back-door buy-out, basically a malicious offer. To this very day, select "tools" (police officers) like River Market Officer Jimmy Stanchak, have been giving our company shit ever since. If officer Stanchak spent more time curbing crime rather than harassing vendors that he doesn't like and making out with drunk girls in his squad car in the River Market, maybe we would have more business down here- WE CERTAINLY DON'T. I'm not just picking on poor 'ol Jimmy. Jimmy and his former partner Wayne Cox strong-armed former manager of Ernie Biggs, "Pudge", and a doorman to "bar" me, in order to teach me a lesson. Luckily, management saw through this predicate RICO crime and disregarded it soon after.Throughout all of these nefarious activities by rogue members of our local and state governments upon an international business protected under federal, state and local laws, our customers have continued to remain loyal and supportive.  For this, we remain ever grateful. Here is the email that started this Good 'Ol Boy bull crap, Ad infinitum:


Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 3:23 PM
Daman Hoffman
Former River Market Peon
To: fraud101@gmail.com
Hi Ean,

I was wondering if you have any carts you no longer use that you would want to sell?


Daman Hoffman
River Market, A Little Rock Parks & Recreation Division
(501) 375-2552 Office
(501) 413-0504 SMS
(501) 375-5559 Fax

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