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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ron Paul, Liberty Dollar, end of the Fed and fiat money

December 2010 Vol. 12 No. 12


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Until July 2009, the Liberty Dollar was distributed by Liberty Services (formerly known as NORFED), based in Evansville, Indiana. It was created by Bernard ...

Ron Paul and the Liberty Dollar!

I am very pleased to announce that a record amount of money was donated for Kevin.
On behalf of Kevin, this is a wonderful sign of support for the Liberty Dollar Four and the lone defendant who is still in county jail after 19 MONTHS! It would be wonderful to raise a bit more to see Kevin through to his trial that will not happen until the Spring and maybe even later as the gov stonewalls defense Motions for exculpatory evidence that the DOJ must deliver for our defense as I exposed in the November newsletter. Please consider sending $10 or $20 to Kevin via his wife: Julia Gaunt, 16 Norman Austin Dr., Asheville, NC 28804.

Table of Contents:

1. Ron Paul and the Liberty Dollar
2. Father and Son in 2012?
3. End the Fed
4. NORFED Lives!!
5. Why Did the Liberty Dollar Fail?
6. WOW!!! Thanks for the $$$
7. Good Inflation Article
8. Why We Can't Fill Orders?
9. Numismatic Values

Dear Liberty Dollar Supporters!

1. Ron Paul and the Liberty Dollar
Now that Congressman Ron Paul has been named the Chairman of the Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee of the House Financial Services Committee and the press is full of intrigue as to what Paul will do, it is time to tell the whole story of "Ron Paul and the Liberty Dollar."

In case you missed the news, here are two of the best articles:
Ron Paul Appears Poised to Irk the Fed Chief

"Ron Paul: Fed 'monopoly' could be broken if Americans use gold, silver as currency"

The "Fed monopoly" article mentions the Liberty Dollar:
An Indiana-based firm called Liberty Dollar -- which produced "Ron Paul dollar" coins during his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination -- was raided by federal authorities in 2007 and the company was shut down. The coins, sold for $25 apiece, were made of silver, and part of the proceeds from their sales was donated to Paul's campaign.

"We should start ending the Fed by allowing competition," Ron Paul said. "I don't like the fact that they have monopoly control. It's a cartel: they print the money. The Constitution really doesn't give them that authority. The Constitution said that only gold and silver can be legal tender."

I don't know if this is a mis-quote or not, but the Constitution does NOT specify that only gold and silver can be legal tender! In fact, the Constitution never uses the words, "legal tender." FYI: "Legal tender"as we know it today, was approved by Solomon Chase when he was the Secretary of the Treasury under Lincoln in 1862. And seven years later he ruled his Greenbacks were unconstitutional when he was the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court!

And just recently, Paul had this to say about WikiLeaks.

Search of Ron Paul's site of dailypaul.com yielded an article that featured the Liberty Dollar from WND that said the raid was "political."

In fact, Ron Paul has a very long history of speaking his own mind in support of honesty and honest money. On Sept. 23, 1974, Paul was one of only 120 people to visit the US Gold Depository at Fort Knox. Two other media people in this very select group were Clifford Mishler, current President of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and David L. Ganz, the country's top numismatic and currency attorney and former president of ANA. Both have agreed to testify at the LD4 trial. I quote from the Ganz article about the uniqueness of their visit to Fort Knox:
Even for the jaded, the experience was nothing short of amazing.

Visiting Ft. Knox, then as today, is virtually unheard of. The Treasury and the Federal Reserve, both of whom serve as co-administrators of the facility, have a strong policy against it. Dozens of requests are turned down annually. Even former Presidents are denied entry.

Visit turndowns were efficient and specific: "The Depository is a classified facility. No visitors are permitted, and no exceptions are made."

No one from the public other than President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who made an inspection trip in 1943, has been inside before or since, the 1974 occasion.

Reversal of this policy on a one time only basis came as a result of a series of peculiar events that resulted in a congressional demand for an audit of the bullion depository, and a first-hand viewing of the gold deposited there.
Please click HERE for the complete amazing article.

Personally I find the inspection of Fort Knox on September 23, 1974, of special interest because it is so close to September 11, 1974, the day I wrote my Economic Research Paper - To Know Value that catapulted me into my life's work and ultimately to issue the Liberty Dollar.

Ron Paul has been an inspiration and mentor during much of those 24 years. Starting in the early 1980s, while I was researching gold for my new model currency that began with the To Know Value paper, I discovered, The Case for Gold by Ron Paul. I was thrilled as I read his work. I still get thrilled. It's one of the reasons why I jumped at the opportunity to issue a Ron Paul Dollar some 25 years later.

The Case for Gold, Minority Report for the U.S. Gold Commission by Ron Paul and Lewis E. Lehrman was a treasure-trove of info that I took as a personal call to action in 1982. From the Forward, Paul cries out for "an honest money system" and co-author Lehrman says, "We can achieve financial order, but only with real leadership and real money." Through many, well proven astute passages, The Case for Gold, concludes with, "Congress must have the courage to move forward to a modern gold standard."

I loved it! But lack of trust that Congress would actually do anything lead me to look elsewhere and I soon discovered the Mises Institute, Llewellyn (Lew) Rockwell's Gold Standard in 1992, and a special interest in Murray Rothbard's trilogy: The Case against the Fed, What Has Government Done to Our Money? and the Case for the 100 Percent Gold Dollar greatly added to the creation process that produced the Liberty Dollar.

Of course there were many influences including Carl Menger (1840 - 1921). As a student of political economics he wrote the Principles of Economics in 1871 and founded the Austrian School of economic that challenged the established school of cost-based economics with his theory of marginality.

Another important work by Ron Paul was Gold, Peace and Prosperity - The Birth of a New Currency in 1981. And while it never detailed a "new currency" it was significant that a Congressman was even mentioning a new currency. Wasn't this exactly what I was working on?!

And so began a long, arduous and difficult relationship between Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell and myself.

When I officially issued the Liberty Dollar on October 1, 1998, I was still living in Hawaii and the Mintmaster at the Royal Hawaiian Mint. After Jim Thomas, note his obituary in my closing remarks, the editor of Media Bypass featured the Liberty Dollar on the cover of the November, 1998 issue, the idea of a real value based currency attracted a lot of attention.

Sometime in the first part of 1999 I received a phone call from Ron Paul's office. WOW, my favorite Congressman called! I was surprised and very pleased that somebody was interested in my personal mission to issue "real money." And it was not just any congressman, it was The Congressman that had fired me up with his call for a new gold standard! I returned the call and a young staffer explained that the Congressman wanted to hold a Congressional Hearing on the Liberty Dollar and wondered if I would be willing to come to Washington and testify before Congress!? I told the staffer that I was preparing to move to mainland and would be available. The staffer was noticeably pleased and told me that he would call back to discuss the schedule. Double WOW! I just couldn't believe it. Called to testify before Congress! WOW how cool!?

After a couple of weeks and no call from Ron Paul's office I called. After the usual delays I was finally connected to the young staffer. He was noticeable uneasy and after a couple false starts, explained that it was not possible to have me testify because the Congressman cannot endorse any product. I pointed out that that they had called me and that I was not seeking any endorsement. That did not seem to satisfy the staffer who then blurted out that the Congressman couldn't have any for-profit companies testify. Of course, this was a clear signal that he was trying to cancel my invitation to appear at the Congressional Hearing because most of the people who testify are from for-profit companies. But I did not let that bother me and coolly informed the staffer that NORFED was a philanthropic non-profit. That stopped the staffer cold. The line went silent and finally he returned with a brisk, "I will have to call you back." Unfortunately for the Liberty Dollar and our country, that never happened.

Quickly, I turned my attention to finishing my first book, Y2K Money - Your Survival Currency, answered my call-to-action and left for the mainland with plans to follow up with the Ron Paul's office. I left Hawaii at the end of February 1999 and released the Y2K book in Los Angeles on April 1 at a reception of friends that included Ed Griffin and his wife Pat.

After I picked up a motor home in Florida, I laid out the plans to mass market the American Liberty Currency (the original name that was later branded Liberty Dollar) and save the country from the dreaded depreciating fiat FXRX notes. I also made a list of all the important people who had written about a value based currency and I thought would be interested in the Liberty Dollar. Unfortunately, it never occurred to me that these VIPs would not be interested in the very item that they written about.

So, single-mindedly I make a list of the VIPs whose writings had inadvertently contributed to my design, develop and funding of the Liberty Dollar that I would eventually devote my life to.

The list included: Ed Crane at Cato, Congressman Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell at Mises Institute who published Murray Rothbard's work and home of Austrian Economics, somebody at Human Events, John Berthoud at the National Taxpayers Union, John McManus president of the John Birch Society and many others who I don't recall.

I was successful making appointments with everyone on my list. But in rapid succession, all appointments failed to materialize. Crane's office told me he was not in and then showed two un-appointed guests in as I stood near by. John Berthoud, president of the National Taxpayers Union, was a straight up guy but his 350,000 members dribbled to less than 50,000 when I inquired to rent their mailing list and offer the Liberty Dollar to the NTU members.

My appointment with John McManus was nothing short of a bad joke as they ran me around the building, through the tunnel and panned me off to the lowest personnel available. All this so McManus could duck out of the building and stand me up. I still have nothing but contempt for McManus and gang.

My appointment with Rockwell was the worst. My family dropped me at the Mises Institute for the early morning appointment and went to the shopping center. I identified myself to the receptionist and informed her that I had an appointment with "Lew" at 9:00. She acknowledged. I mentioned I wanted to do some research in the library and she pointed towards the library. Well after 9:00 I received a call on my cell from Ed Griffin. As the only other person in the back of the library had been on his cell phone and had since left the library, I took Ed's call in the library.

As soon as I hung up from Ed's call the receptionist scolded me for talking in the library. I briefly explained that nobody was there and that the other gentleman had also been on his phone. It didn't matter and she abruptly left. Shortly, I walked over to her desk and inquired about my appointment with Mr. Rockwell. She immediately told me the meeting has been cancelled. What, I asked? She then asked had I not gotten an email? Email? This was in 1999 and emails were not as common then as they are now. Plus I was traveling in a motor home and email was very difficult. Had she tried to call me? No, she had not tried to call me. I was pissed and told her so. She treated me with utter indifference. I yelled at her. She called "Tucker" who physically threw me out of the building and into a raging thunderstorm without shelter or a car.

I admit to behaving badly. I had come to meet one of my most important contacts and worship at the altar of Austrian Economics and Murray Rothbard. I was very upset that I was denied even that common courtesy. Instead of finding an altar, it was more like finding a gang's hideout and not being welcome. It seemed that I was despised for having done what the gang were unable, unwilling or simply afraid to do - and now dare me that I would not just shut the F*** U* and go away.

Of course that attitude just spurred me on to reach out to the people who really wanted to do something about our country's money. And you responded! In the three days prior to the Liberty Dollar move up to the $20 Silver base in 2005, the Liberty Dollar exchanged over half a million US dollars into Liberty Dollars! And that was over five years ago!

Years later Rockwell barred me from ever visiting the Mises Institute. So I appealed to mutual friend who knew Rockwell so I could make amends. My friendly PhD economist, who was associated with the Mises Institute acknowledged that Lew was "problematic" but promised he would resolve the matter. Some time later, when I asked the economist about my situation with Rockwell and the Mises Institute, he growled, "Prickwell was simply unreasonable!" Many years later, I sent a letter of apology to Rockwell for my misbehavior. But to no avail.

Such action is a concern to me and should be to you. Recently Rockwell posted "What is the matter with Rockwell?" I think it is dishonest, i.e. wrong for Mises, Cato and all the others do-nothing organizations to misrepresent themselves! Still later when I tried again to resolve the situation with Rockwell, I couldn't find anybody who was not on the outs with him. It seems like everybody tolerates him but he is a sick human being with no personal relationships, except Ron Paul.

My long awaited meeting with Congressman Ron Paul was not much better. After months of efforts, I finally had an appointment with Paul. He kept me waiting two hours without anyone entering or leaving his office. He probably had lots of calls, so I sat patiently. Finally I was showed in. After a brief introduction, Paul launched into a long discourse about taxes on farm commodities. Diplomatically, I tried to steer the conversation towards the Federal Reserve. NO! He refused to talk about the FXRX. I tried to bring up the Liberty Dollar and he said that he can't talk about anything that is not pending in Congress. This is in the Congressman's own office and he can't talk about anything?! After 30 or 40 minutes of meaningless farm tax rhetoric and never a word about the FXRX, gold and silver, fiat currency or the Liberty Dollar currency, Paul concluded the meeting as if he was ordered to do so and I was ushered out of his office.

I was pissed but said nothing until I exited Paul's office. Outside, I slammed my attaché case down on the floor and turned to Bradley Jansen, Paul's legislative staffer from 1997-2001 and asked, "What the hell was that all about?" He just shook his head. Much later I discovered that Paul and Rockwell were close friends. Apparently, I had been blackballed by the keepers of the altar.

But that was not the last time the Congressman and I would cross paths. Over the years, Paul and I dined together three times between the founding of the Liberty Dollar in 1998 until the mid 2006. On two occasions the dinner organizers had Paul and I sit next to each other because they really liked Paul and the Liberty Dollar. They thought we should be working together and refused to hear my pleas.

Paul had numerous opportunities to participate in the Liberty Dollar but seemingly could not fathom that a sole individual or me in particular could launch a major private currency. Well, regardless of Paul's wrong-headedness, Rockwell's stubbornness and the many do-nothing BS organizations, the politically active NORFED organization of dedicated individuals issued over $50 million Liberty Dollars to approx 250,000 supporters by the time of the raid. All without any gov or VIP help and quite a bit of disservice by many who should have participated.

Along the way, Paul posed with many Liberty Dollar supporters. Just before he appeared on the Jay Leno Show in New York, the Congressman posed with Nic Leobold who commissioned Liberty Dollar to design and distribute the Ron Paul Dollar. Who was waiting for Paul when he walked off the stage? Lew Rockwell. Please click HERE for Ron Paul with Nic Leobold holding a Liberty Dollar.

On January 4, 2008 I gave the keynote speech at the Liberty Forum in New Hampshire, as Captain Liberty dressed in Revolutionary War Officer uniform. Again Ron Paul attended and we met yet again and posed for a photo. Click HERE for photo.

Then on February 13, 2008 Congressman Ron Paul uttered the words "Liberty Dollar" on the floor of the US House of Representatives when he introduced his Bill to legalize competing currencies ala the Liberty Dollar. And while LD was honored to be mentioned, this was a grave disservice because as I uttered to Paul, the Liberty Dollar was already legal and such a bill hinted that it was not. Plus we don't need the damn government involved with a private currency! What people do in private is their business. We don't need the damn government in our bedrooms or boardrooms. Thanks but NO thanks Mr. Congressman for another law! Regardless of your good intentions they just pave the road to hell!

Year after year I have endorsed and supported the stubborn Congressman from Texas. I appeared on a DVD in support of Ron Paul and made other efforts. Of course, the biggest effort was the Ron Paul Dollar. Initially a one ounce $20 Silver was issued. That issue was quickly followed by a one ounce $1000 Gold Ron Paul Dollar. And as soon as the Gold Ron Paul Dollar was minted, I made a $2300 donation to the Ron Paul campaign in the form of Set #001 with a Gold, Silver and a Platinum Ron Paul Dollar and receive a brief form letter of thanks. Because of the raid only fifty-five $2000 Platinum Ron Paul Dollars were minted. Interestingly, the highest price ever paid for one Platinum Ron Paul Dollar was $10,000 when platinum was much less than it is now. No word or refund as my campaign donation has appreciated or violation of campaign laws yet.

Click HERE for Ron Paul Dollar image.

The most ambitious Ron Paul issue was the one ounce $1 copper dollar. 60,000 $1 Ron Paul medallions arrived at the Liberty Dollar fulfillment office just two workdays before the office was raided by the FBI. Over one and half tons of political medallions were confiscated by the gov at the height of a presidential campaign! Do you see any First Amendment issue here?! What constitutes freedom of speech and freedom of expression and how do you think the gov can justify such a boneheaded raid on a political organization and the confiscation of your order for presidential medallions?! Unfortunately the thousands of Ron Paul supporters have never received their order. And a presidential candidate was denied that support… by the damn government!

The raid landed the Ron Paul Dollar on the front page of the Washington Post and dozens of other newspapers across American. Paul got a lot of good PR from the raid and the Liberty Dollar Four got arrested.

And it is not just the elected officials who do bad things. Often, it is the bad people around them like Paul's communications director, Jesse Benton, who ego-out, and are the real dangers to this country because they often MIS-USE the power that they are entrusted to yield properly!!!

But I still like the reluctant Congressman, my fellow comrade in arms, for a value based currency and the abolishment of the non-Federal non-Reserve. Just imagine how different the Liberty Dollar would have been, and maybe even the country, if Paul had had me testify before Congress about the Liberty Dollar back in 1999, well before 911, and the gov tyranny that has followed. Just imagine the difference between a private voluntary barter currency and the gov fiat currency that enables the gov to lie and finance more war, war and war! Just imagine: Change the money / Change the country!

Now, I do not want to be the Secretary of the Treasury as Michael Badnarik suggested when he was the presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party. But as I documented for Badnarik, the NORFED/Liberty Dollar monetary model is scaleable and the United States corporate entity could use it at a profit!!! In other words, the gov could work their way out of the monetary mess that they created at a PROFIT! But NO, that will not work for this gov because it is evil, created the fiat bubble deliberately and is dedicated to controlled tyranny.

The government don't give a damn about us! They don't care about right and wrong. The gov is nothing more than a gang of thugs dedicated to criminal activity backed by the might of the FBI, NSA, US military etc. And as such, there is little hope but to protect yourself because the gov can't and won't protect you or your property. In fact, they will steal everything you have, have given half a chance!

Since 1982 Ron Paul has interacted with my evolving efforts to offer a private voluntary barter currency. In fact, to Paul's credit, less than a month after NORFEDprivate voluntary barter currency. In fact, to Paul's credit, less than a month after NORFED was raided, the Congressman wrote to the US Mint with three very pertinent questions regarding the Liberty Dollar. And it was no surprise that the gov did not reply to the first two questions and their reply to the third question was simply a non-answer of BS that we citizens have come to expect. Click HERE for Paul's letter and the gov reply.

Now that my long time nemesis Rockwell has cowarded-out of testifying for the Liberty Dollar Four, it will be interesting to see how Ron Paul replies, given US District Court provides the Congressman an ideal opportunity to advance his long held monetary ideals.

Quite frankly, I don't think anybody needs to kiss my ass, and if you know me, this bulldog doesn't pucker-up too well either. In such a rich environment, I think the market of personalities is behaving properly. Remember that during the colonial days, lawsuits were very common. People stood their ground and if you crossed it, you were sued!!

I sincerely think that the time is becoming very ripe for a major change in the country's monetary system. I bet you feel the same way! The question is: Will our monetary system and cherished values of liberty crash and burn ala hyperinflation yielding a dictator via the German model or will it be the sound money American model adopted by our Founding Fathers who refused to allow the government to "emit bills of credit" in the US Constitution and reversed the post Revolutionary War curse of 5000% inflation that threatened America with only a gold and silver currency?

Now is the time for all good men and women to guide our beloved country towards a new value based system. And while, I don't know what that system will eventually be, I look around and I see no other viable monetary system that provides the market sensitivity and profitability to the user like the free market currency, Liberty Dollar. Hear me - the Liberty Dollar Four are going to be acquitted and the Liberty Dollar is going to be vindicated. What do YOU think the future holds for a private voluntary barter currency with balls during a raging metals explosion? The time for all the good forces to come together is growing very ripe Mr. Paul and Mr. Rockwell.

After all these problems and missed opportunities, I still respect Ron Paul for his sound money principles, legendary work and credit him for introducing me to Austrian Economics. Please email Ron Paul with "Support the Liberty Dollar" in the subject and encourage him to do just that via: ctc@cabanela.com.

PS: As if this rant was not long enough, please note that two daring independent monetarist have launched their own Ron Paul Dollar dated 2010 with half ounce silver and a $25 MSRP. More info is available at http://www.pauldollars.com/.

2. Father and Son in 2012?
Heard the story/rumor about Ron Paul and his newly elected Senator son, Rand Paul, running for President and Vice President? What a wild, interesting idea! And the fact that they are sharing a condo in DC is even more interesting and adds more fuel to the story. And while we just had a father/son president dumbo in recent history, my take is that a more likely scenario would be for Rand Paul to run for President with his father as VP. Easier to sell a younger John Kennedy image with an elderly VP and easier on an aging Ron Paul too.

3. End the Fed
It is amazing how the awareness of the Federal Reserve (FXRX) has changed since NORFED launched the Liberty Dollar in 1998. Back then, when we exposed the FXRX as a private owned bank that it was nothing more than a ponzi scheme, we were met with disbelief, doubt and NO that is impossible! Most everybody, except true believers and the early adopters, "knew" that the FXRX was a government institution. Now, some dozen years later, mainstream CNBC and FOX regularly refer to the FXRX as a private bank that is nothing more than a ponzi scheme!

During that time, new organizations have arisen, like EndTheFed.org. I was amazed when I attended one of their many FXRX protests and interviewed the participants. Only a couple people had ever heard about NORFED - National Organization for the Repeal of the Federal Reserve or The Creature from Jekyll Island, the bible on why the FXRX should be abolished by G. Edward Griffin.

Meanwhile, Ron Paul has labored to expose the truth about the FXRX and tried his best to abolish the private central bank. And in 2009 he published End The Fed, a great little book that even non-book readers can get into.

Now the latest poll finds that a majority of Americans are dissatisfied with the nation's independent central bank, saying the U.S. Federal Reserve should either be brought under tighter political control or abolished outright. Of course, NORFED's position is NO FED! We sure as hell do not want the !@#$#@! politicians running the banks!! We want a free market currency that responds to the people who use it.

Click HERE for the article.

Click HERE for NORFED's position paper on a Free Market Currency.

Click HERE for NORFED's position paper on a Free Money Movement.

4. NORFED Lives!!!
NORFED, the political organization dedicated to repealing the Federal Reserve Act by bringing about mass awareness of its fraudulent fiat monetary scheme that steals your purchasing power by offering a positive, profitable solution to the country's monetary problem, has been enshrined in the new indictment. Amazingly, NORFED is mentioned in 40 of the 44 paragraphs of the new indictment, for a totalHERE to read the new indictment.

5. Why Did the Liberty Dollar Fail?
So why did the Liberty Dollar fail? It didn't! Only in the eyes of the faux self-imposed intelligentsia establishment, did it fail. If Cato or any of the other large prominent government fronts had the balls or even the desire to really do something to save this country from a monetary collapse and protect its citizens from monetary tyranny, they would have done something. But they didn't. That is not their job. Their job is to jack you off, make you feel good and keep you donating to their $1000 a plate dinners!!

Worse, is the fact that when a new innovative genuine value based currency was offered to these do-nothing !@#$#@! organizations, they did NOTHING. Surprise! Surprise!! And the disjoined, bickering, back stabbing "patriot" community of petty egos was just as bad!

So, NORFED went mainstream, direct to the people and won. Just look at the stats at the time of the FBI raid on November 14, 2009: Over $50 million Liberty Dollars in circulation, approx 250,000 people holding Liberty Dollars, over 300 articles, dozens of videos, and over 9 tons of gold, silver and copper confiscated. It is no underestimation that the Liberty Dollar is "America's second most popular currency."

The Liberty Dollar never failed. Nor will the Liberty Dollar Four fail to end the government's current "misadventure" in North Carolina federal district court.

6. WOW!!! Thanks for the $$$
I am very pleased to announce that a record amount of money was donated for Kevin last month. On behalf of Kevin, this is a wonderful sign of support for the Liberty Dollar Four and the lone defendant who has been in a county jail for 19 MONTHS! It would be wonderful to raise a bit more to see Kevin through to his trial that will not happen until the spring and maybe even later as the gov stonewalls defense demands for exculpatory evidence that the DOJ is required to provide to defense. This whole sorry affair of the DOJ in collusion with dirty defense attorneys was aired in the November, 2010 newsletter.

7. Good Inflation Article
For inflation buffs, here is an excellent article:
The First Stage of Inflation Has Already Hit, Next Up Is the Currency Collapse. You certainly want to be invested in precious metals well before the Second Stage hits!

8. Why Can't We Fill Orders?
It seems every few months somebody wonders in from the cold and can't understand why we can't fill their order for Ron Paul Dollars or redeem their Silver Certificates for the silver that backs it. So for the umpteenth time: Liberty Dollar cannot fill any orders because 1) all the stock was confiscated in the wrong-headed FBI raid. 2) We cannot return your money because it was confiscated in the same raid. 3) We can't even inform you about your order because all the records and computers were confiscated in the same raid and 4) as if that is not enough, we are under court order not to distribute any Liberty Dollar and if I did or I would be thrown back in jail. Clear enough?! I hope so as nothing would make me happier than to fill all the outstanding orders and return all the confiscated material to its rightful owners. Trust me! The four defendants and our attorneys are doing everything possible to bring the government's "Misadventure in North Carolina" movie to a close ASAP.

9. Numismatic Values
It is interesting to note that since NORFED/Liberty Dollar was raided THREE YEARS AGO that the winning bids on eBay have come down, but have never returned to the pre-raid prices. In fact, the current quotes and bids show that the prices for Liberty Dollar are astronomical compared to any other private modern issues. And all this while BVNH is still alive! The highest price paid for a 1998 Liberty Dollar was $825 and the 1999 Type I was an amazing $1000 in private treaty. And how much did NORFED get in exchange from FXRX notes for a 1998 or 1999 Liberty Dollar? How much did it rip off those poor early adopters? All of $7.50! Amazing! No private, modern collectible has enjoyed such appreciation. And while the peak may be off, right now, the underlying metals prices have increased 600%!!

Please click HERE for all your Liberty Dollar numismatic info from Ron Goodger's outstanding unofficial collectors site.

Closing Remarks:
I regret to announce that Jim Thomas, one of NORFED's great founding members, died on December 2, 2010. Jim published Media Bypass for ten years. And when I was looking for a National Coordinator to introduce NORFED's Liberty Dollar, Jim called and offered his services. He put the new Liberty Dollar on the cover of Media Bypass and did everything he could to support the new value based currency. When I finally arrived in Evansville, Indiana from Hawaii in 1999, Jim had leased an office space, bought the computers, retained Sarah Bledsoe as my assistant and handed me the bill. Nobody has done more for NORFED than Jim Thomas. He and his dedication to the values exemplified by the Liberty Dollar will be missed. Jim was a one-of-a-kind patriot and a very good friend.

And so ends another, rather long newsletter. I feel it is important to air all the hidden stories before the trial. For after the trial… things will be different. Many thanks for your continued support. For it is only by banding together and adopting a free and independent currency that provides us with "just weights and measures" will we be able to throw off the yoke of a manipulated monetary/tax system and generate a peaceful and prosperous society.

Thank you again for all your efforts to return America to value - one dollar at a time!

Bernard von NotHaus
Monetary Architect/Editor

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