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Saturday, March 27, 2010

FOX16 NEWS Coverage of School Pedophilia: Principal in court Tuesday on sex charge...

My question is, REALLY the school DIDN'T KNOW!!!!!!!!  B.S.


Principal in court Tuesday on sex charge

Reported by: Kelly Dudzik
Email: kdudzik@fox16.com

There is now a gag order in the case of a Sherwood principal in court Tuesday on a sexual assault charge.  Timothy Ballard is currently out on bond.  He's accused of kKissing, meetings in empty hallways, phone calls, texts and more, most of which are too graphic to say on TV.

A 2009 graduate of Abundant Life Schools is accusing principal and coach Timothy Ballard of inappropriate behavior starting when she was a seventh grader, and escalading into repeated sexual assault by her junior year.

FOX16 tried tracking Ballard down at his Sherwood home to get his side of the story, but didn't have any luck.  A neighbor says she rarely sees the Ballards, but her children played with his three girls.

Ballard's been with the school for the past 18 years. The superintendent got an e-mail from a former student accusing Ballard of inappropriate behavior February 21. The school placed Ballard on paid administrative leave four days later.

Sherwood police arrested Ballard Friday,charging him with sexual assault after an anonymous phone call launched an investigation March first.  Monday, the attorney for Sylvan Hills First Baptist Church told FOX16 the school is cooperating with authorities.

A court document shows the senior pastor and superintendent told police this was not the first time they received a complaint against Ballard about inappropriate behavior with a female student.  The first was made about 11 years ago. The most recent was made last September.

Ballard will be arraigned Tuesday morning.  The attorney for the church tells FOX16 this could move to circuit court where the charge could change.  Police tell FOX16 they interviewed more than 20 people in this case.

Abundant Life Schools are part of Sylvan Hills First Baptist Church in Sherwood with more than 400 pre-K through 12th graders.  Ballard is the assistant superintendent, high school principal and senior boys' basketball coach.

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