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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pulaski County Deputy Taken Off Duty After Fight With Gay Lover

Here Is The Story As It Was Written In The Arkansas Online:

Deputy taken off patrol after fight, agency says:


Deputy taken off patrol after fight, agency says

By Jacob Quinn Sanders

A Pulaski County sheriff 's deputy has been reassigned and barred from performing law enforcement duties after North Little Rock police last week charged him and his reported boyfriend of four years in a domestic disturbance that included beating and biting.

Deputy Justin Robinson, 29, was assigned to a patrol area north of the Arkansas River until his arrest early Thursday morning on a charge of domestic battery, according to reports. Robinson was assigned Friday to an overnight shift in the sheriff's office radio room and was ordered not to act as a law-enforcement officer, agency spokesman John Rehrauer said. Robinson was originally hired in March 2002 but left the sheriff's office in August 2004 to work for a family business, Rehrauer said. He was rehired in September 2008. North Little Rock police went to the house Robinson shared on Ridge Road with Brett Barger just before 1 a.m.

Thursday, according to a police report. Robinson and Barger had been drinking, then began fighting, according to the report, which also said both men stated that they had been in a relationship for more than four years. Barger bit Robinson several times and Robinson told police, he "hit me with something inthe head." Officers noted bite marks on Robinson's forearms and swelling on the back of his head. Robinson first tried to summon police using a phone, but it was reportedly broken during the fight.

He then used the radio in his patrol car, according to reports. "Robinson stated that during the altercation, Barger tore the microphone out of his Pulaski County vehicle and damaged a console light," according to the report. Eventually, Robinson hit an emergency button on his radio, which sent a distress call to 911 dispatchers, reports say. North Little Rock police who arrived to investigate originally could not find Barger and left. Four hours later, he reappeared and so did North Little Rock police officers.

"Barger advised officers that he had hidden in a nearby yard during the earlier activity," according to the report. Barger told police that Robinson "pushed and shoved" him and whacked him in the back of the head with a pair of handcuffs. Police documented small cuts on Barger's head. Officers took Robinson to the Pulaski County jail in Little Rock and Barger to the Northside intake facility in North Little Rock to keep them separated. Both were released on their own recognizance.



MAY 26,2009: NEWSFLASH--I'm giving this story to you first. You need to run a story about the arrest of a Pulaski Co. sheriff deputy. This will include everything you guys love the most-- violence, injuries, booze, SWAT teams, and of course gay sex. And no it doesn't include the sheriff or his gay son.

Well... not this time. "Justin" was arrested after the drunk deputy called in a "man with a gun" call to his residence. He even used his police radio so there is a hot audio tape that's also available for additional entertainment and for verification purposes. The NLRPD responded along with the PCSO.

Always having to be dumbasses, the NLRPD had to call out their SWAT team after the victim of rough sex could not be located. The NLR city attorney (another lead to follow) is threatening to sue Justin in order to get reimbursement for the SWAT call-out. He has been relieved of duty and has been assigned to the communications center. He was charged with domestic abuse in the corrupt NLR district court. I'm sure this one should turn out to be a lot of fun to report on.



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