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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Is there a Negro Ku Klux Klan?

Is there a Negro Ku Klux Klan?
by Gene D. Matlock

How Many Black Faces Are Hiding Behind This Hood?

We Americans have almost forgotten that both the Whites and the Blacks once had a mutual and mortal fear of the Ku Klux Klan. During the first half of the 20th Century, they wanted to control the minds and souls of both races, just as the Afghan Taliban demand the hearts and souls of all Afghans.

Between 1920 and 1930, some Oklahomans formed a semi--militaristic organization to defeat the Ku Klux Klan in that state--the Brown Shirts. My own grandfather joined the Brown Shirts. Today, The White Ku Kluxers and their allies, such as David Duke's movement and the Louisiana White Citizens' committee, are virtually powerless. We don't want them back for any reason! All of us Americans can now thumb our noses at them without fearing retribution.

Because White America truly wanted to rid itself of the cancer of racism, it kept bending backward to opportunist Negro political activists, suffering pleasurably and wimply as the San Francisco--type sexual masochists do.

All a Negro or a White liberal politically correct coward had to do was tattoo 'racist' on the forehead of any White who objected to getting kicked in the butt by Negro bullies. However, something strange has happened in this country. Whites are presently far, far from being the dominant racial cultural and economic majority they used to be. Little by little, the Whites began sharing their power with tens of millions of Mexicans, Chinese, Japanese, Arabs, Hindus, Koreans, Vietnamese, Iranians, etc., etc., etc. These new groups refused to accept the blame for slavery and would not submit to Negro bullies. Little by little, all of these groups began to object to what we now call 'Reverse Racism.' Reverse Racism is the new term for the dominant part the Negro activists and their gang--related goon squads play in forcing all the rest of us, white or not, to humbly bend to the whip and to injustice.

But the old White Racist card can't be played effectively any more. If each racial and ethnic group were to vote against the Whites today, the Whites would be an ineffective voting block.

A person on Fox News said that if Martin Luther King could see how Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are destroying everything he worked for, he would probably roll over in his grave.

During the Don Imus debacle, Sharpton did little more than force the Whites to eat humble pie for the sins of the past. Most of us oldsters remember how Southern White racist leaders prepared their sheep's minds to tolerate a lynching. They would say that the person about to be lynched had stained the purity of the American white woman. Sharpton said that Imus had hurt the Rutgers female basketball stars minds for life by calling them Ho's.

Old Imus was crucified in a more humane way. He got fired. Little did Sharpton know that he had made Imus more popular than he ever was previously. Imus got another great job. He rose again, just as Jesus Christ did. This time, Sharpton couldn't lynch Imus even if he tried. Along with Jackson, Sharpton has lost virtually all his credibility. What a shame that these opportunist Black men tried to revive the past instead of joining the Whites in a partnership. We worked so hard to improve our democracy. Why did they seek to tear it down?

What caused the Black racists to mistakenly classify the other minorities in this country as Whites? That mistake may eventually unravel all that the Blacks and grass root Whites have accomplished. They see them as whiter than they really are. Having lived among Mexicans for most of my life, I notice that they also see Gringos as whiter than they are. Even I have fallen prey to that fallacy. A Mexican I see as blonde, the average American White calls brown. Example: Once, when some Mexican friends and I were standing outside a certain Las Vegas casino, a Black reverse racist approached us and said, 'Mexicans tell me they are brown, but when I see one, all I see is another Honkey.'
As I have said, fear caused the Blacks and Whites at one time to bring down all the White Ku Kluxers and their affiliates. I recently undertook a study to find out who fears the Negro ku-kluxers -- a.k.a. the Black Reverse Racists.

A partial list is as follows:

Three-fourths of the American Negroes themselves fear the Ku Kluxers infinitely more than the rest of us do. Most Americans cannot understand why most Negroes are so kind, law-abiding, humane, and God-fearing while around 20 percent of them act like devils. These 20 percent are all sympathizers with actual members of the Black Ku Klux Reverse Racists. Of course, they may not openly call themselves Ku Kluxers. But is it necessary to be called Ku Kluxer in order to act like one? If it quacks, has a flat-appearing bill, walks on webbed feet and has oily water repellent feathers, it has to be a duck, regardless of what it calls itself.

The Mexicans live in mortal fear of the Black Reverse Racists. Unfortunately for all Blacks in general, they find it difficult to distinguish between good Blacks and the latters' reverse racists. I have lived almost exclusively among Mexicans for most of my life. Many have told me that that if and when they acquire more political, social, and economic power; they will drive all blacks out of the cities, territories, and regions having large latino populations, both the good and bad Negroes alike.

The rest of the minorities now becoming powerful in this country share with the Whites and God-fearing Negroes the same mortal fear that the Negro activists often proudly call 'Black Rage' or 'No justice; no peace.' To them, 'justice' is their own definition; not what the rest of America's groups call 'justice.' Their concept of justice is 'Taliban Terrorist Justice.' All Americans, including most Negroes and ALL of the other groups in this country are asking whether it is just for us to live in constant fear. The Black Rage Reverse Racists will never let us sleep peacefully while they are not opposed effectively.

For a while, it appeared that the good Black majority themselves would quell don the Black Reverse Racists. At the same time that twenty thousand Black Reverse Racists marched on tiny Jena, Louisiana, a peace--loving town of 3,000 citizens, the Black police commissioner of Philadelphia pleaded for 10,000 Black volunteers to assist him and his officers to help in turning the Black Ku Klux Klan into a gentle pussycat. At the present time, Philadelphia is America's most dangerous city. Not even the police can effectively control the ebony colored reverse racists any more. When the grand dragons of the Black Ku Kluxers, whom I allege could possibly be Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (one can never be sure, you know), they directed their alleged Black Ku Klux followers to turn their attention to defenseless little Jena instead. A day after the Philadelphia police commissioner made his plea, the plight of bleeding Philadelphia was quickly removed from news reports, being silenced one hundred percent!

Of all the above-named groups living in mortal fear of the Black Reverse Racists, who fears them LEAST of all? They are, without a doubt, the Whites themselves, and for several reasons. Several decades ago, a study was made at New Orleans' Tulane University to find out what percentage of Whites had some degree of African blood coursing through their veins. It revealed that most Whites had varying amounts of Negro ancestry, from five percent upwards. We also fought hard and long to help our Blacks get a part of the American dream. We don't want our victories to go down the drain. 

The Black reverse racists should calm down and work for peace with us Whites. After all, reverse racists have virtually no friends among the other minority groups in this country. They should not confide in those frozen Pepsodent smiles being flashed at them all the time. They are thinking what they are not saying. But they still have some friends remaining among the Whites. Were I a Black reverse racist politician, I would have curried the favor of the folks in Jena, Louisiana. Just three or four lawyers would have been ideal to negotiate with the Whites--not the 20,000 Black Ku Kluxers who should have volunteered their services to the Philadelphia police force. Why do they want to alienate the only group willing to give them an even chance?

The truth of reverse racism revealed itself to me recently, when I was staying in a Yuma, Arizona motel. Two Ku Klux Negro couples were staying in the same room there. They were giving trouble: marijuana smoking, loud music, and the like. The manager told them to leave. When they walked out, they stole all the motel room's towels, wash cloths, pillow cases, bedsheets and blankets in plain sight of the manager. She just stood by helplessly, doing nothing. She said that if she did anything, the Black Ku Klux political leaders would accuse the motel of racism and in the end, they'd be the losers.
Many young terrorist Black Ku Kluxers like to wear unusually baggy trousers. 

Underneath those trousers one can often find another bag to be used for shoplifting. Store owners tell me that they know about these bags but hesitate to do anything for fear of being accused of 'racial profiling. Therefore, if these hoodlum shoplifters don't steal much, the store owners don't say anything.

People often wonder why some Black Ku Kluxers wear hooded sweaters. They do this in order to hide their identities during the commission of crimes. Who says that Black Ku Kluxers don't really wear hoods?

What can we Americans do to put the Black Ku Kluxers out of business? Naturally, a lot of tough love will be involved. For no reason should Whites do this, for we could be accused of White racism again. White racism is a no-no in this country. Just the accusation alone can get a person fired from his job without a trial, no matter how innocent he is.

There's no doubt about it, the Black Reverse Racists are holding a winning race card 
for now. Fortunately, the state of Louisiana has come up with the right way to fight them. The voters chose Republican Bobby Jindal, an Oxford-educated Hindu man, as governor. All the races, including the truly God-fearing Blacks, are standing behind him. 

He won on this slogan:

'He pledged to fight corruption and rid the state of those 'feeding at the public trough,' revisiting a campaign theme.

'They can either go quietly or they can go loudly, but either way, they will go,' he said...'
Like all the non-Negro minorities in this country, the Hindus, whose ancestors gave high civilization to the world and first settled the Americas, feel no guilt about Southern antebellum slavery. And, along with all the other minorities in this country, they can outvote the politically degenerate lily-livered Whites with little or no effort. They are more than willing to pull the teeth out of the Black reverse racists and jerk their Black reverse racist Ku Klux hoods off their evil faces.

Don't ever forget the name of Bobby Jindal. This great Hindu-American reformer will someday become our president -- and in the lifetimes of most people living today! I wish it could be right now. Unfortunately, we have to deal with both the White Democrat and Republican limp-wristed sissies for about 10 years more.

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