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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Conduct unbecoming an officer: UNCHECKED Bigotry-The Harassing Officer Stanchak

Rule & Regulations: Section1/4002.00
"Officers shall not engage in any conduct which constitutes 
conduct unbecoming an officer or neglect of duty."
Well, just when one thinks that progress is being made in Little Rock, Arkansas' River Market district, a new Jim Crow idiot steps up to the plate to FUBAR it all up. This particular dirty cop is a "Padawan" of a previous problem abated named Mounted Patrolman Shannon Dewayne Cox, married to the crooked drunk-serving manager of a cheesy piano bar called Willy D's, all members of the River Market Axis of Evil and  located in the Little Rock River Market district.

This particular repeat offender of an officer, accused of conduct unbecoming, is well aware of why I am now focusing our social justice blog's attention upon him.  We currently have an Internal Affairs Division complaint against this unveiled dirty cop. We will await the final disposition to comment on that specific subject.

I have a new-found confidence in Little Rock's IAD, believe it or not.  Don't get me wrong, there are still Jim Crow "bad apples" amongst them, but I no longer feel that they (bad apples) currently steer agenda. I also feel strongly confident that there seems to be a genuine "thinning of the herd" amidst within the LRPD.  I simply wish that they could move along a lot faster with the damn long overdue culling.

Back to my current issue of the ONE LAST remaining dirty River Market cop. I don't seem to have any problems with the rest of them- odd, hmm. This current member of the River market Axis of Evil is named LRPD Officer Jimmy Stanchak.  Mr. Stanchak is quite new to the River Market and is real good buddies with the finally  transferred to day shift, dirty cop Shannon Dewayne Cox.  Officer Stanchak think's that he is real Jim Crow slick & sly by "artfully" hiding & cowardly tossing bigot grenades behind the blue wall of the law with his undercover Jim Crow harassments on the behalf of his good 'ol boy & disgraced buddy officer "Wayne" Cox .

Tell me this, dirty-ass cheatin' cop Stanchak, is it cool to harass tax payer's while showing off in front of your MISTRESS (one of many)?  Yes, you cheating-ass bastard, I said, mistress (one of many).  Is it cool for you to harass tax paying, child & tribe feeding citizens while showing off in front of your latest of MULTIPLE River Market "snatch" of a conquest on CITY time, paid by ME the tax payer? 

What about you making-out with two drunk girls sticking their head out of a supervisor squad car with blue lights flashing and "Jimmy Get Some!" being yelled in the background? Is that your job? Bullshit, you are an embarrassment to good officers and an obstruction to international commerce, which is federal jurisdiction, btw. The sad part is, when confronted with your nefarious activities, you high-tail it to your boss and cry that you were,"just doing your job". Guess what, dirty cop...so am I.

Have you not learned? NEVER crap where you sleep. You could have at least told the poor REGULAR River Market patron that you were married before she got the phone call  from your WIFE in bed with you, dirty cheatin' cop!

This River Market patron is a loyal customer of Willy Dog USA, a Creole Indian owned business in the River Market.  You reflect badly upon us and you behave just as badly as well. I strongly and emphatically suggest that you spend far less time harassing legal hard-working businesses under the bigot-ass cover and COLOR of the law as you like to manipulate it and more time doing your JOB. You know, what you get paid for? Stud around on your own time loser. I already pay you to harass me, I'm not financing your cheatin'-ass puntang too. I draw the BLUE-line there Bucko.

Think about saving your marriage, Jim Crow loser.  The River Market may be a "meat market", but it sho' aint supposed to be your cheatin'- ass meat market while on duty.  Don't they call that "neglect of duty"?  We shall be lodging a formal complaint with IAD this week, that's a Creole promise. Stay away from our business or we will continue to get into your's that's also a Creole promise dirty cop.  If your bosses don't stop you, WE WILL and it won't be pretty.  You brought this international attention on yourself and the City of Little Rock, careful who you declare war upon.  What I do benefits a nation that is now angry with you for your illegal and dishonorable activities. 

BACK-OFF DIRTY COP. You are publically exposed and so is your RICO racketeering, you shall be federally investigated with your commerce obstructing friends, you cheatin'-ass cop. Blame yourself for this article.  

Most grown folks know not to shit where they sleep.  You wanted to join the war loser? Welcome you piece of dirty cop shit, this is war. Public Corruption is a crime, even when you THINK that you are getting away with it. 

We shall document your every contact and move right here.  Consider this your own personal DIRTY COP page.  

E Pluribus Unum


  1. I bet you wont post this comment but to refer to Officer Stanchak in relation to a KKK member, which he isnt, he ought to sue you for deflamation you idiot.

  2. Dear Sir,
    (Though I do not feel that you are enough of a gentleman to be called sir)
    You have no clue who you are talking about. Have you tried to speak with Officer Stanchak or do you sit back on your high horse and judge? Officer Stanchak is a good man! You quickly criticize his character when you have no clue who you are talking about. I am certain since you are so quick to post negative comments about him that you have never committed a sin in your life. I'm certain that you have never spoken badly about someone, gossiped, disrespected your parents, lied, cheated, or coveted another's belongings because if you had then you are worse than Officer Stanchak. You are far worse! I employ you to look at the log in your own eye before you speak of the splinter in another’s.
    As I read your blog I am painfully aware that you are the worst kind of racist. You discriminate against those who lay their life down to protect ours. Where do you think we would be if we didn't have officers to protect our streets? When you think that you are posting something that is "informing the people" you need to make sure that you have your facts straight. You feel like you are bringing justice and informing the people about "police corruption" when you don't even know the whole story. You post this video about a white cop putting a black man into the door, when you don't know that this man assaulted the officer right before this incident happened.
    You need to let your petty differences go between you and Officer Stanchak. Let’s reveal the real reason that you think Officer Stanchak is a “Jim Crowe.” You are illegally selling food in the River Market and the City has told the Officers to make sure that the law is followed. You act as if he is picking on you, when you are bringing it on yourself. Officer Stanchak is doing his job and you are asking him not to. If he allowed you to sell food without a permit and panhandle off of the River Market patrons then he would be crooked. You fault him for doing his job and try to find ways to criticize him because you cannot simply follow the law. If you want to honestly make money, then get a permit and sell your hotdogs legally. I’m certain that you would be able to obtain one quickly since you are of Indian Heritage. You speak as if you are a tax paying citizen. Do you pay taxes on the money you make from your hotdog stand? Or do you just live the high life off of the money that my hard earned work has afforded you? How much money have I (a real taxpaying citizen) paid you to relocate from New Orleans?
    My advice to you is to get a real job, really pay taxes like the rest of us, and get a life. Stop spending all of your time in the River Market keeping the officers busy making sure you follow the law and let them do their job to keep us safe.
    A concerned taxpaying citizen

  3. Loved this comment so much, I gave it it's own page to respond! http://corruptionsucks.blogspot.com/2010/09/conduct-unbecming-comments-reponse.html


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