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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

CAUGHT ON VIDEO:Officer's Van Thomas & "Wayne" Cox Civil Rights Violators

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Police Brutality- Officer Van Thomas & Shannon "Wayne" Cox Violating Homeless Handcuffed  Man  Claude Akins' Rights.

On February 26, 2010, a crooked cop named Police Officer "Wayne" Cox Employee #24505 received a disposition notice on how the Little Rock Police Department decided to handle a case in which this dirty cop simply stood-by and allowed a prisoner, within his legal custody, to be rammed into a jail house window so hard as to actually BREAK the security glass.

He found out that all he was to receive was a simple "slap-on-the-wrist".  This "slap", equated to a violation of  Section 1/4002.00: "Officers shall not engage in any conduct which constitutes conduct unbecoming an officer or neglect of duty.
As well as-  Section 1/8003.00: "Officers shall be truthful at all times, whether under oath or not, when conducting official police business."

He violated  these Rules and Regulations on August 8, 2009 when he was "untruthful" (LIED) in his criminally perjured statements to his supervisor and during his Internal Affairs interview.  They also informed him that he was guilty of failing to assist another officer with escorting a prisoner into Northside Intake facility. Basically FAILURE to stop his partner Van Thomas(30 day suspension), from beating their prisoner's drunk black ass. You know, a violation of his Constitutional Rights?  

He was afforded an administrative hearing regarding his heinous violations of the Reg/Rules & the LAW on December 2, 2009.  

He received a four (4)  10-hour working days without pay suspension.  That's it!  The dirty corrupt bastard should have been fired & everyone knows it.  If he & his partner tried that dirty crap anywhere up north, they would be looking behind their backs for the rest of their life.  BLATANT COVER-UP.  Officer Cox swore that he saw nothing, well the video sure doesn't show that.

That's Jim Crow Justice in Little Rock folks, factually documented for your reading edification.  

The ironic thing is that I strongly suggested to "the city", that they transfer him out of the River Market before he allows someone else to be harmed-too late. 

More to come on this story, check back often.  ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS REFERENCE THIS REPORT AND INTERNAL AFFAIRS FILE #09-4234. 


OK, in all seriousness, I could care less whether you allow this bigot to keep his job, in fact,I EXPECT IT (bigot keeping his job) down here in the antebellum, you see LRPD, your behavior is my Jim Crow proof of the cover-up! GET IT? ALL of them should have been fired.  Then you could allow them to "fight" for their friggin' jobs.  Novel idea, hungh?

On August 13, 2009, Chief Deputy Michael Lowery, Pulaski County Sheriff's Office Contacted Dustin Robertson regarding a discrepancy in the surveillance video footage and the statements explaining the cause of damage to the door at the Northside facility.  Chief Thomas, Little Rock police Department, was notified.

Later on this date, Little Rock Police Department Chief of Police Stuart Thomas authorized an internal affairs investigation into possible misconduct and the use of excessive force by Officer Shannon Cox, Officer [redacted] and Officer Van Thomas while arresting Claude Akins.

On August 8, 2009, Officer Cox, Thomas and Todd Payne were sitting in the River Market Kiosk when they received a call from Gusano's Pizzeria, of a black male spitting on and cursing patrons.  All three officers responded to the area. Officer Cox was the first person to make contact with the subject, Henry Claude Akins B/M, 10/08/59) and it goes down hill from here...

Sgt. Parks stated he later received a cell phone call from Officer Cox advising that the suspect had broken the door at Northside.  Sgt. Parks responded to Northside and made contact with both Officer Thomas and Officer Cox. 

More to come. Oh, yeah: BLACK-ON-BLACK crime was noted by the viewers.  My cop relatives, my lawyer relative and my judge relatives all say the same thang: A cop is a cop- period. 

E Pluribus Unum

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