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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Abuse of Power Or Just a "JIGABOO" Racial Slur?

Corruption Sucks Blog scooped local media again and broke this story back in May.

They were too busy covering it up back then and waiting for someone else to do their real job, you know, report news AS IT HAPPENS. Sometimes you piss people off, get used to it or find another occupation wimps. Racism & Corruption Suck. Stop kissin' up to rednecks and bigots Little Rock.

Little Rock Police Officer David Edgmon,
Does your cop daddy know that you're runnin' around Little Rock 
with a drunk-ass bigot mouth? Do you not realize that every non-white 
person that you bust or have busted,  has a case against you now?  
YOU ARE BIASED at the very least.


  1. I think yall are blowing this one way out of proportion. He looks like he was confronting these guys about smoking pot- the other videos on here and blogs were clear the officer had done something wrong- but this seems like a reach, almost like a set up. Why ruin an officers career when maybe you should have been focusing on the illegal activity goin on instead.

  2. Matt D. Eazy Dizzle Comments:

    Nobody was setup, we didn't force him to say the things he said and the only illegal activity going on was an abuse of power by the officer. http://www.facebook.com/ILLLEGALPRODUCTIONS?v=wall&story_fbid=123881804298221

  3. So, dumbass, how did he abuse his power? He didn't. Yeah he made a slurr that he shouldn't have, and will probably be sorry for the rest of his life. Abuse his power he didn't

  4. He abused his power when he flashed his badge in order to intimidate innocent citizens. He flashed his badge, shouted vulgarities and used a racial slur. Does that sound like police business to you? I didn't think so. If he suspected that we were doing something illegal then he should have conducted a search, maybe call one of the several uniformed officers present at river market to assist him. He did none of those things. What he did do was act like a bully. Taking a very aggressive tone. The body language paired with Edgmon's obscene language was that of a common THUG, dead set on starting a street fight. Let's not forget to mention the fact that the tape also clearly shows that Edgmon stated that he WAS A CONWAY POLICE OFFICER! It is now apparent that he works for the Little Rock Police Department which means HE IMPERSONATED A CONWAY POLICE OFFICER! So do you still not see the abuse of POWER?!?!?!

  5. If a black man is suspected of wrong doing the media crucifies him long before the trial. but if ur a racist white cop, the media coddles u like a new born child. equal protection my ass. slap on the wrist for the son of career cop. and they wonder why we don't trust the police or the news.

  6. Why are you so sure he is a WHITE cop?


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