Thursday, June 10, 2010

Police: They’re Just Doing Their Jobs

Posted on 10 June 2010 by Adam Mueller

All to often I hear a supporter of police or an actual cop say, “I’m just doing my job.”  Well for the past week I’ve been in Keene, NH along with Pete and Dr. Q, both are Cop Block contributors,  and while out in the beautiful downtown area have taken some video of the Keene Police.
After reviewing the footage we captured I decided to make this short video about Cops doing their jobs.  As seen in the video above we’ve captured footage of cops wasting tax dollars, generating revenue with victimless crimes and threatening business owners for rowdy customers.  In a weeks time I didn’t witness or hear one person state they needed, liked or asked the police to show up.  Not once?  In two of the three covered police encounters people actually thanked us for filming or shouted back at the police.
You can’t help but wonder, why?  Why are these cops, or gang members, allowed to take our money?  When I, or anyone I talked with in Keene, doesn’t want to pay them to block roads, harass peaceful people or to threaten business owners?  They spend money irresponsibly, abuse people’s natural rights and are an institution based off the use of force.
Keep doing your job guys, I look forward to the day that leads to the end of your jobs.

Adam Mueller is a former member of the Motorhome Diaries.com and founder of Cop Block.org. He's an advocate for a voluntary society, one where people are free to live their lives so long as they don't initiate force on others.

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