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Friday, June 29, 2018

Anti-Corruption Bloggers Win Freedom Of Information Court Case Against Little Rock

Entry: FOIA hearing. Russell Racop appears pro se. Alex Betton, Caleb Garcia, and Rick Hogan appear for dft Kenton Buckner. Kenton Buckner was not present, despite having been sworn. Court inquired concerning absence 
of Buckner. Betton reported that Buckner is on a family vacation outside Arkansas (see affidavit of Buckner in 60CV-18-894, Joshua Glass v. City of Little Rock and City of Little Rock Police Department). Testimony from Lt. Michael Ford (LRPD Information Officer), Chief Ean Bordeaux (online blogger), Sgt. J. B. Stephens; and Russell Racop. Arguments presented. Judgment for plaintiff on FOI request for photographs of all non-undercover LRPD officers. Requested photographs ordered to be presented by 4 PM this date, with notice to be given Court and opposing side.

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