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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Former LRPD Asst. Chief Eric Higgins WINS! Sheriff of Pulaski County, AR

Former LRPD Asst. Chief Eric Higgins WINS! 
Sheriff of Pulaski County, AR

The West Feliciana Houma-Choctaw Tribe congratulates Sheriff-elect Eric Higgins of his most impressive and clear victory over the old status quo baton-pass of Doc Holliday. Carl Minden truly represented more of the same old bullshit, indeed. 

Eric Higgins was elected last night in a historic victory that makes him the county's first-ever African American sheriff.

The Houma-Choctaw Nation has witnessed Carl Minden and friends within their corrupt version of "Internal affairs", look the other way and assist the Pulaski County Special School District discriminate against Native American Creole Indians within their public schools.  


We genuinely look forward to working with Sheriff Eric Higgins on various community efforts focused upon bringing about TRUE community policing in Pulaski County and the city of Little Rock, metro area, in the near future.

Sheriff Eric Higgins is a proud Little Rock resident.

100% IN
Candidate Votes %
Eric Higgins (D) 15,863 54.8% 
Carl Minden (D) 13,073 45.2%
Eric Higgins
Eric Higgins for Sheriff

Eric S. Higgins is a 30-year veteran of the Little Rock Police Department. Higgins retired after over 10 years as Assistant Chief of Police in 2015. He has been an instructor at Arkansas Baptist College since 2013. In January of 2016, Higgins became the Director of the Derek Olivier Research Institute for the Prevention of Black on Black Violence at Arkansas Baptist College. Currently, he is the Director of Outcomes Assessment with the National OK Program and a managing member of SOF Solutions LLC consulting. He is a volunteer instructor with the re-entry program, The Exodus Project - Out for Life, as well.

Higgins earned a B.S. in Multidisciplinary Studies: Government and Business and a M.A in Human Services: Executive Leadership and Counseling from Liberty University. He is a member of the Little Rock School District’s Volunteers in Public Schools (ViPS) Executive Board; Institute for Law Enforcement Administration Alumni, Leadership Greater Little Rock Alumni. Additionally, Higgins serves as President of the Governing Board of Lisa Academy Charter School.

Higgins has been married for 26 years to Caron Bunting Higgins, and they have two daughters. Janay is a recent college graduate of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Jessica is currently a junior at Parkview Arts and Science Magnet High School in Little Rock.

CSI for Pulaski County
The key to reducing crime in our community is not enforcement. It is prevention. An effective crime prevention program begins and ends with a community-focused approach. It will be necessary to make arrest and issue citations; that cannot be what drives us. We must be safety-driven.

That means working with the community to identify issues that cause an unsafe environment to exist. To sustain a community and law enforcement partnership it is critical that the Sheriff’s Department has and maintains the trust of the community.

To achieve this the Sheriff’s Department must have integrity as the base of everything it does. Whether interacting with members of our community on the street, making a traffic stop or event when an arrest is made or when a person is detained in our detention center, we must act with integrity - we must do what is right and just. 

This is what I will bring to Pulaski County as your Sheriff.  I will bring CSI to Pulaski County:

Community Focused

Safety Driven

Integrity Based

It is through this community policing approach that we will see a reduction in crime in our community.

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