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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Right of Return to Europe; for African White Refugees

Originally Posted 2011


Right-of-Blood citizenship policy

 Boer Volkstaat 10/31/16 Theses:Boer Volkstaat or
Jus Sanguinis 'EU' Citizenship
for African White Refugees

Petition & Briefing Paper (PDF)

Boer Volkstaat 10/31/16 Theses:

Volkstaat Secession; or Jus Sanguinis Right-of-Return Founding Petitioners Hereby Petition their Relevant EU Progenitor / Stamvader Nations for:

[A] International and EU Political and Legal Recognition for Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie (VVK) elections & negotiations for a Boer Volkstaat in South Africa; Or in the absence thereof;
[B] Jus Sanguinis Right-of-Return legislation by all relevant EU nations, for their African White Refugees descendants.

Volkstaat Secession; or Jus Sanguinis Right-of-Return Petition Justifications, as detailed in the Boer Volkstaat 10/31/16 Theses Briefing Paper:

  1. International Law: Jus Sanguinis, Right-of-Return, International Covenant on Civil, Political, Economic, Social & Cultural Rights, etc;
  2. S. 235 of the SA Constitution & the 23 April 1994 Accord on Afrikaner Self-Determination between the Freedom Front, the African National Congress and the South African Government/National Party
  3. African National Congress (ANC) and Anti-Apartheid Movement (AAM) Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) Fraud.
  4. Peak Oil Political Necessity of Ethno-Cultural Secession and Relocalisation.



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