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Friday, February 4, 2011

Anonymous reader threatens to shut Corruption Sucks Blog down

Dear Ean,

As I can respect your thought at writings, I hope that nothing previously stated in your blog [w]ould be classified as a defamation of character. That would undermine your ability to tell a story that any one would listen too.

Also to put names and address of the people who put they lives on the line for not only your protection but mine as well, is disgusting. Did you consider the thoughtless action of some, may grow to hurt others the families of the people YOU consider unrighteous.

I believe your personal agenda has clogged you[r] ability to write a correct article, or consider the consequences of them. And please if you write something source your information because frankly I don't believe you and if you do defile a person with lies I Will be closing your blog down and seeking damages.

p..s. keep up the good work, and drop the b.s.


Dear "rackdaddy",

There are laws to protect the "innocent". If I have defamed you, you are more than welcomed to sue me and MAKE ME PROVE IT.

As to protecting those that "put their life on the line for me", BULL CRAP. Crooked cops DO NOT protect the 
Creole Indian or anyone else. My job is to protect my people & my family, period. Not play Jiminy Cricket to dirty cops who obviously operate with absolute impunity of the law and blindly think they & their families are insulated from their criminal corruption activities.

I put my life "on-the-line" EVERYDAY for my family & Nation and I am Chief Elder & advocate for myself & my Nation. These Blogsites & Willy Dog USA BELONG to the American Creole Indian Nation, NOT me.  I am only one commited servant, a mere steward of modest resources, Chief Elder & War Chief of my people.

The American Creole Indian Nation, a great & proud "race", the New World's first so-called minority, the  "Invisible People", a great ethnic culture that has survived and suceeded for 10 generations on THIS land. We are TERROIRof America. Our rich Creole culture is an irreplaceable National Treasure. 

The American Creole Indian shall forever remain a proud heritage of this Inheritance-Land.

My family & my people are exposed to "dangers" EVERY SINGLE TIME one of your dirty cops does the wrong thing and people like YOURSELF do absolutely nothing but turn a BLIND EAR & EYE.

What about my Creole children? Don't give a crap about their safety do you? Well I certainly do.

Let the dirty cop think of his own proverbial ass & family. As he racially profiles people in this southern city to get away with federal violations of civil rights & other crimes that HE, his family and friends benefit quite well from, while my children and Nation suffer. Clean from within first.

If you claim NOT to be a racist, but take advantage of this disgusting Jim Crow Eugenic driven culture down here in the south to affect your dirty-cop agenda, then by pure definition, YOU are the Dirty-Ass Racist yourself.

There is no need to "Site a Source" when all you have to do is look & confirm the information offered & published, per:Arkansas Citizen Participation in Government Act.16-63-502.  Afraid of looking? Afraid of what you may find with very little effort?

What will you do once you find it? Nothing if it's true of course seeing that your only motivation for looking is to prove me wrong. That's fine with me, at least you'll know the truth and have to face your own duplicitous hypocrisy.

I have operated these blogs since 2003, I have yet to see someone prove my allegations wrong, please feel free to try. Makes for good (true) news.

As to my readership, anonymous writer, the thousands of hits a week, that each of these world-wide syndicated blog sites receive, find the information rather useful.

If the Internal Affairs Division of any law enforcement agency contacts me, they receive full & prompt cooperation from myself and all staff, to bring corrupt criminals to justice. This is our goal.

Thank you for your double-talking & slanted input as well as your baseless cop-like threats, you are not the first.

Get a court order first please, then maybe Google or someone else might listen to your cop-like complaints.

When I was exposing pedophiles & corrupt public school teachers, few cried for them.

Let a few dirty-ass cops that falsely imprison people & trump-up felony criminal charges get busted & all these so-called undercover cops start crying the blues. Interesting & obvious.

Out of Many- ONE


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