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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Corrupt Lonoke Police Chief's Conviction Reversed

Publisher's note: Our particular interest in this story stems from the fact that the Prosecutors Office adopted our legal positions regarding the Jim Crow controlled Pulaski County Sheriff's Office & Pulaski County Special School District. This has to do with Arkansas & Federal Racketeering laws: R.I.C.O.. We proudly take credit.
Little Rock - The Arkansas Supreme Court has reversed the corruption conviction of former Lonoke police chief Ronald Jay Campbell, saying a lower court improperly allowed testimony about his wife's sexual conduct and that prosecutors didn't provide sufficient evidence of a continuing criminal enterprise.

Campbell and his wife were convicted in 2007. Campbell was sentenced to 40 years and his wife Kelly was sentenced to 20 years. She was acquitted at trial on a charge that she took part in a criminal organization with her husband and others.

In their decision Thursday, justices said no witness said Campbell headed a criminal enterprise and that circumstantial evidence was insufficient. They also said allegations that Campbell's wife had sex with inmates had nothing to do with charges against her husband

KATV Article, click here for full story...

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