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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Desperate Arkansas Democrat Gazette does "it's part" to polarize city with obfuscating propaganda

It's really embarrassing to watch a dying print paper desperately and if I can say,"tabloid-ishly",  print race pandering bullshit  propaganda stories without even a shred of the journalistic integrity that they "claim" that my social justice blogger ass lacks.  

WHY did they fail to print this statement from LRPD Lt.Terry Hastings, father of this young officer and mentioned in this Willie Lynch, plantation-styled propaganda story?  It's pretty sad when WE are compelled to speak out FOR the LRPD.   Pretty damn sad. Yet, they are also citizens within our Creole Indian Territory and as such, are within and entitled to our charter of protection against the unjust, as this obviously is. Fair and balanced-now.
Little Rock Police Department
Lt. Terry Hastings, father of accused officer
During recent times the Hastings family has had 6 family members serving as decorated LRPD officers.  My brother recently retired with 38 years service.  I will complete 35 years in June. All together at this time our family has 109 years combined service to the Department and this great city.  I would defy anyone to find one minute of that time where any member of this family has been racist.  

It is disheartening that 3 or 4 officers can take an innocent incident that occurred during a young officer's youth and use it for their own personal agenda.  The effort of this young officer to be honest and assure the department that he would never knowingly or willingly be involved in such a thing has been proven by investigation and his years of service as a LRPD officer.

What is even sadder is that these 3 or 4 officers would exaggerate and lie about this incident to criticize one of the best chiefs this Department has ever had, along with one of the finest city managers little Rock has had and our distinguished Board of Directors.  These officers say they want fairness and harmony in the Department, but yet they use their fellow officers in an effort to further their personal agendas.

It is our family's desire, and we believe the majority of the Department's officers, that we find unity and peace to better serve the Department and the citizen's of Little Rock.  I have seen this desire in the many officers, black and white, who have come to me and this young officer, to apologize for the actions of these few officers.  The men and women of the LRPD have assured me that these few officer do not speak for them!

We all call on these officers to put aside their personal agenda. Let's work together to build harmony that we might serve the citizen's of this great city united.

Lt. Terry Hastings

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  1. Prove that the young Hastings was a KKK member? He admitted to an incident that happened to him while young, others would not admit to until it was found out. So how was all the info leaked? Bruce Moore signed off on the officer why did he not stop his career at the time if he was so disturbed? So what is the real problem within the LRPD?


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