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Sunday, April 8, 2012

TRAYVON: Dead Boys Tell No Tales

Growing up in some dangerous places gives me a unique perspective on this whole Trayvon thing. I have had guns pulled on me too many times to count within my short life. Not in one of those times that I have been drawn upon have I ever been tempted to "wrestle" with the gun wielder, though unfortunately, I have. I was only concerned with getting out of the line of fire (natural). As you can see, I'm still here, so there you go. One's natural inclination is to create distance from a weapon, NOT engage. Especially an urban youth would know better.

I continue to hear all of this distracting crap about cut's on a killer's head and what it can tell you. It tells you s-h-i-t. Absolutely nothing. What DOESN'T it tell you? Well, did he have the cut BEFORE he ignored police instructions to cease stalking? Does it tell you why you don't hear any control commands, like "STOP OR I'll SHOOT!". There were certainly enough people to hear the boy scream just before meeting his maker by the hand of this wanna' be gun wielding cop and child slayer? Does it tell you if the wound was self-inflicted? Does it tell you whether it was a defensive wound? Of course not, there are no skin under the fingernails scenario here-convenient.

DEAD BOYS TELL NO TALES. Or as a Triple OG told me one time, when I was a lad in Dorchester, Mass of 12yrs old, "Dead rats don't squeak". Guess that goes for colored boys too. Trayvon and those that love him will have a difficult time controlling or framing the narrative.

"Americans" are notorious at using the, "for the greater good" excuse to do or allow horrible things to any disenfranchised entity that is either underrepresented or misrepresented in their advocacy of position.

Trayvon, as are all so-called racial caste blacks, the product of being a Nation-less people, duped to believe that "citizenship" equates into equality at some point. NOPE. It gives you the right to pay taxes. Citizenship has level's implied and otherwise, like it or not. All are NOT entitled in reality. The New Deal did not include ALL Americans, just most. It was a pay-off to look the other way, for the "greater good" of the majority. They have no fear of an injured Nations reprisals for acts of war against their people. Why? Because to them, they are still just dealing with the "Negro Problem". E Pluribus Unum.

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