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Monday, April 11, 2011

REPRINT: Police Officer Arrested On Duty


(UPDATE) Officer Parker has been fired from the City of Little Rock Police Department.

At about 3pm January 26, 2009, Officer Jamie Parker received the surprise of her life when she showed up for work that day. According to confidential sources, she was informed that she is wanted by the Cabot Police Department for Hot Checks(*contested) and driving with a suspended license. It was also indicated that Little Rock Police Department issued her an additional ticket for driving with a suspended license also, once being informed that they had a criminal officer driving a city cop car around town giving other people tickets. ACIC caught her LRPD DID NOT. In fact, she is a decorated officer on the force, there are records of awards she has received.

I attempted to acquire a comment on this issue as well as a few others that I fully intend to publish in an ongoing investigatory series called: DIRTY DEALINGS IN LITTLE ROCK, exposing corruption in local and state government. Needless to say, I was directed to Public Affairs to have a chat with them, "the matter is still under investigation".

Though this high ranking member of the LRPD Administration was rather mum on this particular issue, This individual did express some displeasure regarding the "leaking lips" within the department, prior to the matter being fully vetted. More to come on this particular story, moving on.

There are several reasons why I have chosen to publish this particular article at this particular time. One of which simply is, I am tired as hell of this blatant in-your-face Jim Crow style corruption crap and I'm not going to take it anymore.

Though that may seem reason enough, I'll give you a few more. If I don't expose this rampant practice of governmental corruption, practically no one will in this tight-knit corrupt city. The prior story of Officer Parker being arrested reporting in to work is a clear example.

I'm not the only reporter that has received tips on the Officer Parker affair, in fact, all local major news outlets have been made aware of the story at least since the 27th of January, yet who is doing all the tellin'? A world-wide syndicated Social Justice blogger.

Now, when I mention the word "corrupt", I'm not singling out Little Rock as being anymore corrupt that any other Jim Crow era southern city.

Anecdotally, I can tell you that Pulaski County Arkansas as a whole, has definitely earned the Jim Crow Corruption award in my qualified & documented opinion. This place is just as segregated as ever, OK, so-called Blacks, Whites & Hispanics do work alongside each other for a paycheck, but they are no more TRULY integrated than they were fifty years ago. Nor is there any genuine desire to do so among ANY of the so-called "racial" groups in general.

Since I'm the one that has mentioned "race", let me give you a quick window of some of my views of "racialism" as an American Creole Indian. We believe & know that "race" is a phoney notion of an invention designed by slave-holding Virginians growing tobacco in the 1600's. "Race" as we Americans know it, is a debunked concept, a notion, created to force a social caste system similar to India's upon the citizens of this Great Experiment called The United States of America:

Human to human total genetic variation is approximately 0.5%. Single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are single base-pair DNA differences accounting for 0.1% variation. Based only on this SNP variation of 0.1%, this implies that the genomes of any two random humans are expected to differ by about 3 million base pairs. Of this 0.1% difference, 85% is found within any given population, 7% is found between populations within a continent and only 8% is found on average between the various continental populations. Thus there is more genetic diversity within a continental population than between these populations. Based on this observation, Richard Lewontin has claimed that accurate classification of humans is therefore impossible and can have no taxonomic utility. However, this view has been rejected by A. W. F. Edwards in his paper entitled Human Genetic Diversity: Lewontin's Fallacy, Edwards shows that accurate classification of humans is possible because most of the data that distinguishes populations occurs in correlations between allele frequencies, although these classifications vary depending on a number of criteria, such as sampling strategy, type of locus, distribution of loci around the genome and number of loci. On the other hand Witherspoon et al. (2007) have shown that even when accurate classification of human populations is achieved, often individuals classified into different groups are more genetically similar to each other than to members of their own group. This seems to be due to the fact that multi-locus clustering does not take into account the genetic similarities between individuals, and only uses population level traits for comparison. Witherspoon et al. conclude that accurate classification of individuals drawn from a continuously varying human population may be impossible. Compared with other species the amount of genetic diversity among humans is relatively small. For example two random chimpanzee are expected to differ by about 1 in 500 DNA base pairs, equivalent to double the diversity amongst humans. This may indicate that chimpanzees have existed as a species much longer than humans.[3].

Speaking of being under the influence, what was the LRPD thinking when Officer/Patrolman Greg Smith failed a random test and blew a .04 Blood Alcohol level while still on duty? Fired right? NOPE, 30 day suspension & a desk job. To be quite honest, he had TWO separate heinous incidents, I think you got the point though.

That's RIGHT a FRIGGIN' DESK JOB. I asked my high ranking Administrator at the LRPD about this. Since it is a matter of public record I was able to get a comment this time. "LRPD Admin. can do one of three basic things when it comes to these matters. There is a process agreed upon with the Police Union. We can terminate the officer/patrolman for just cause. We may demote him or issue him under the heading of Suspensions a letter of reprimand up to no more than a 30 day suspension.". Since he is a patrolman there was no demotion option, firing an officer isn't always so easy with the union & 30 days is the most an officer is allowed on suspension. Interesting, I need a union like that, damn.

While I'm at it, I might as well mention something about TAKE HOME PATROL CARS. This has been a bone of contention on MANY fronts for MANY individuals within and out of the LRPD. I'm personally looking into take-home patrol vehicles because a particular dirty cop that has focused upon myself, Ean Bordeaux, is one of the guilty parties.

A mounted patrolman named Shannon Dewayne Cox of 5915 Buffalo River North Little Rock, was recently "dimed on" for taking his mounted patrol truck home to work with him. He used to live in Maumelle, where this unpermitted practice went undetected. He unwisely thought that he could continue this unpermitted practice in North Little Rock, where recently North Little Rock cops have come under fire for spending too much time on their cell phones and were ordered to ante up their personal phone records and cut duty phone time to no more than 15mins per shift.
Wrong move dirty cop, the LRPD Mounted Patrol Truck is SUPPOSED to stay with the HORSE not go home with the JACKASS!

More stories of government corruption to come in this investigatory series. The Mexican Consulate is working on reports that three Mexican murder/robbery victims might have had a living chance if a particular officer had not "sat" on a previous hit & run report involving one of the robber/murderers. This same officer is rumoured to be facing felony charges on another issue as well as failing to act properly and accordingly regarding a hit and run case this past New Years eve.

I'm going to mention this next "matter" without the name of the officer, not because I know the officer personally, but because there are children involved. It really sucks that certain officers can simply "forget themselves" assault a fellow officer and children and think that there should be no more serious consequences than what he has received. I admonish all those responsible for the safety of US to first look in the mirror EVERY single morning before you put on that badge & that gun to give me or anyone else a citation, intervene in domestic complaints & so forth, ask yourself:
We aren't just going to discuss corrupt cops, but it sure is a good starting point.
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