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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Former officer accuses Little Rock Police Chief of hiring a known Klu Klux Klan member

UPDATED: Friday, January 1, 2011 6:10 am cst


We've published the basic jist of a non-situation that occurred THIRTEEN (13) years ago.This is what former LRPD officer Jolly calls accusing the Little Rock Police Chief of hiring a known Klu Klux Klan member five years ago. This is quite anomalous to begin with.

We will publish our fully vetted article on these bogus allegations very soon. 

False allegations hurt all parties. LRPD has no one to blame but themselves for this FUBAR, though. 


My staff and I have spent some time discussing whether a "full" article is even worth our time or yours regarding this fabrication. We have decided that this article pretty much says it all.  

I manage a hot dog cart franchise in Arkansas on the behalf and benefit of my tribe, the 1803 Louisiana Purchase American Creole Indian Nation.  We have been in official operation in Little Rock since 2001.  

We have seen cops come and go in this time.  We have also noticed the ones who have stayed and have come to know us, as well. By the time Officer Josh Hastings graduated rookie school, Willy Dog USA was well  entrenched in this city and quite aware of the lay of the land.  Though we have made it look easy, it is not.  

This city is an extremely dangerous  and tricky place, as Hot Dog Mike, a street vendor newcomer to this town is finding out.  I mention him because the mainstream media loves to mention him, as some Great White Hope, while they, "be hating", on Willy Dog USA, legally operating EIGHT+ years in this town. Their, mainstream media's, quiet little pact.

Our organization, American Creole Indian Aid Commission (ACIAC) is also an activist member of the media and our blog site is syndicated world-wide, thanks to Google.    WE KNOW this city. We know how governmental cowards lie on each other in Little Rock.  This is a petty place full of backward-ass southern fried petty agendas.


I said ALL of that JUST to say this, We have observed Officer Josh Hastings on HUNDREDS of contacts. ALL kinds of various contacts and scenarios.  He has handled them with exemplary professionalism.  We vetted former officer Jolly's claims & found them to be bullshit.  

What we DID find was credible evidence of officer Jolly being affiliated with gangs in the 90's.  We found evidence of questionable transport of KNOWN criminals and gang members in his cop car, without informing dispatch that he was "in transport".  Hmmm, giving criminals safe passage? 

I'll spare the rest for now, but this is it folks, on this story unless Mr. Jolly or someone else can come forward with additional information. Officer Josh Hastings is an honorable Brave

War Chief Ean Lee Bordeaux, pro per
American Creole Indian Nation

American Creole Indian Aid Commission (ACIAC)
Interim Chairman & Attorney-In-Fact

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    • Ean Lee Bordeaux http://www.corruptionsucks.blogspot.com/ We have a call in to Lt. Hastings of the Little Rock Police Department regarding these allegations. We have already spoken to former LRPD Officer Jolly, the man that lodged the allegations during Little Rock's Racial and Cultural Diversity Commission community forum on January 6. Our article will be published on our Corruption Sucks Blog.

      Ean Lee Bordeaux

      Josh Hastings did NOT fail any polygraph test. During the test he made a statement regarding the meeting. He did NOT "attend" the meeting (meaning actually sitting in on a KKK meeting), he was a passenger in a truck when the driver stopped by his grandfathers home, a KKK leader. Hastings... barely left the truck. Questioned the driver about what he saw, looking in the door. And severed his relationship with the man. In spite of his Nordic looks, Hastings happens to be of Native American heritage and I have observed him in action over FIVE years. He is no KKK member nor a bigot. So-called whites have more to fear from him, he's by-the-book. This comes from FIVE years observation. This comes from a Chief Elder of the American Creole Indian Nation.

      Ean Lee Bordeaux

      The man accusing him is a fired LRPD cop named former officer Jolly. He was fired for many things, the main one was sleeping on the job CHRONICALLY. LRPD is his second job, he owns his own business. Corruption Sucks Blog wants to uncover true corruption & bigots, not just opportunities to criticize the LRPD, though they deserve it and have fostered this mistrust that is now biting them in the ass. Falsely accusing cops to make LRPD look bad is bad for all of us. Trust me, they f-up enough without adding "other" things, out of fired cop revenge. I have a problem with being someone's pawn, so-called black or so-called white. Being a pawn is a bitch move and I ain't bitin', just because it makes a great story.  We all lose with lies. We are seeking the truth,  Corruption Sucks Blog has no desire to obfuscate it.


  1. During recent times the Hastings family has had 6 family members serving as decorated LRPD officers. My brother recently retired with 38 years service. I will complete 35 years in June. All together at this time our family has 109 years combined service to the Department and this great city. I would defy anyone to find one minute of that time where any member of this family has been racist.

    It is disheartening that 3 or 4 officers can take an innocent incident that occurred during a young officer's youth and use it for their own personal agenda. The effort of this young officer to be honest and assure the department that he would never knowingly or willingly be involved in such a thing has been proven by investigation and his years of service as a LRPD officer.

    What is even sadder is that these 3 or 4 officers would exaggerate and lie about this incident to to criticize one of the best chiefs this Department has ever had, along with one of the finest city managers little Rock has had and our distinguished Board of Directors. These officers say they want fairness and harmony in the Department, but yet they use their fellow officers in an effort to further their personal agendas.

    It is our family's desire, and we believe the majority of the Department's officers, that we find unity and peace to better serve the Department and the citizen's of Little Rock. I have seen this desire in the many officers, black and white, who have come to me and this young officer, to apologize for the actions of these few officers. The men and women of the LRPD have assured me that these few officer do not speak for them!

    We all call on these officers to put aside their personal agenda. Let's work together to build harmony that we might serve the citizen's of this great city united.

    Lt. Terry Hastings

  2. Best chief this city has ever had? Holy shit, what truck did you fall out of...he takes care of who he wants to take care of and shits on who he wants to shit on..it is the good ole boy system...look at the records..they tell the truth. I can tell you countless officers, by name, who have brought discredit to the uniform they wear, and discredit in the public eye. Oh, thats right, you guys kept it out of the public eye...6 family members...wow! you think it is a family affair...thats dangerous. For all of US!


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