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'It's on' — school board prez and 'union' leader: a Creole Response

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The blog mentioned in this article is called "Parents for PACT" It should be labeled "Idiot's for an association that doesn't give a shit about parents unless they have too". It's not a true fraternal union idiot's, it's an association, that's why you have such little influence.  


Read this PCSSD fraud watch blog archive, it's all here. Ms. Nix remained silent from 2003-2005 while her corrupt racist teacher's BOTH black and white, were protected by her sneaky ass & PCSSD working together. You reap what you sow weak-ass leader, so do you teachers who silently stood by while your co-workers put out "hits" on Creole Indian children by way of criminal gang members puppeteered by those very same adults!  Shame on you, no having a union, losers.


Read what the Arkansas Department of Education had to say about our State of Arkansas supported complaints.  Nix is getting what comes to her ineffective ass and so are the idiot teachers and parents who supported the group of Creole hating bigots among them and protected by them.  


The corrupt PCSSD board always knew that Ms. Nix was a weak and pliable leader, now they are simply acting upon what they already knew for years. NOW they want to start a laughable online war?  Give me a break.  Ms. Nix has had an outdated B.S. website since our war with her corrupt teachers in 2003.  


She had her chance ALL of these years to develop it and maintain an online relationship with everyone involved.  NOW they see the value?  Too little too late, we don't give a shit now, neither do all of the other parents that we are assisting in leaving this corrupt and racist district of redneck Jim Crow clowns & their ass kissin' whip holdin' black bo-bo's.


You all should have given a damn, before most of the good parents left your district. You were the second largest at the time you (PCSSD) got your ass whooped by us Creole Indian parents.  


Now, you can all go screw yourselves.  Fight your own war with your weak-ass leader.  Creoles don't & didn't take that crap from PCSSD and got them put on 5 years probation, due to expire this October. They threw everything they had at us both legal and illegal and we still prevailed, completely on our own accord with the assistance of the EAC division of the Arkansas department of Education and of Senator Mark Pryor's office, Thanks Mark! 


Screw you Ms. Nix and PCSSD, you loser's deserve each other. The end result of all of this?  Even more good parents AND their money exodus to more deserving school districts.  Parents, if you TRULY care about your children, get them the hell out of that evil cesspool called the PCSSD, Pulaski County School District.  No love lost folks, for good reason.

-An American Creole Indian Perspective


'It's on' — school board prez and union leader

Posted by Max Brantley on Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 4:58 PM: on Arkansas Blog

The deteriorating relations between the four-member controlling bloc of the Pulaski County School Board and the teachers union, which the majority wants to oust, is getting poisonous.

Evidence: A new blog detailing some of the goings on.
The lastest post contains a letter from union president Marty Nix to Board president Tim Clark, who had Nix removed from a School Board meeting Tuesday night.
Dear Mr. Clark: I have been given the message that you sent to me; however, your message of “It’s on!” does not appear to be a message that one adult would convey to another unless the context in which you use it has changed over the months. I remember you saying those exact words to Mrs. Tatum after she refused to do what you wanted her to do and that was to vote to fire Mr. Sharpe. I believe that, not long after you said that to her, you and Mr. Wood had Mrs. Tatum recalled as Board President. I can only assume that, by having that same message delivered to me, you plan to do something similar in nature to me; and, while I do not understand why you continue to behave in such a childish manner, I will keep my guard up and continue to do everything in my power to keep this on a professional level.
It goes on.
Clark said: "There's not a word of truth in anything that woman wrote." He said he was frustrated that some of the loudest critics of the school board have said slanderous things about several board members but, as public officials, they had little recourse. He wrote more later:

Every time this woman opens her mouth, it proves to the public what we, the district, have been dealing with for the past two years. Unfortunately, this is her normal mode of operation. She has attacked the other three that voted against the union and it's simply my turn now. The entire letter is full of lies and her hope is that I'll respond to it. Quite frankly, I thought it was comical at first glance. ...once again, a poor attempt to take my attention away from what's truly important - to provide the students of our district a world class education.
The content of her letter is outdated. She has used most all of this against me in the past and the news outlets have chosen to ignore it. If you notice, every time she attacks me, we get a new or different version of each allegation. The "straw that broke the camel's back" for me was when I went to Russia with my sister to adopt her infant son. It was a joyous occasion! I returned home to find that people were being told that I was the newest member of the Russian Mafia! Of everything that I've heard thus far, this one takes the cake!
Union members are dropping out like flies and most do not agree with Ms. Nix's union 101 tactics. She is running scared and knows that very soon she will have to return to the classroom.
The sad part is, she can and will, most likely, continue this type of behavior. The bottom line is this solidifies my previous actions and beliefs when it comes to her organization. I will not change my mind or vote!

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