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Sunday, September 18, 2011

NIA: Inflation Update/China Report

NIA Inflation Update
The official CPI based price inflation rate on a year-over-year basis rose again in the month of August to 3.77% compared to 3.63% in July, 3.56% in June, 3.57% in May, 3.16% in April, 2.68% in March, 2.11% in February, 1.63% in January, 1.5% in December, 1.1% in November, and 1.17% in October. From the low in November, year-over-year CPI growth has increased by 243%!
Inflation is now spreading beyond food and energy and to the areas the Fed focuses on with core-CPI, which deceptively excludes food and energy. Core-CPI has now risen 10 months in a row and core-CPI is about to break the Fed's unofficial 1.5% to 2% target range, which will hopefully convince the Fed to finally believe there is an inflation crisis, something NIA members knew back when the Fed was still worried about deflation.
Core-CPI was up 1.95% in August on a year-over-year basis compared to 1.77% in July and 1.64% in June. Because the BLS likes to round all CPI numbers, core-CPI on a year-over-year basis is now officially 2% and at the top end of the Fed's unofficial target range. Back in October of 2010, year-over-year core-CPI growth reached a low of 0.6%.
From October until today, core-CPI growth on a year-over-year basis has risen from 0.6% to 1.95% for a gain of 225%. From October until today, regular CPI growth on a year-over-year basis has risen from 1.17% to 3.77% for a gain of 222%.
Changes in year-over-year core-CPI growth excluding food and energy were actually higher since October than changes in year-over-year regular CPI growth, which shows that the Fed will soon no longer be able to ignore skyrocketing price inflation. NIA believes real U.S. price inflation now exceeds 8% on a year-over-year basis.
Exclusive NIA China Stock Report Coming
NIA believes there is a once in a lifetime, very limited time opportunity today to enter China stocks trading on major U.S. exchanges at artificially low fire sale prices. Most China stocks that trade in the U.S. are down between 50% and 90% from their 52-week highs and they are almost all at or near 52-week lows. NIA has been spending hundreds of hours of time in recent months researching nearly every single Chinese company that trades on major U.S. exchanges.
We believe that real legitimate Chinese stocks that have been beaten down for no reason, will soon double or triple in value in the very short-term. The purpose of our report is to find these companies set to make massive short-term gains, while exposing the China stocks that could be scams due to major red flags that we have discovered.
The majority of China stocks in the U.S. are real, but there are many Chinese scams out there. NIA's report will be the most important report ever released in world history for investors in Chinese stocks. Those who invest into the right Chinese stocks that are artificially low for no reason can make a huge fortune in the short-term. However, it is important to avoid companies that could have major accounting problems down the road.
NIA's report will feature many China stocks in the U.S. that have P/E ratios as low as 1 or 2. NIA's report will feature many China stocks in the U.S. that are trading below cash and for well below working capital and shareholder equity. NIA's report will tell you which of these companies are for real with the potential to gain thousands of percent this decade, and which of these companies could be scams that will crash to zero.

If you would like information on how you can receive this exclusive report coming early this week, please visit the following link and join this special email list we have setup:http://inflation.us/exclusivechinareport.html

Monday, September 12, 2011

Upcoming events on Corruption Sucks Blog

Loyal Readers of Corruption Sucks Blog,

As you can probably tell by now, Corruption Sucks Blog is HERE TO STAY. 

Thank you for all of your brave emails to myself and my limited staff. Emails of support, tips and corrections, that have been helpful and illuminating, even the "hate mail" & complaints. 

There have been  numerous requests that we move this blog along to include additional stories of interests regarding public corruption on the behalf of all of our territorial citizenry- THIS is our commitment and charter.  So, with that being said, consider this blog post fair public warning, if nothing else.

Corruption Sucks Blog will be examining and investigating the City of Little Rock's Ethics Policy and obtain comment upon it from the "powers' that be", for starters.  We also have many serious concerns within the Little Rock Fire Department, some dealing with the racial tensions that still exist within the fire department to this very day. 

As an American Creole Indian, I have personally experienced bigotry at the hands of both so-called whites, so-called blacks AND others.  So, as they say, I really don't have a dog in this fight and intend to cover our public corruption concerns with a firm, and thorough fair hand. 

We intend to examine the Fire Chief Gregory Summers' nepotism policy as well as their whole B.S. Fire Marshall sham, I personally have little love for those corrupt bastards. A complaint has been filed with the American Creole Indian Aid Commission by a Territorial Citizen. This complaint pertains to accusations of corrupt and illegal influence as it relates to his son, Jamaal Roby, passing/Re-testing a Fire Department   Pumping Station Exam. As well as violations of basic nepotism, even as recently revised by the City of Little Rock.

As a matter of disclosure, I again must admit that I have very little love at all, as to how the fire department is operated, even before this new Fire Chief.  In the course of my existence here in this Jim Crow era city, I have had my house, business and car all fire bombed at one point or another. 

The former Fire Marshall, "Barry", helped cover it up, along with select detectives of the Little Rock Police Department. When the fire trucks finally showed up to EACH location, they REFUSED to put a drop of water on ANY of the fires and sat back watching me attempt to and ultimately put the flames out with a garden hose; my index finger in the nozzle and 4 feet short of my target.  I heard a chuckling dirty cop bastard say to me, "hot dog man, you startin' trouble again?" NO, but now I am, you dirty cop bastard. You know who you are. As you can see- NO LOVE, so I will be enjoying this one.

The Corruption Sucks Blog staff shall be examining the relationships between the City of Little Rock and the people that they conduct contractual business with, within this city in our upcoming series: UNHOLY ALLIANCES: Conflicts of Interests and The City of Little Rock.

As the title indicates, we shall vigorously examine conflicts of interests within this city and expose them for what they are. Public corruption and a failure of ethics.  "Transparency" is the word of the day. 

We shall be issuing federally protected requests under criminal penalty of refusal, for numerous work products of city audits including Parks & Rec, Little Rock Zoo (BTW, where the hell does all of that $200,000 zoo train money go? Hmm?), Little Rock Police Mounted Patrol Division budget and expenditures & several other public offices & commissions.

Thank you again for your many contributions in making this social justice blog useful to as many people and cultures that find a need for it.  Keep those suggestions and tips coming, THEY WILL BE INVESTIGATED.

War Chief Ean Lee Bordeaux
D'Choctaw Clan- Band Bordeaux
E Pluribus Unum

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Conduct Unbecoming-Comments & Response: Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I bet you wont post this comment but to refer to Officer Stanchak in relation to a KKK member, which he isnt, he ought to sue you for deflamation you idiot.

Officer James Stanchak sure is a bigot, as to his "hood" status, only he and his fellow bigots know that.  As to suing me, he is more than welcomed, I would just love to get him on the stand.  Then we would REALLY see who's lying around here. Thanks for your honesty, Anonymous.

September 18, 2010 12:36 AM

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

(Though I do not feel that you are enough of a gentleman to be called sir)

You have no clue who you are talking about (really?). Have you tried to speak with Officer Stanchak or do you sit back on your high horse and judge? (Yep, I tried, but he was too far up his partner's butt to hear me, you know, officer Wayne Cox, fellow disgraced and removed from evening shift, River Market dirty cop- retaliation, simply put) Officer Stanchak is a good man!(not to us) You quickly (he is the only one that has made numerous (more than 4) intentional contacts with me before we responded in this blog) criticize his character when you have no clue who you are talking about.(we have MORE than a clue and so does the police kiosk where he did all of his bragging of illegal racketeering activities against our LEGAL business & myself- to be investigated by city, state and fed very soon.)

I am certain since you are so quick  to post negative comments about him that you have never committed a sin in your life. (I sin ALL the time, probably every day- I just don't do it with a badge on my chest and a gun by my side with radio backup.) I'm certain that you have never spoken badly about someone, gossiped, disrespected your parents, lied, cheated, or coveted another's belongings because if you had then you are worse than Officer Stanchak.(maybe I am, but I am not a police officer sworn to HONORABLY uphold the law, I'm a hot dog cart vendor) You are far worse! I employ you to look at the log in your own eye before you speak of the splinter in another’s. ( I do it all the time, still workin' on it- tough, I'm sure it's tougher being a cop.  I work with LOT's of good cops that can handle the pressure though)

As I read your blog I am painfully aware that you are the worst kind of racist ( you are entitled to your uninformed opinion, we Creoles are ALL so-called races- go figure.) You discriminate against those who lay their life down to protect ours.(there are numerous good cops on the Little Rock police force, ask them about our blog, we BOTH put our lives on the line for EACH OTHER out there, all you have to do is ask around.  I have over 20 positive police contacts a week and only one dirty cop to talk about right now) Where do you think we would be if we didn't have officers to protect our streets? ( the few bad officers or the many good ones?)

When you think that you are posting something that is "informing the people" you need to make sure that you have your facts straight. (which facts do we NOT have straight? We will be happy to ammend the "facts" if you would be so kind as to specifically point out our particular mistake) You feel like you are bringing justice and informing the people about "police corruption" when you don't even know the whole story. (what's the WHOLE story?)

You post this video about a white (get your facts straight, it was a BLACK man shoving a BLACK man into a door.  The white cop simply allowed it all to happen and lied about the incident along with his black partner) cop putting a black man into the door, when you don't know that this man assaulted the officer right before this incident happened. (still doesn't justify unproffesional behaviour and outright assault- I read the whole 2 inch thick Internal Affairs investigation file, did you? btw, THAT'S ABOUT HOW THICK THAT JAIL GLASS IS 2 INCHES!)

You need to let your petty (matter of opinion) differences go between you and Officer Stanchak. Let’s reveal the real reason that you think Officer Stanchak is a “Jim Crowe.” You are illegally (wrong) selling food in the River Market and the City has told the Officers to make sure that the law is followed. (fairly followed, can we say "selective enforcement"?) You act as if he is picking on you (he is, on the behalf of his disgraced comrade officer Wayne Cox") you are bringing it on yourself ( an uninformed opinion based on lack of true info, just wait). Officer Stanchak is doing his job and you are asking him not to ( that's funny, so is every other cop in the River Market- only got a problem with one bigot out of NUMEROUS other fellow cops- ONLY ONE?). If he allowed ( he has no choice, we are a legal business) you to sell food without a permit (without a permit? UNTRUE you need to do YOUR research, like your dirty cop friends, they know the truth- you don't) and panhandle (panhandle? REALLY, OH, we are like the homeless, I GET IT, AN INSULT) off of the River Market patrons then he would be crooked ( he is, we can prove it, we'll probably let the Justice Department do it because of our "indian heritage" though).

You fault him for doing his job ( what, selective enforcement? His dirty partner "Wayne" Cox tried that one, I put him on the witness stand where, like an idiot, both him and Assistant City manager Bryan Day were busted for perjury. "I do not recall, I do not recall, I do not recall..." was all the two losers had to say, hmmm.

The judge stated" I see NO agregious violation of the law and then sent the bigots on their lawful way, save the bullshit anonymous.  These dirty cops cherry-pick the laws that THEY chose to enforce. 

Officer wayne Cox is one of the laziest citation writer's in the River Market, but he sure found us.

BTW, he is married to a drunk-serving manager at Willy D's Carla Cox- CONFLICT OF INTEREST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and try to find ways to criticize him because you cannot simply follow the law (what law might that be?). If you want to honestly make money, then get a permit and sell your hotdogs legally (we have had a "honest" & "legal" permit since 2004, all you have to do is look it up, it's pretty easy, your dirty cop friends do it all of the time.). I’m certain that you would be able to obtain one quickly since you are of Indian Heritage ( we obtained on quickly by simply being citizens of Little Rock).

You speak as if you are a tax paying citizen (we are, check your facts). Do you pay taxes on the money you make from your hotdog stand (yep, sucks too)? Or do you just live the high life off of the money that my hard earned work has afforded you (I drive a 1987 Dodge Pick-up, love my 318! It's my only vehicle. I pay taxes on it too.  'High Life"? We have thousands of tribal members, not much of a high life, that's a lot of hot dog carts)? How much money have I (a real taxpaying citizen) paid you to relocate from New Orleans? (NONE, Katrina didn't blow us here, we have ALWAYS been here.  We are cousins to the ancient Houma of West Feliciana Parish, near Mississippi and Baton Rouge. We are cousins to the ancient Caddo of Akansas. WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN HERE. We paid to relocate you here! Our people have existed here for over 10 generations)

My advice to you is to get a real job, really pay taxes like the rest of us, and get a life. Stop spending all of your time in the River Market keeping the officers busy making sure you follow the law and let them do their job to keep us safe.


A concerned taxpaying citizen

May I suggest that you gain control of your facts before attempting to emotionally chime-in on true subject matter.  Willy Dog USA is a legal business set-up in Little Rock many years ago.  We have pioneered modern vending in this city. Each one of our licensed $9,000 hot dog carts are in full conformation with all the laws. 
Obviously, you know little about food service in this city.  It would be IMPOSSIBLE for us to operate in the River Market at all without a permit. Bigot-ass losers are always looking for some technical way to eliminate an adversary, sorry, no cigar bigots.  Bigots have been doing that since the beginning of time.
In order to serve you a hot dog, each one of our stands must be equipped with 4 sinks, and hot & cold running water.  We must first be inpected by the State, then we can obtain a business license.  Willy Dog USA is one of only three legal hot dog cart businesses and we were the FIRST. Mr. Stanchak knows what he has done and is also more than welcomed to refute allegations.  Mr. Stanchak also knows about the damning evidence that we have on him and we will await the final investigation to publish it.

MORE to come.  I have posted this comment page, as I am allowing the "powers that be", to deal with this bigot, we shall talk more about this soon.

ARKANSAS TIMES: It was a bad week for...

ARKANSAS TIMES: It was a bad week for...

by Ean Lee Bordeaux on Friday, September 2, 2011 at 12:27pm


FREEDOM OF INFORMATIONAttorney General Dustin McDaniel issued an official opinion agreeing that it was legal for the city of Little Rock to withhold hometowns when it released a list of employees. The city asked the opinion because someone [syndicated social justice blogger, Chief Ean Lee Bordeaux (Houma-Choctaw Nation)]sought the list of employees who live outside the city.  The statute allows protection of "home addresses" of non-elected public employees and McDaniel's opinion said this "encompasses all components parts of a 'home address'; namely, a street address, zip code, city and county."  A city or a county are far from a home address.
We agree with the analysis of the Arkansas Times and intend to pursue this matter further. We do not agree with the Arkansas Times leaving information out that the public has the right to know, things like, WHO the hell is someone? SOMEONE is Chief Ean Lee Bordeaux, pro per; of the Houma-Choctaw Tribe, an American Creole Indian Nation. We are never going anywhere and we are not a secret.  Most properly and professionally attribute credit for our contributions.  Allow the public an opportunity to conduct research for themselves,  or consider yourselve's  less of journalist's than you would choose to think of yourselve's to be.  Engaging in obviously incomplete journalistic reporting that would garner you a BIG fat "D-" in class. That is all.

Chief Ean Lee Bordeaux, pro per
American Creole Indian Aid Commission

E Puribus Unum. Out of Many, ONE

Chief Ean Lee Bordeaux, pro per

Conduct unbecoming an officer: UNCHECKED Bigotry-The Harassing Officer Stanchak

Rule & Regulations: Section1/4002.00
"Officers shall not engage in any conduct which constitutes 
conduct unbecoming an officer or neglect of duty."
Well, just when one thinks that progress is being made in Little Rock, Arkansas' River Market district, a new Jim Crow idiot steps up to the plate to FUBAR it all up. This particular dirty cop is a "Padawan" of a previous problem abated named Mounted Patrolman Shannon Dewayne Cox, married to the crooked drunk-serving manager of a cheesy piano bar called Willy D's, all members of the River Market Axis of Evil and  located in the Little Rock River Market district.

This particular repeat offender of an officer, accused of conduct unbecoming, is well aware of why I am now focusing our social justice blog's attention upon him.  We currently have an Internal Affairs Division complaint against this unveiled dirty cop. We will await the final disposition to comment on that specific subject.

I have a new-found confidence in Little Rock's IAD, believe it or not.  Don't get me wrong, there are still Jim Crow "bad apples" amongst them, but I no longer feel that they (bad apples) currently steer agenda. I also feel strongly confident that there seems to be a genuine "thinning of the herd" amidst within the LRPD.  I simply wish that they could move along a lot faster with the damn long overdue culling.

Back to my current issue of the ONE LAST remaining dirty River Market cop. I don't seem to have any problems with the rest of them- odd, hmm. This current member of the River market Axis of Evil is named LRPD Officer Jimmy Stanchak.  Mr. Stanchak is quite new to the River Market and is real good buddies with the finally  transferred to day shift, dirty cop Shannon Dewayne Cox.  Officer Stanchak think's that he is real Jim Crow slick & sly by "artfully" hiding & cowardly tossing bigot grenades behind the blue wall of the law with his undercover Jim Crow harassments on the behalf of his good 'ol boy & disgraced buddy officer "Wayne" Cox .

Tell me this, dirty-ass cheatin' cop Stanchak, is it cool to harass tax payer's while showing off in front of your MISTRESS (one of many)?  Yes, you cheating-ass bastard, I said, mistress (one of many).  Is it cool for you to harass tax paying, child & tribe feeding citizens while showing off in front of your latest of MULTIPLE River Market "snatch" of a conquest on CITY time, paid by ME the tax payer? 

What about you making-out with two drunk girls sticking their head out of a supervisor squad car with blue lights flashing and "Jimmy Get Some!" being yelled in the background? Is that your job? Bullshit, you are an embarrassment to good officers and an obstruction to international commerce, which is federal jurisdiction, btw. The sad part is, when confronted with your nefarious activities, you high-tail it to your boss and cry that you were,"just doing your job". Guess what, dirty cop...so am I.

Have you not learned? NEVER crap where you sleep. You could have at least told the poor REGULAR River Market patron that you were married before she got the phone call  from your WIFE in bed with you, dirty cheatin' cop!

This River Market patron is a loyal customer of Willy Dog USA, a Creole Indian owned business in the River Market.  You reflect badly upon us and you behave just as badly as well. I strongly and emphatically suggest that you spend far less time harassing legal hard-working businesses under the bigot-ass cover and COLOR of the law as you like to manipulate it and more time doing your JOB. You know, what you get paid for? Stud around on your own time loser. I already pay you to harass me, I'm not financing your cheatin'-ass puntang too. I draw the BLUE-line there Bucko.

Think about saving your marriage, Jim Crow loser.  The River Market may be a "meat market", but it sho' aint supposed to be your cheatin'- ass meat market while on duty.  Don't they call that "neglect of duty"?  We shall be lodging a formal complaint with IAD this week, that's a Creole promise. Stay away from our business or we will continue to get into your's that's also a Creole promise dirty cop.  If your bosses don't stop you, WE WILL and it won't be pretty.  You brought this international attention on yourself and the City of Little Rock, careful who you declare war upon.  What I do benefits a nation that is now angry with you for your illegal and dishonorable activities. 

BACK-OFF DIRTY COP. You are publically exposed and so is your RICO racketeering, you shall be federally investigated with your commerce obstructing friends, you cheatin'-ass cop. Blame yourself for this article.  

Most grown folks know not to shit where they sleep.  You wanted to join the war loser? Welcome you piece of dirty cop shit, this is war. Public Corruption is a crime, even when you THINK that you are getting away with it. 

We shall document your every contact and move right here.  Consider this your own personal DIRTY COP page.  

E Pluribus Unum

PULASKI COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE: Murder Suicide Investigation?


by Ean Lee Bordeaux on Sunday, September 4, 2011 at 2:00pm

DOCUMENT LINK TO INCIDENT REPORT: https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=1McYEZRwoe3PWJgEU1tQe9r2drDRSPfrs5aEQ2X9RjUdzc6gsTCg0DtuNv7ON&hl=en

Document link to investigationOn September 3rd at about 06:00 p.m., Pulaski County Sheriff's deputies responded to 2408 Roderweis (north eastern Pulaski County) in reference to  a domestic disturbance with a report of shots fired.  Upon arrival, deputies made contact with several juveniles that had fled the residence.  The juveniles advised the deputies that their parents were still inside the residence.
Deputies were unable to get anyone to answer the door at the residence.  Based on the nature of the call and the juveniles' statements, the Special Weapons and Tactics team (SWAT) and Crisis Negotiations Unit were summoned to the scene.  Deputies were still unable to make contact with anyone inside the residence.
The SWAT team made entry to the residence and located the deceased bodies of a male and female.  At this time, the Sheriff's Office is conducting a death/homicide investigation.  The incident appears to be a murder/suicide.
The bodies of both individuals were taken from the scene by the Pulaski County Coroner to be taken to the State Crime Lab for autopsies.  The names of the individuals are not being released pending next of kin notifications.
I will send out more information as it becomes available.

Lt. Carl Minden #1327
Pulaski County Sheriff's Office

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