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Monday, February 9, 2009

REPRINT: Chief Fires Narcotic Unit Cops

Why do I reprint the articles from time-to-time? They deserve world-wide syndication. When The American Creole Indian Nation speaks, people DO LISTEN.


Times Record, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Chief Fires Narcotic Unit Cops
Saturday, February 7, 2009 1:24 PM CST
Times Record Staff

A patrol sergeant and a detective with the narcotic unit at the Fort Smith
Police Department have been terminated, a police spokesperson said Friday.

Sgt. Calvin Treat was fired Friday and detective Donnie Ware was fired Thursday,
according to Sgt. Levi Risley of the Fort Smith Police Department.

An internal investigation revealed that Ware and Treat violated Fort Smith
Police Department Rules and Regulations, according to a news release.

The two have 10 days in which to appeal the decision by Police Chief Kevin
Lindsey to the Civil Service Commission

Treat had been with the Police Department since Aug. 19, 1985. Ware had been
with the Police Department since Aug. 29, 1994.

Lindsey would not comment on the specific incidents that led to the termination
of the two officers because the investigation is ongoing.

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