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Public Corruption is generally defined as abuse of public trust, in violation of criminal law. A public official is any person elected, appointed, under contract, and/or a private individual who has or is engaging in a corrupt scheme that involves either a direct or indirect abuse of the public official's trust and/or undermines the integrity of federal, state or local governmental operations in violation of federal law.


The Little Rock Division is committed to the aggressive investigation of viable allegations of public corruption, which is the FBI's top criminal priority. Anyone wishing to report a possible public corruption violation can do so utilizing the Little Rock FBI's Public Corruption Hotline (501) 221-8200


 If you have an emergency situation that requires an immediate law enforcement response, you should first call 911 or contact your local police or sheriff's department.

The FBI is a federal investigative and intelligence agency that has jurisdiction in a wide variety of federal crimes. Our investigative programs consist of the following:

 1. Counterterrorism (both international and domestic);

2. Counterintelligence (espionage and other matters);

3. Cyber Crime (computer intrusion, child pornography, Internet theft, and other matters);

4. Public Corruption (federal, state and local public officials);

5. Civil Rights (color of law violations, hate crimes, human trafficking, and other matters);

6. Gang/Criminal Enterprise (violent gangs, drugs, major theft);

7. White Collar Crime (health care fraud, financial institution fraud, securities fraud, mortgage fraud, bankruptcy fraud, insurance fraud, and other matters);

8. Violent Crime (bank robbery, kidnapping, extortion, fugitives, crimes against children, and other matters).

 You should contact the FBI when you have information about any of the above. Although the FBI has a variety of ways in which it can begin investigating a case, the value of the public's assistance cannot be overemphasized. We want to hear from you. Your information will of course be kept strictly confidential. You can make a difference.

We can be reached through any of the following means:

 1. You can call us at our main office number in Little Rock, which is (501) 221-9100.

2. You can e-mail us at: little.rock@ic.fbi.gov

(Note: Although the e-mail we receive is reviewed, the FBI does not respond to all
e-mail messages. If you have an emergency which requires FBI assistance, please do
not send an e-mail. Contact us at the telephone number listed above. When providing information by e-mail, please include your name, address, and telephone number in the event we need to contact you for further information. Since all systems are not compatible, do not include large attachments. Should you need to send such
information, you should send it by mail or by fax; the fax number will be provided if

3. You can also write to us at:
Federal Bureau of Investigation
#24 Shackleford West Boulevard
Little Rock, Arkansas 72211

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