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Friday, February 4, 2011

Facebook: Republican Arkansas' Council of Conservative Citizens & Race Mixing

Republican Party leader in Jackson County Arkansas is the contact person for the "Council of Conservative Citizens". The following is a quote from the organizations website. ""We oppose all efforts to mix the races of mankind, to promote non-white races over the European-American people". HE IS A REPUBLICAN LEADER.

Kristina Gulley

Rizelle, I was reading this last night. Wow, I also read the Republican chair has asked for his resignation. Can they legally make him resign? Even if he resigns or be oust from the Republican party. this type of sickness will still be in t...his mans heart. Scary part there maybe members from our own party affiliated with this same group. Now days people just don't come out and tell your their a member of such groups. Yet, when those of us who stand up and support the real issues at hand. They tend to show their true colors. If you know what I mean. LOL See More

Rizelle Aaron Naacp They can't make him resign, but if he has violated party rules or bylaws the Republican Party can and should vote him out of position. It is probably more likely than not that some members of his party were already aware of his position with the organization. It's never an issue unless it is publicized. This is nothing new. It just looks new because it is hidden so well.

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